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Tyson Kidd and Michael McGillicutty: PLEASE STAND UP!

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In today’s WWE, under-utilized talent is a hot topic.
There is always that rumour, now and again, through the grape vine (ala wrestling websites) that someone is in order for a push, but then just end up fading into obscurity…or unemployment (or knock on TNA’s door). Just look at what happened to Chris Masters in late 2010/ealy ’11 – we all read about his push that was set to happen, then ended up getting released, even though he improved greatly. CM Punk even mentioned this in a promo against Johnny Ace and Triple H on Raw last year.
Guys like Drew McIntyre, Michael McGillicutty and others are amazing talents, but are not getting pushes, despite rumours that they will be.
I’d like to share some of my ideas with you concerning just a few of the under-utilized talents of today’s WWE.

This blog is concentrating on two specific WWE Superstars: Tyson Kidd and Michael McGillicutty.
Here goes…

Tyson “The Assassin” Kidd

During a match on Monday Night Raw, Jerry “The King” Lawler makes a comment towards Tyson Kidd - saying that he “may have been trained by Bret Hart, but will probably never be as good as the Hitman”.

One week later, Natalya makes her way down to ringside at Raw and slaps The King, calling him disrespectful. The King, Michael Cole and the entire WWE Universe appear confused. As The King and Natalya get into a heated debate at ringside, a masked man comes from the crowd, behind Lawler, and brutally attacks him.
Just as officials come down to put a stop to the attack, the man removes his mask to be revealed as Tyson Kidd. Tyson then screams down at The King “you’ve just been assassinated…old man!”

The WWE Universe becomes more confused.

On the following Raw, Tyson Kidd and Natalya make their way to the ring. Kidd states that when Natalya watched his match a few weeks ago on Raw, she overheard The King’s statement about how Kidd will never be as good as Bret Hart. When she told him, Kidd took out Jerry Lawler.

Tyson then makes a strong claim that he has already PROVED that he is better than the Hitman – his mentor. Kidd said that back when Bret was in his prime, it took him months to defeat Jerry Lawler. Now, it only took Kidd one night to take him out. Since The King never saw Kidd coming, Kidd then told the WWE Universe “if Bret is “The Hitman”, then I am the “Assassin”…because you’ll never know who I am going to assassinate next.”

From that day on, Tyson Kidd (reunited with Natalya) renames himself Tyson “The Assassin” Kidd.

Shortly after, The King returns and attacks The Assassin, sparking a rivalry. WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart even makes his eventual return to Raw, and claims Tyson and Natalya are being disrespectful to the Legends that paved the way for them. This results in Natalya low-blowing her uncle, and The Assassin applying the Sharpshooter to his own mentor, The Hitman. But, The King eventually makes the save.
This leads to a huge PPV match, with Tyson “The Assassin” Kidd with Natalya in his corner, taking on WWE Hall of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler, with Bret “The Hitman” Hart in his corner. Finally making an impact, Tyson defeats The King.

“The Perfectionist” Joseph C. Hennig

After losing yet again to Tyson Kidd in the final match of their rivalry which began on NXT, Michael McGillicutty actually shook the hand of his rival. Afterwards, in an interview, he told the entire the WWE Universe that no-one will ever see Michael McGillicutty again.

A few weeks later, SmackDown General Manager *Insert Name* reveals that they have signed a new second generation star. On SmackDown that night, while Rey Mysterio was in the ring about to address the WWE Universe about his big announcement, Michael McGillicutty, in a sharp-looking bright-white suit, attacked Mysterio.

As he stood in the ring, McGillicutty revealed a new look – an expensive white suit, slicked back hair and trimmed stubble.

Michael then revealed to the entire world that he was no longer called ‘Michael McGillicutty’. He says that it was time to make his family proud, and that every time he steps in this ring, he proves that every move and hold he executes is “perfect”, and that “perfection” runs in his family – coming from his late father, “Mr. Perfect” Curt Hennig. In fact, he even says he would go as far as to say that he is “the most perfect wrestler in the world.”

He is now known by his real name. He is “The Perfectionist” Joseph C. Hennig.
In closing, he told the WWE Universe, while fixing up the buttons of his expensive suit jacket, “I am the Perfect man”.

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  1. Hitmanfan's Avatar
    Thr effort is appreciated and respected, but Hell no
  2. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Not the worst ideas I've ever heard. Pretty good actually. However...

    1. Of all the people that trained in the Dungeon, why link Tyson Kidd to the Hitman? He's talented enough where he doesn't need to piggy back off the Hart name. He should develop his own identity like Jericho and Benoit did.

    2. I like the idea of McGilliwhatever. He should use his own name, especially with the legacy that it holds in the business. But your idea of his character seems a little too much like Austin Aries' character now. He can go the "Perfectionist" route, but go more about it like how his father was. And honestly, the suit thing is a little overplayed. Why not dress him up well, without the suit?

    Good Blog. Definitely Creative.
  3. Sahu's Avatar
    Creative blog...Kidd attacking King is very good but, no need to include Bret's name..he can be his own man...

    n as DK told no need of suit to Joe...

    n how abt "Perfect Assasins" a heel tagteam???
  4. scribbler_jones's Avatar
    Gotta say, I'm inspired! I like your "what if" spin on these two overlooked midcard talents. I somewhat agree with DK, but still it sounds a lot better than what WWE creative seems to crank out these days. Hell, we could run with the Perfectionist idea... simple: Dolph Ziggler vs. Joeseph Hennig. Perfection vs. Perfection. It would take some time, but once Joe gets to that level of main-event status and skill, it would be a bombshell. In my opinion, at least.

    Plus, should Tyson Kidd ever do another heel turn, why not an "Assassin" character? His platform: He's tired of being overshadowed by so many other "so-called Superstars" that couldn't match his skill on their best day, so he's on a mission to assassinate the careers of these pretenders. Start off with him sneak attacking a couple of mid-level talents or interrupting their matches and injuring them... to make him more credible, one of his targets should be a big man like Kane or Ezekiel Jackson. Then have him move up the food chain... to the likes of CM Punk, Ziggler, you get the gist of it. Not just a sneering douche type of heel: he is now a serious, no games, no mercy technician with a hundred different ways to put you on the shelf.

    Sorry for the rambling, though... love the blog! Keep 'em coming!
  5. Sahu's Avatar
    Not just a sneering douche type of heel: he is now a serious, no games, no mercy technician with a hundred different ways to put you on the shelf.
    Something like Dean's Iceman n Man of 1000 holds gimmick??

    That would be a great one for Tyson since he's technically so good...
  6. PhEonYx's Avatar
    Taking a look back at some second/third generation superstars; all of them had some type of encounter with their great family members, feeding off of their legacy in some sort of way. Either referencing to them, taking a move and making it their own, or what ever the case may be, these selected few are who they are because wrestling seems to have been embedded in their genes.

    Tyson Kidd; The concept of the name "The Assassin" could work. On the other hand, the storyline involving Lawler won't IMO. Kidd has been down the path of the heel before, and honestly it hasn't gotten him anywhere. He's at a "high" in his career. Making his own name and stamping it himself in E' history.

    As for McGillicutty; I'm going to agree with The Saviors' views on the matter. The whole suite concept has been over played. Yet seeing "The Perfectionist" coming out with a towel in hand, and a cocky smirk on his face of some sort would make me shed light on his character in a new way.

    Enjoyed your blog. Thanks for the read.
  7. areyouready?'s Avatar
    Last time I checked henning was a 3rd gen superstar but continue
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