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Finishing moves that would actually hurt!!

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I believe a poster on here made a blog with finishing moves. What made me more critical of it he wasn't choosing moves that actually would hurt. Which is why I created this blog post for all of you. I'm sure I may have missed a few, but I believe this is solid list everyone could agree on. Here is a list of 10 finishing moves that would actually hurt!!!:

1.Tombstone-So basically Taker would pick you up and let all the blood rush to your head while people are cheering like crazy. Hit the top of the head with all your body weight plus all the strength and force he uses to hit your head on the mat.
2.DDT-Jake gives you the DDT top of the head and at worst end up with a concussion. Accidental with Ricky Steamboat when they asked him to do it to him on the concrete floor. He was out and Jake said that was the heaviest thing he ever picked up basically because he was dead weight. Just ended up with a concussion o.
3.Frog Splash-You see Eddie with all the impact coming down on you while RVD goes as high as he can to hit you with the finishing move. Air taken not only out of you, but RVD as well.
4.Elbow-Who wants to take an elbow from the heart when Macho Man jumping off the top rope. All the body weight along with his elbow to the chest. Ouch!!
5.Canadian Destroyer-Don't know how many of you have saw Petey Williams do the Canadian Destroyer, but if you havn' should look it up. He worked in TNA for several years o. Piledriver basically, but he does a front flip before hitting it.
6.Bonsai Drop-500+ pound Yokozuna off the 2nd rope on to your chest. No doubt you will have more than just chest pain after that. Hopefully he wiped his butt as well.
7.450 Splash-front flip to make even more impact to take the air out of ya. Be a scare of catching your breath obviously.
8.Van Terminator-Chair to the face basically almost the same as Van Daminator, but Van Terminator in my opinion is worse. RVD jumps off the top rope from 1 side of the ring than hits both of his boots into a chair into your face. Yea, not way I'd like to spend a night at the house. Sure you will be bloody afterwards with probably a broken nose/face.
9.Yes Lock-I believe it would be more painful than the crossface. Mainly because it looks like your arm would break in the process. I've received crossface and ankle lock on several occassions from friends while wrestling while kids.
10.Power bomb-Diesel, Batista, or whoever else gives you the power bomb. All your body weight along with their power putting you through the mat. That has got to hurt!!

Honorable mention:
Swanton Bomb, Stunner, Crossface, ankle lock

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  1. vikingsman18's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Johnny G
    The Piledriver hurts like hell remember years ago in school play fighting with friends and a friend done it to me and nearly knocked me out
    If someone did a legit Piledriver to you, it would break your neck. If your story is true, you got out of there lucky.
  2. Playboy Stevie V's Avatar
    The one move I saw recently that I winced at was Sonja Dutt's back flip double stomp. You can ease it, but it's still gonna suck major balls to take.
  3. areyouready?'s Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by vikingsman18
    Sweet Chin Music...

    Just ask shelton Benjamin
  4. ToiletBowl's Avatar
    I think the Clothesline from Hell could definitely destroy someone's neck.
  5. Double Axehandle's Avatar
    I'm going to turn this the other way and say right now that big show's WMD is not a devastating finisher.
  6. ToiletBowl's Avatar
    Like I was saying, that JBL clothesline on Slater was awesome. Great sell by Slater as well.
  7. supergoing's Avatar
    Two words: Ganso bomb!

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