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WBC Top 5 Special: Top 10 Moments In Raw Part 1

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What is up guys and gals? It is time for another edition of WBC, and this week, the champ Akbar has a decent number of challengers. Originally it was going to be Akbar defending against T-Hughes and Darkside Ron Garvin, but as a twist unbeknownst to those three, I added a former champ, Playboy Stevie V, into the mix. I am splitting this blog into two parts. Please make sure to read both parts before voting!

Darkside Ron Garvin

Okay guys, I was asked to participate in this little war. If you have yet to experience my work, then you are in for a treat because I am VERY opinionated which always makes for good conversation. Before you go any further, just know that these are the most memorable RAW moments to ME. I hope we agree on the majority, but regardless, read through the whole blog rather than just skimming through the bold. Without further delay…

10) CM Punks worked shoot – Trust me, I can name about 20 other moments that could be here, but this moment does deserve its place on the list. This moment was searched for on YouTube by virtually everyone from average Joes to celebrities alike. If you watched it Live, kudos to you for witnessing wrestling history. Punk said exactly what every 20- something who grew up watching wrestling wanted to say. I was honestly shocked when he started talking about Trip and Steph and couldn’t tell where the line was until his microphone was cut at the mentioning of Be A Star.

9) Test & Stephanie’s wedding – I really wanted a few other moments here, but this was too much of a classic memory to exclude. It was something that should have been SO special, but leave it to DX (better yet, Trip) to ruin a wedding on national TV. The drive thru wedding was HILARIOUS, but better yet, it foreshadowed so much into what the wrestling business would inevitably become. Helmsley-McMahon would be permanent; even if it just started out as a storyline.

8) Nexus destroys Raw – This moment was perhaps my favorite in the past several years. It really felt like Barrett wasn’t supposed to walk down the ramp. Cole and Lawler weren’t annoying; they both genuinely seemed surprised. When they mobbed Punk, Gallows, Striker, the announce table, Danielson’s tie choke, Cena’s concern, destroying the ring… It was done so well that it didn’t seem like it could actually be a work. No commentary to ruin that feeling of disbelief. Too bad creative botched such an authentic story because it gave me one of the realest moments in wrestling.

7) Raw debuts. You can’t give credit to the 998 RAW without recognizing the first one ever. It was the beginning of a LONG road that we fans have followed. The original card had Yokozuna defeating Koko B. Ware, The Steiner Brothers defeated the Executioners, the IC belt was successfully defended by Shawn Michaels against Max Moon in a 10 minute match, and the Undertake defeated Damien Dement. The show actually generated a 2.5 rating if the internet doesn’t lie to me, but if not for this moment in Raw history, we wouldn’t have whatever moment you choose as your favorite.

I hate to do this, but since my list contains only “moments” I am going to list my most memorable “matches” as well. Tricky subject since it opens me up to much more ridicule for not having HBK vs. Cena 2007 or HBK vs. Benjamin, but watch these matches and tell me they don’t deserve their place in memorable moments on Raw... After all, it used to be a show about wrestling matches.

(5) Owen Hart vs. British Bulldog – March 1997 (A Wrestling classic; the end gave us a heel Hart Foundation)
(4) Benoit vs. Angle Cage Match -June 2001 (loved JR/Heyman/SCSA on commentary)
(3) Taker (Big Evil) vs. Jeff Hardy - June 2001 (perhaps my favorite ladder match aired on Raw live)
(2) Bret Hart vs. 1-2-3 Kid – July 1994 (Macho Man and JR on commentary and Earl Hebner as ref.)
(1) HHH/Stone Cold vs. Y2J/Beniot – May 2001 (Heyman and JR are classic. This is how a match should be.)

Back to the list =)

(6) Kurt Angle has a Milk Truck?! Angle was our goofy, hokey Olympic hero… But Angle had a mean streak in him and he showed it by taking a page from Austin, only doing it the way a REAL American hero should; with integrity, intensity, and ice cold milk. This moment still cracks me up and is how I will always choose to remember my Olympic hero. Oh it’s true… It’s damn true.

