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Meltdown: Smackdown Review

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Meltdown: Smackdown Review
Welcome to the very first show of Meltdown! I have seen a lot of reviews from people about Raw,Wrestlers,Guest Hosts ect. But I don't remember ever seeing a Smackdown Review in the Blog section of EWN, so I have decided to do one for all you Smackdown fans, in the words of Damien Sandow 'Your Welcome'.

Note: I just want to state I usually don't write in color, so if it's not everyone's cup of tea tell me.

I am now going to talk about the main points in the show, I am not going to talk about everything but like I said the main points from what happened on Smackdown. And I've done everything in order.

Rey,Del Rio,Dolph and Sheamus confrontation-opening The Show
Rey Mysterio made his return this past Monday Night Raw and no other person to confront, then the person that took him out Alberto Del Rio. Rey now returned to his home show on Smackdown with his promo. I felt like WWE, should of let Rey talk longer, than he did since he was out for almost a year. I guess WWE wanted Del Rio to gather some heat for interrupting him and they was successful. I think there is still hope for Del Rio to connect with the crowd, as a heel, but if WWE carry on feeding him to the crowd sooner or later we will throw up, and demand not to have him again(This is just a old saying of mine)Now onto Dolph and Sheamus, is it just me or Dolph is really picking up on his mic skills. I was really impressed by him when he was talking to Chris Jericho this past Raw. Sheamus knows, we know and especially Dolph knows, he will become the next World Heavy Weight Champion. I just hope when he does become Champion, that Sheamus won't win back the belt in their future match.

R Truth,Kingston,Primo and Epico vs Prime Time Player,Camach and Hunico-6 Man Tag Team Match
This was actually a good match and was close to being a 10min match. One of the reasons why I like Smackdown is because they give talented but underachieving Superstars to shine, unlike Raw. Anyway, that's for a different topic for a different blog. Now I just want to say Prime Time Players are livening up the Tag Division more and I think their Manager is giving them the extra help. I have seen a lot of people bash the Manager A.W, but just be grateful that after all this time bashing WWE about not giving Superstars Managers be happy they finally gave us one. It will take time for him to settle in and if he seems to have no use, i'm sure WWE will show him the door. The problem in WWE is they have not been using the Tag Division like they use to in the past but have been trying recently. This match showed the WWE is starting to care, but when the Big Show came at the end of the match to beat down on these guys, just to gather heat. They proved to me how wrong I was.

Zack Ryder vs Damien Sandow
I will admit it from now, I am a Sandow Mark. I think his gimmick is unique and will get him very high in WWE. I knew, he wouldn't win Money In The Bank and if he did it would of been to early for him and could of ruin his Career. Right now Sandow needs a feud and so does Ryder, so these guys feuding with each other solves both of their issues. I have enjoyed their rivalry so far, but what their match on Smackdown was just a surprising squash match for Sandows favor. WWE can still turn this feud around and should let Ryder have a win, this guy does have potential he already proved that, so I don't see why they can't push him especially with the crowd on his side.

Daniel Bryan and AJ on Christians Peep Show

I think this Wedding was too rushed. One of the reasons why, is because of the 100th Episode of Raw is the next Raw. This will be very interesting to see just because AJ is involve. If this Wedding actually does happen, I predict great things in store for Daniel Bryans Career, with AJ by his side. I was surprised Christian didn't have a match on Smackdown, I think if he did it would of been with Daniel Bryan. But the person, that did face Daniel Bryan was AJ's ex-boyfriend......Kane! I think it isn't just me, that thinks Kane will interrupt the wedding on Raw for his love for AJ. I think I can be seeing a future SummerSlam match between Bryan and Kane winner gets AJ. I don't think that sounds sexist, do you?

Dolph and Del Rio vs Sheamus and Mysterio-Tag Team Match
This was defiantly the match of the night on Smackdown. Solid performance from all men, but I felt Alberto Del Rio could of been more part of the match. He was still able to injure Sheamus at the end of the match, which could of made Dolph cash in his brief case to become the new World Heavy Weight Champion of the World. But the newly freshened Rey Mysterio was there to prevent it from happening, with a 619 then allowing Sheamus to knock Dolph of his feet, with a sickening Brogue kick. I think we can be seeing a fatal 4 way match at SummerSlam between these guys, maybe no disqualification. If this was to happen, I think Rey will come out the winner, but the next night be cashed in by Dolph Ziggler, that way WWE doesn't have to make Sheamus look weak. And when everyone feels Ziggler has been Champion long enough. The Irish man Sheamus will be the one to take it of him, or you never know if Randy Orton returns, we could be seeing the Viper as the Champion.

Anyway this Smackdown episode, was better than average. The official Meltdown Review out of 10 is 6/10

Random Smackdown Thoughts
Backstage Dolph's Manager Vickie and Del Rio's Ring Announcer Ricardo, was having a argument. They both where arguing who is better, I say Ricardo is a better Ring Announcer and Vicky's a better Manager, because that's their jobs! Jeez! Heath Slater is a one man band, but i'm guessing nobody wants to join him. I am happy I am seeing all these Legends back in our screens and it's no doubt we will see them at the 100th Episode of Raw. I was thinking about them all having a party backstage and Heath Slater at the party with actual rock band equipment performing, that would be cool.

The Meltdown topic of the week is 'When Do You Think Dolph Will Cash In?' you guys can discuss it among yourselves.

Anyway thank you for reading the first ever Meltdown show, let me know how you felt about it and the latest from Smackdown. I also want to say, I won't be giving reviews every week, but when I do keep a eye out for me. I will see you guys soon.......BRINGING THE MELDOWN FROM SMACKDOWN!

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  1. akbar's Avatar
    -Yes I like this, I've needed a regular Smackdown reviewer.
    -Plus I think the blue font was a nice little touch.
  2. The Piper's Avatar
    "SummerSlam mach between AJ and Kane"
    Son, that be a Russo idea!

    On the font: I think it gave it a more Smackdown-y felling, I liked it
  3. sret's Avatar
    Smackdown has been good lately and I'm glad somebody's finally reviewing it. It's a shame that you wont do it every week though and I wish you would've started the other week with the great Sheamus vs Jericho match. I also wish you wouldn't use blue, it was a bit too much and got annoying to read. Try to mix it up or something.
  4. bryanb1306's Avatar
    I just wanted to point out that Alberto del Rio's microphone skills made Rey Mysterio's promo skills sound amazing. Rey Freaking Mysterio! That's how you know Del Rio desperately needs to improve in that department.
  5. magglis's Avatar
    Nice a smackdown review,good job
  6. B-ri's Avatar
    Nice blog man, I really enjoyed Smackdown for a change, thought the tag match was great!

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