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Zema Ion: Potential has been shown

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Zema Ion has come a long way, hasn't he? He has been quite entertaining as of late and has developed a great character in his run with Impact Wrestling. Zema Ion has been getting heel heat as a cocky heel and hes playing it very well. I'm not going to fib, I thought Zema Ion was average at best when he first arrived in TNA. I thought his look screamed "JOBBER" which is something I thought was going to hold him back as a top X-Division wrestler but right now, I changed my prospective of him. His feud with Austin Aries is when I started to take notice of him. His match with Austin Aries for the X-Division championship at Victory Road was a wonderful fast-pace X-Division match that proved that Zema Ion is great to watch in the ring. Like I said, I'm enjoying his latest position in TNA and I know he'll do great things as the X-Division champion. Zema Ion is showing some major potential. How you say? Well, let's go step-by-step as to why Zema Ion has a promising future in TNA.

Heel heat on his character
Zema Ion is getting solid heel heat from the fans. Hes playing the cocky heel gimmick very well. Hes one of those annoying heels where he entertains you but really annoys the hell out of you with his heel persona. It's similar to Chris Jericho's WCW character where he would whine and complain when everything didn't go his way. His character entertained you and annoyed you at the same time. On Impact when he was praising himself and mocking Jesse Sorensen's neck injury, it's things like that which attracts heel heat like metal to a magnet. I'm sure some people see Zema Ion joking on Jesse Sorensen's neck injury but the idea behind it is to get the fans to hate you and it is working for him.

Showing charisma
​Zema Ion as a heel is giving him an oppturnity to show a lot of charisma. His promos are having a lot of great quality to them. When Zema Ion first debuted in TNA, he really didn't have strong mic skills but that has changed. Hes cutting conceited promos, a tool that has gotten many wrestlers over. For example, The Rock. Whether he was playing a heel or a face, he played the role of a cocky wrestler who always spoke about himself in 3rd person. It clearly got him over with wrestling fans. Another example is Shawn Michaels. He always cut promos about how he was the Showstopper, the headliner, and the main eventer which instantly sparked an attraction with others. Zema Ion's conceited promos will get fans to hate him or even like him a little more. While he is cutting good promos and showing charisma, there is always room for improvement and he'll improve once his character develops more and more as the X-Division champion.

character appearance
Where there's a gimmick, there's an outside appearance to that said gimmick. In order to get a gimmick across to the fans, you obviously have to look the part. Zema Ion's attire and when he carries hairspray to the ring during his entrances definitely gets him over as a conceited heel. It's that type of arrogance that makes for great marketing. Imagine if TNA was to sell replicas of Zema Ion's hairspray? That would be awesome!

Zema Ion vs Jesse Sorensen in the makings
I already know what you're thinking. You are probably wondering what does having a possible feud with Jesse Sorensen have to do with Zema Ion having a promising future. Well think about it. Zema Ion and Jesse Sorensen's feud are being planted as something intense and emotional with Ion mocking Sorensen's neck injury. Like I stated before, Zema Ion is getting heel heat from this but also, this will give Ion his first intense feud which will elevate Ion from an average X-Division mainstay to a top X-Division wrestler. Remember Jericho vs Malenko's storyline back in WCW? It was an intense feud between the two based on Jericho mocking Malenko and his father at every chance he got. It got Jericho over from being just another great WCW Cruisweight wrestler to being a Cruiserweight wrestler who can have intense feuds and show a character. The same can be done with Zema Ion. This feud can be Zema Ion's chance to prove that he can have intense feuds with the dynamic of his character.

I'm not trying to overrate Zema Ion nor am I trying to build him up as something hes not just yet like claiming hes going to be a main eventer or such. I just think that Zema Ion has been showing a lot of potential and if he keeps it up, he'll have a promising career in TNA and his X-Division title reign will be all the more entertaining. Hopefully TNA will use him right.

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  1. akbar's Avatar
    -Great Blog
    -The part you said about charisma, I couldn't agree more. I posted this on the forum after he won the title, he is a star in the making. His got the looks to be marketed very well.
  2. Sahu's Avatar
    he has improved immensely from his first day to till now...Sorenson's incident gave him an opening to be more aggressive too early..even if that's not the case he might have picked up but might have taken more what I wanted to say is even without sorenson's incident he can shine...

    n his ring ability is ever improving...esp in his feud with AA...

    Now I cannot say he can be a gr8 X-Divisioner...but, surely if used rightly..can become ONE!!!
  3. monctonvike's Avatar
    I agree with you, the key word is potential. Make no mistake there is a ton of potential there though.
  4. Robareid's Avatar
    I'm really pleased for him. I've watched him since his early Shiima Xion days, and he's really improving at a rapid rate. I don't think he's the next Aries, but a solid X Division Champion definatly
  5. YOUcanCALLmeCRACK's Avatar
    If he works on his mic skills a little bit he will be pretty well-rounded. Luckily for his gimmick he doesn't need to have crazy promo skills.

    I have been a fan of his and think his gimmick is hilarious. It has to be that hair.
  6. BadAndy's Avatar
    I'd like to know what that spray is. He sprays it in his hair, on his body and walks through mist clouds of it but then sprays it in an opponent's eyes so they can't see to get the win. It's almost like the soccer (football) magic spray.
  7. akbar's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by BadAndy
    I'd like to know what that spray is. He sprays it in his hair, on his body and walks through mist clouds of it but then sprays it in an opponent's eyes so they can't see to get the win. It's almost like the soccer (football) magic spray.
    Probably just plain water.
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