(5) WCW is on Raw. When I found out that WCW had been purchased by WWF, I was at a loss. I didn’t understand why Timer Warner (or AOL, however you see it) buying out Turner Broadcasting would change my wrestling, nor did I understand why they would take away the best thing in wrestling; competition. It was a sad day to me, until it came time for the revealing. Shane bought it?! WTF, are you serious?! The thought of angles ran through my head! The wars would continue! Oh, how wrong I was…

(4) Stone Cold vs. Tyson – I could have listed 10 Austin related moments on the list and felt perfectly justified. From the Zamboni, to the beer truck, to “Austin 3:16” after the King of the Ring. Hell, I wanted Austin at Pillmans in this spot, but I couldn’t do it. I think this should be about RAW moments and Austin’s face off with Tyson takes this spot. We all believed that Austin was the real friggin deal, but when the baddest man on the planet pushed the worlds toughest son of a bitch, I thought the fist were really going to fly. Cap it off with VKM screaming “You ruined it dammit!” and you have pure entertainment.

Okay so since this is “memorable moments” in Raw, I am treating you the loyal fan to a fun list to lighten up the mood before breaking the top 3. This I will call the “Raw Moments I wish I could forget”
(5) Hornswoggle – I know he entertains kids. That’s great. Bastion Booger and Papa Shango entertained me when I was little because I liked gimmicks. But they never made Bastion Booger the illegitimate child of the boss. They never pawned Papa Shango off to tie in loose stories like the anonymous GM. Hornswoggle is fine, but seriously; he should never be involved in a major angle again. EVER.
(4) VKM blows up. Yes we know its entertainment. Yes we know its scripted competition. But with moments like these as ammo, it’s kind of hard to argue that it’s not just a “soap opera for men.”
(3) Katie Vick – Lets see… Kane’s mask, Katie’s body in a coffin, and necrophilia… How could ANYONE think this is a bad idea?! I guess creative found one of Russo’s old scripts lying around.
(2) Kai En Tai cuts off Val Penis – See what I did there? When I think of Raw moments, this one always pops up and forcefully gets cut off as I try to redirect my thoughts. Definitely not the “greatest” moment but still it is very “memorable”.
(1) The hand – First off, I give respect to Mae’s history. However, giving birth to “Sexual Chocolate’s” hand was definitely a memory that all fans of the attitude era wish they could erase.

And with a drum roll, we proceed...

(3) Foley wins the championship. Everyone remembers what Schivonne said on Nitro, but this was the moment that helped WWE win the war. WCW was destroying WWF in the ratings, but to hear that Cactus Jack was winning the belt? Regardless if it was taped or live, my dad and I had to flip channels to see it. It might not have been a 5 star match, but it signaled a deep blow that eventually got to WCW. WWF was evolving and pushing new talent; moving forward. Fans began seeing the flaws in WCW’s design of “top stars” and “young talent”

(2) “This is your life Rock” – After Unforgiven 99, the Greensborough crowd was ELECTRIC. If you want to know why some call him the great one, watch this segment. The Rock OWNED this crowd; Mankind added so much comedic value and “set up” the Rock perfectly. “Aunt Jamima, no pancake havin’ ass…” to “How dare you take the Rock out of the game.” The crowd was into it so much that they responded to Foley using Rock’s lines! No one could forget the “poontang pie”, but this segment was hilarious for 20 of the 25 mins. There is no wonder why it’s the highest rated segment in Raw history.

(1) Owen Hart Tribute – This was the highest rated show in Raw history. It should have been, and should always remain. His death was tragic, his career was great, but Owens life was cut short. He gave his final breath for this business and Raw gave tribute to his life on May 24th, 1999 in the hands down best show that Raw has ever produced. The show drew a 7.2 because of how much Owen meant to this industry and VKM did this tribute right. This was a celebration of a well loved man’s life. If you have never watched this episode, then you are missing the best episode in the 999 episode history of Raw.

