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Blog Wars Olympics: Top 5 Tag Teams Ended Early 2

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Welcome back to the 3rd match in this exciting Blog Wars tournament. Last time Rated_R(ob)KO won in a very close match against akbar. This match will have the same list as the last but we will be getting two different opinions on the subject. Representing Team USA will be DK Wrestling Savior and representing Team UK will be their captain Van Hooligan X. Here is the list...

Top 5 Tag Teams that Ended to Early

Van Hooligan X

Well hello people! How're we all doing today? Jolly good.

Say, I know this is crazy but would you kindly stay a while and read my blog list of the top 5 tag teams that ended earlier then they really should of? I mean, I know I'm against good competition here but surely you'll agree it'll be a sexual read as well! You'll gain a free hug if you dooo ;D

So I'd just like to point out the criteria of tag teams can't of held more than 3 reigns together and any reign under 30 days isn't counted. Plus I will just point out that it is by potential the tag team had to become even bigger then what actually happened to them, so active tag teams aren't allowed either. Finally, we all know that anyone who had tag team with Jimmy Wang Yang would've been the biggest tag team in history but I'll avoid using The Wang too.

So let's get this party started!

#5 - Cryme Tyme

"Yo, yo, yo, yo.
Shad Gaspard and JTG, it's Cryme Tyme.
Brooklyn! Brooklyn!"

I'm really hoping you all did that in that guys voice and not mine. Doesn't really go well with my English Yorkshire accent believe me but y'know I could've sworn that guy once told me to check my rollies once upon a time.

Surely Cryme Tyme is a must you everyones top 5 though?! These guys were a great solid tag team, pretty well over with the crowd and never even made it to WWE tag team champions! After the split it just got worse as Shad left WWE after doing little to fuck all and JTG is 1 of the lowcarders who isn't doing anything whatsoever currently.

They had a lot of potential as a great tag team that could've done so much and now they've gone into singles and not doing anything note worthy. Damn big shame!

#4 - Hart Dynasty

Do I even need to say anything for this 1?

Both Tyson and Dave are beast wrestlers in singles and tag team wrestling. You put them together and you have the best tag team in 2009 and 2010. The final champions of the old unified titles before they changed to the overgrown pennie tag championship titles and at the time 1 of the best tag teams in wrestling.

Only 1 title reign though and that was ended by Drew Mac and Cody Rhodes and it went downhill from their. Basically the same thing happened to them as it did Cryme Tyme. Dave left and although Tyson seems to be being used in recent weeks on Raw and Smackdown it's taken him a long time whilst they could've been a really rememberable tag team.

Massive shame, really liked them.

#3 - Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero

2 of the very best and biggest luchadors in wrestling. What a tag team they were. Eddie against Chris at Vegeance 2003 for the new US Championship was the first match I ever really watched. Loved it and was a very big fan of them both. (Still are. Miss them both :'()

Eddie was amazing to watch and same for Rey. In late 2004 they would become a tag team and win the tag titles. What a best tag team they were. The only tag team ever to face each other at WrestleMania which was a great match to start to show.
This lead to them feuding and the storyline with Reys son apparently being Eddies. Mainly thought he storyline was Eddie trying to beat Rey until they lost the tag teams title, split up and feuded with each other. Afterwards Eddie would feud with Batista until his untimely passing.

So that's the back story of what happened but can you imagine if they stayed a tag team?

I have no doubts in my mind that they would've been bigger then Los Guerreros and maybe even bigger then most of the bigger tag teams like Edge and Christian, Hardys, Harlem Heat, Dudleys, etc.

Both great workers, amazing on the mic and would've done great matches with the rest of the tag division.

In all honesty though, I just wish Eddie was still alive.

#2 - Kendrick and London

Okay, enough of more recent tag teams. Paul and Brian. Longest reigning tag teams of the old WWE Tag Team championship at like 300+ days. 4th largest reign.


Oh good lord what are you!? Why must you attack me with such bad spelling?! Plus really think about it Mr. Scary-Italic-Man. Sure, they were more accomplished of everyone in this list so far but after that 1 great reign and really well used for a good number of years when compared to most tag teams. But dispanded in 2010 to really end a great tag team that shouldn't of ended.

What? Paul doing absolutely nothing whatsoever until being release a few months later is an improvement? Sure Brain became The Brian Kendrick and did a bit better but he'd get released like 6 months later.

