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WBC Top 5 Special: Top 10 Moments In Raw Part 2

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Ok guys,, now here is part two! Up first is another challenger and former champ, Playboy Stevie V!

Playboy Stevie V

Well I was called on to come up with a top 10 RAW moments of all time as a surprise entrant...SURPRISE! This is gonna be tough cause I’ve been going through all the moments I can remember and putting them in order of a top ten is very hard. I know I’m gonna miss something you guys like or put something higher on my list that you would, so feel free to kick me in the teeth, but I’m giving it my best shot. Also I had too keep my explanations for each pick brief since this is a top 10 and not a top 5. Believe me I could write a essay, so I hope I do not have to do too much explaining because most of you should know what these moments were all about. So here it is:

10. The Radicals invade RAW- It was a shock to me to see Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit, Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko in the front row of RAW. I had no idea they walked from WCW. I marked out and it gave me weeks of excitement seeing their storyline.

9. Goldberg spears The Rock- I marked out when I saw Goldberg’s promo that he was coming to the WWE. As The Rock was douching up in the ring Goldberg comes out and spears the great one and says “YOUR NEXT!”

8. DX Invades WCW- I was glued to the TV as DX rolled around WCW’s event and trash talked them. They talked to the fans and even attempted to get in backstage. The Monday Night Wars were in full effect.

7. Mankind wins WWE championship for the 1st time- This was one of my favorite mark out moments. When Mankind won the belt off of the Rock the place exploded and I jumped out of my seat. One of the most memorable title changes ever.

6. DX mocks Bret Hart after the Montreal Screw Job- Still in shock and not really understanding what I just saw in Montreal. All I knew is that at the beginning of Nitro Eric Bishoff was in the ring with a Canadian flag talking about Bret. Then I saw Bret advertised for RAW. This added to my confusion. DX comes out and calls out Bret. Midget Bret comes out and DX roughs him up, schoolyard style and HBK puts him the sharp shooter. “Who’s the best?” “Shawn Michaels!” Then they put a WCW sticker on the midget’s ass and kick him outta the ring. I was shocked, amused, disgusted all in the same moment. My brother who is a huge Bret mark actually cried…LOL.

5. Steve Austin confronts Mike Tyson- This played out so well I actually for a moment thought it wasn’t a work. It got a lot of media coverage. Vince calls out Tyson and out comes Mike with his posse. Then suddenly the glass breaks and out comes Austin. Austin murdered Tyson on the mic, and then flipped him off. It was on! A cluster f*ck of bodies and fists. That was good stuff that Mayweather and Big Show only wish they could get close too IMO.

4. Rock challenges Hogan- GOOSEBUMPS! The Rock comes out and challenges Hogan to a WM match. Then the stare down and the acceptance by Hogan. The crowd was glued to each word, expression and movement. You could drop a needle in my house and everyone could hear it. It was beyond epic.

3. Eric Bishoff named RAW GM- “I’M BACK!!!! AND I’M BETTER THAN EVER!!!!” No f*cking way was my reaction when I saw Bishoff on RAW. I immediately put down my beer and decided that I had enough to drink since I have to be hallucinating. Eric is the new GM? Wow I wouldn’t have thought in a million yrs, thus it’s called the day when hell froze over.

2. Y2J original debut- This one can be debated being so high, but I really marked out hard when this happened. I loved Jericho during WCW and wanted him to leave because he was being under utilized. I had no idea that Y2J left WCW though and I had no idea WTF the “countdown to the new millennium” could be. Then while Rock is cutting a promo the countdown went full screen 3,2,1 the music hit and I remember seeing the tron of some city lights then the words “JERICHO” I SERSIOULSY LEAPED FROM MY SEAT! Back turned, arms out to the sides and then he turned around. “WELCOME TO RAW…IS…JERICHO!” Son of a bitch I still get Goosebumps. It was so original and innovating. Then the classic mic mastery between Y2J and Rock. What a RAW!

1. Vince wins the Monday Night Wars- My dad remembers where he was at when JFK was shot. I remember where I was at when the OJ verdict and 9/11 happened. We also remember where we were at when Nitro started with Vince. That night on RAW was the most exciting thing I have ever seen in wrestling. So many lines were crossed. Vince mentioned WCW wrestlers by name like Sting. Then the dual broadcast and Shane came out on Nitro telling Vince “I bought WCW.” I thought of the possibilities. I thought my wrestling dreams where gonna come true. A true inter-promotion WM and ppvs. They messed up this storyline BIG TIME, but for THAT moment on RAW I was in wrestling heaven with the thoughts of dream matches and possibilities.

Honorable mentions: Pipe Bomb, Austin, Mankind and Vince in the hospital, Flair and HBK’s retirements, HBK and Bret hug, NWO invades RAW, Brock comes back, Owen, Beniot, Eddie memorials, DX mocking NOD, ECW invades RAW, Heyman shoots on Vince

Great choices from Playboy! Can Akbar hold the title of champ? Let's find out!