Wow, great choices from DRG! Up next is another blogger on EWN, T-Hughes!


What’s up community?
It is my honor to participate in such a momentous event such as the WBC Series. Let alone around the time of one of the biggest milestones in the history of professional wrestling.
This is a list that describes moments that left us cheering, amazed, shocked, awed, and numerous other words that described how us wrestling fans felt. These are the moments that truly made this, “The Longest Running Weekly Episodic Television Show in History.”
Without further ado, these are:
“The Top 10 Greatest Moments in the History of WWE Monday Night RAW”

10: June 27, 2011: “The Pipe-Bomb Heard ‘Round the World”
This was without a doubt the most talked about moment of professional wrestling in 2011. The best shoot promo in who knows how long. With references to Hulk Hogan, Paul Heyman, Brock Lesner, New Japan Pro Wrestling, Ring of Honor, Colt Cabana, etcetera. It was one of the defining moments that showed you why wrestler CM Punk really is “The Best In The World” at everything that he does.

09: January 11, 1993: “The Debut Episode Of WWF Monday Night RAW”
“We are live, from the streets of a chilly New York City, but it’s about to get VERY HOT here in Manhattan!”
Those my friends were the very first words that were spoken to kick off what was destined to become (in the words of Michael Cole) “the longest weekly episodic show on television.” It took place from one of the most famous venues in professional wrestling, the Manhattan Center. The main event was Damien Demento vs. The Undertaker. The matches were great, Vince McMahon’s commentary was great, and Bobby Heenan’s desperate attempts to get into the event were priceless. It was a great way to bring wrestling fans to a new home on Monday Night’s.

08: April 27, 1998: “D-Generation X Invades World Championship Wrestling”
What better way to show you this event than from the eyes of the people that were actually involved in this world famous incident. This clip was from an episode of “WWE Confidential.” What really surprised me was the fact that Eric Bischoff didn’t let them in. Triple H said it best: “What show would you have watched then?” I’m surprised that the New World Order didn’t come up with this idea first, or even retaliate with something similar. Definitely one of the more defining moments of both Monday Night RAW and the Attitude Era.

07: September 28, 1998: “Stone Cold Drives a Zamboni into RAW”
This episode of RAW IS WAR took place in Detroit. It was the night after the WWF Break-Down: In Your House PPV in 1998. On that night, Mr. McMahon was about to announce whether it was Kane or The Undertaker who was the new WWF Champion. Needless to say, everything was going great, and then all hell broke loose. JR’s and King’s commentary truly made this one of the best moments in the history of Monday Nights.

06: January 4, 1999: “Mankind Wins His First WWF Title”
“…we understandthat Mick Foley is going to win THEIR World Title. Huh! That’ll put some ***** in the seat.”
- Tony Shivoane
It was close to an estimate of 700,000 people that immediately changed the channel from TNT to the USA Network to witness Mick Foley achieve his lifelong dream of being the WWF Champion.
This was at a pivotal point in The Monday Night Wars. One of the key nights for both sides. Had it not been for Tony Shivoane, I honestly think that WCW probably would have won the battle that night and give Nitro its first victory in the wars since the Goldberg-Hogan match. On WCW that night, we witnessed “The Fingerpoke Of Doom.” The beginning of the end for WCW as it never beat RAW in the ratings again.

05: September 22, 1997: “The Very First Stunner On Vince McMahon”
Madison Square Garden. Another famous venue for professional wrestling that has produced some it’s most epic moments. Stone Cold Steve Austin had stunned many people in his career. It was after he stunned Sgt. Slaughter (who was then the WWF Commissioner) you knew it was only a matter of time before he eventually got the boss. This night was it, and boy was it epic!