A tag team that was together 7 years, had 1 of the best tag team reigns to date and helped push a lot of other good tag teams reduced to nothing by the draft lottery splitting them up. I bet you wouldn't mind them being a tag team still in today's current tag team division which only has a handful of teams.

#1 - Rated RKO

Want a laugh? When writing my #1 I wrote Rated R(ob)ko by accident. Damn you EWN! lol

But seriously. You want potential? Look no further then Rated RKO. What a tag team. Strong in singles, stronger as a tag team...Plus Lita was pretty fine to look at.

Only ever held the World Tag Team Championships once but they were strong enough to rival DX and were the dominant force to say the least.

Sadly, Triple H got another Quad injury at New Years Revolution and they just seemed to fizzle out after nearly winning the Royal Rumble. They would eventually just break up when Edge would be drafted to Smackdown after weeks of tension leading up to that years Money in the Bank at WrestleMania 23.

What a disappointing way to end a tag team. Like I said with Eddie and Rey, they could've been bigger than they actually got to and never will ever reach that potential thanks to Edge being forced to retire.

Well that is my list people. I really hope you like my list . Hopefully I gave you all a solid list and a few chuckles a long the way. Til next time!

DK Wrestling Savior

Hey fans. I love this Olympic idea. For one reason or another, I just haven’t been real successful in these blog competitions. Maybe it’s the pressure. LOL. Either way, I can only hope to do my team proud. So, what we have here is…


5. Rated RKO.

Of course, this was a great pairing of two awesome heels. They began in a feud vs DX (HHH & HBK). They won the tag titles after attacking Piper, forcing Flair to defend all by himself. They reigned as tag champs for just over two months before losing to the tag team of HBK and Cena. They brokeup officially once Edge moved to Smackdown.

4. Chris Benoit& Chris Jericho.

Despite the travesty puts his legacy through the shredder several times, Benoit had great moments and will be listed. He and Jericho made a great team. It was interesting at the time because of their well-known rivalry. They lost the titles to the Dudley’s a month later and the team pretty much broke off and they eventually feuded with each other again. That was a team that could have been successful if they stayed together.

3. Kane and RVD.

All good things must come to an end. And what I felt was an awesome tag team that fit in very well with the TLC match, came to the end when Kane unmasked. It was the start of the most vicious Kane to date. So while it was a successful heel turn for the Big Red Machine, they were over as tag champs and I could’ve seen a very successful run if they stuck with it.

2. JeriShow.

I found JeriShow to be a very successful tag team and they drew massive heat. Big Show was a destroyer and Jericho was his usual awesome self. It’s a shame it didn’t last long with those two, as ShowMiz was a poor replacement once the draft separated them. Then Show went on to turn face that lasted until his recent heel turn two months ago. They were a great match and it was a great thing to use both of them for at the time. They had a nice title run, but it was definitely one I wish went a while longer.

1. Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle .

In my mind, this was the greatest tag team ever created. Well, out of the unusual pairing variety anyway. They were the best wildcard pairing. At the time, they were basically the equivalent to what a tag team of Punk and Bryan would be today. They were the best wrestlers, and if they stuck with it, before feuding for the title and both skyrocketing backinto the main event picture, they could have gone down as one of the all time greats. They were most intriguing because of the phenomenal matches they would have with each other. This is a tag team that certainly ended way before its time.

There you have it. My list of tag teams that ended too soon. I kept it fairly recent and didn't go too far back into the vault.

Thanks for reading. Go Team.

That's it for this match up. Another quality match in this competitive tournament so the judges will have another tough choice to make.

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  1. Sahu's Avatar
    My vote is for Van Hoolingan X

    Both lists r gud..but, I voted for Van only for Cryme Time...
  2. bearkg88's Avatar
    this is a tough call, my favorites from both list were Van's Rey and Eddie team, and DK's RVD and Kane team. In comparison of both lists I have to go with DK Wrestling Savior for this one.
  3. The Piper's Avatar
    DK for me, RVD and Kane was great
  4. Robareid's Avatar
    Finally I can vote for a Brit. It was close, but Van gets my vote
  5. AJ1981's Avatar
    I'll go with DK Wrestling Saviour, but I can't believe both of you left out the Hollywood Blondes (Steve Austin & Brian Pillman)
  6. deadly56's Avatar
    I vote for DK, even if I am English.
  7. cymru96123's Avatar
    Van Hoolingan X

    I loved the heart dynasty and Cryme tyme.
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