10. The kid beats Ramon

When googling the meaning of the word upsets, you will see come up The kid defeating Razor Ramon. The Kid was nothing of importance that no one cared about and Ramon was this huge superstar. Everybody was expecting a squash match finish and when Kid got the pin, people were stunned. They couldn't believe what they had just saw and it is still a memoriable moment to this day.

9. The Rock returns 2011

I had to put this in for my personal benefit, in the last 6-7 years no moment has ever made me scream/mark out then to when The Rock finally returned to host Wrestlemania 27. When I'm bored I still watch this on YouTube purely to see the crowd reaction to when 'If you Smell' is first heard. No one knew who the host was going to be and when the Rock came out it was a great moment and will be memoriable for me.

8. This is your life: The Rock

How can you not have in this list its highest ever rated Raw segment. Foley decided throw a little party for The Rock in a 'This is your life' segment, he pulled out Rocks old Football coach, old girlfriend and old teacher. Each and one of them was hilariously dismissed by the Rock. It was a funny moment delivered by 2 very entertaining superstars.

7. Stone Cold first stunner on Vince

While nowadays its perfectly normal to see the manager or boss get attacked by a superstar, back then it was something of a rarity. No one thought this would happen, the owner of the whole company getting Stunned by the Attitude anti hero Stone Cold signalled his status in history.

6. CM Punk Pipe bomb

Start of a so called revolution delivered in an unexpected moment of attitude heaven amongst the PG cats. In the summer of 2011, CM Punk released the inner rage of every frustrated fan to deliver one of the greatest shoot promos of all time. The reason for this promo's impact is that because Punks words, the total breaking of Kayfaybe stunned the fans. Everyone was debating if he had gone off script or if this all planned, well obviously it was planned but the debates caused were effective. It led to Punk being the champ for several months, he currently is still the champion (Unless SuperCena takes it away this Monday) and his popularity has reached point nobody thought.

5. Jericho debut

The countdown ended, for weeks a clock was ticking down building up the suspense. People had an idea it was going to be Jericho but nevertheless, when he came out to interrupt the Rock, the crowd went into hysteria. Chris Jericho in his first night of Raw was put up against the king of mic, and The Rock made him look like a fool, but that didn't matter because people were on Jericho's side and they realised his potential the minute he stepped out to his song.

4. Nitro gives away Raw ending and Foley wins first title

A very controversial moment In wrestling, WCW arrogantly decided to give away the taped ending of Raw in which Mankind would win his first ever WWF title. The Commentater saracstically said 'That will put some butt on their seats' and the irony was that 600 000 fans would tune out of WCW to watch WWF. It was the first time in very long time WWF had deafeated WCW in the ratings war. Also they witnessed a moment were a very popular superstar would win the championship.

3. Stone Cold beer truck

The height of the Attitude era, Stone had the guts to bring a freaking beer truck in to the arena and spray Macmahon with it. One of the funniest and most memoriable moments ever delivered by the most popular superstar ever, who's appeared on this list a lot of times and rightly so

2. Raw/Nitro Simulcast

The end of an era, the start of a Vince dominance. A lot of people might argue this is the point where Raw lost its spark because it had no one to compete with but none of this takes away from the shock of Shane Macmahon becoming the owner of WCW. Regardless of the after effect on the angel and the company, for most fans, seeing a rival show with the son of the owner walk into the ring was mind blowing and for that it is a momeoribale moment of Raw.

1. Mike Tyson and Stone Cold face-off

Mike Tyson was probably the most famous man on the planet at that point so assume a lot of money and negotions had to go down for Tyson to make an appearence. The baddest man in the planet was interrupted by WWF's very own toughest SOB on the planet, Stone Cold Steve Austin. It was a media spectacle that they had a brawl and the interest WWF had risen to new heights, witnessing the badass character of Stone Cold attack an outsider made him even more popular and that is why it's one of the greatest memoriable moments.

Honourable Mention:
>Triple H returns to MSG 2002
>Raw debut
>Eric Bischoff Raw managerDX invades WCW

Great choices from Akbar! THis will be a close one. Remember to vote for 1 of the 4 men, and vote on who's choices you agree most with!

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    *Give me an A*


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  2. The Piper's Avatar
    I liked Akbar's number 10, but I have to give this to Stevie
  3. The Sneakiness's Avatar
    Going with Darkside Ron Garvin. Probably the list I would have matched closely and in roughly the same order.

    Honorable mention to Akbar re: number 10. I won't ever forget that moment.
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    Akbar gets my vote.
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    Akbar gets the vote!
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    Akbar because he actually has my favorite moment on the list. Out of 4 lists, my fav moment didn't make 3 of them.
  7. akbar's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by TheGreatOne
    Akbar because he actually has my favorite moment on the list. Out of 4 lists, my fav moment didn't make 3 of them.
    Curiosity, What moment is that?
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