04: November 29, 1999: “The Stephanie McMahon-Test Wedding”
This was without a doubt the best wedding in wrestling history! This gave a whole new meaning to the “Drive-Thru” wedding ceremony. It made it famous. You thought Stone Cold Steve Austin got under Mr. McMahon’s skin, get a load of this. One of the most shocking moments in the history of the WWE.

03: July 15, 2002: “…His Name; IS ERIC BISCHOFF!!!”
Part 1:
Part 2:
“The nWo era is finished. A new era begins.” Those words were spoken by the boss to kick off the show that night. He also announced that he had hired two new General Managers. One for RAW, and one for SmackDown. As an effort to make it less of a McMahon oriented show. What a nice surprise this was! This wasn’t the first job offer however that WWE offered Mr. Bischoff. He was originally offered a position during the Invasion angle. He turned it down. He didn’t say no either. He just said not at this time. This was the opportunity that he accepted. Not only was he the new GM of RAW, he was the best GM that WWE has ever had. It shocked us to our feet. There was only one thing that I feel was more shocking than this, and it’s my number 2 best RAW moment.

02: March 26, 2001: “The Simulcast”
“WHAT IN THE **** IS HE DOING?!?!?!”
It was on this night that the Monday Night Wars ended, and Vince McMahon would officially reign supreme. Or so he thought. This to me the most surreal moment in wrestling history. Of course we all know how the Invasion angle went, but this moment officially solidified the World Wrestling Federation as the best wrestling promotion in the world! It shocked us all. There was only one moment that can top this, and it was the moment that had the whole world talking.

01: 1998: “Mike Tyson and Stone Cold Steve Austin Square Off”
“HERE WE GO!!! TYSON AND AUSTIN!!! TYSON AND AUSTIN!!! TYSON AND AUSTIN!!! TYSON AND AUSTIN!!!” Easily the best call that Jim Ross has ever done.
“Mike Tyson in a WWF Ring. Who would have thunk it?” wouldn’t have said it better myself Jerry “The King” Lawler. But, the only problem was, Mike Tyson was standing in Stone Cold’s ring. This was every wrestling fans dream come true. Eric Bischoff even said in his autobiography that after he saw this, he knew that WCW was in trouble. Boy was he right, as this was one of the big momentum gainers for the World Wrestling Federation during the Monday Night Wars. It had the whole world talking. From TMZ, to NBC. From CNN to Fox News, you name it, they aired it. “The Baddest Man On The Planet” squaring off with “The World’s Toughest S.O.B.” is without a shadow of a doubt the best moment in the history of WWF Monday Night RAW!

Great choices from T-hughes! Be sure to check out Part 2 before you vote!

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  1. Rob Stull's Avatar
    I am going to side with Darkside, mainly because not only did he give us the best moments, but he also listed his top 5 matches, and top 5 "I wish I could forget moments", which were all on point, if you ask me. If you could, would you check out my first blog? I'd appreciate it.
  2. akbar's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Rob Stull
    I am going to side with Darkside, mainly because not only did he give us the best moments, but he also listed his top 5 matches, and top 5 "I wish I could forget moments", which were all on point, if you ask me. If you could, would you check out my first blog? I'd appreciate it.
    Your meant to vote in the second part

    And your link to the blog doesn't seem to be working?
  3. bearkg88's Avatar
    Actually i dont care where they vote, just that they vote As long as they read both parts
  4. akbar's Avatar
    My bad. Lol
  5. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    My favorite moment isn't on either list whcih of course makes it tough. Give it to T-Hughes.
  6. bearkg88's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by TheGreatOne
    My favorite moment isn't on either list whcih of course makes it tough. Give it to T-Hughes.
    Actually chief yo can only vote for 1 person. So who do you pick? T-Hughes or Akbar?
  7. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by bearkg88
    Actually chief yo can only vote for 1 person. So who do you pick? T-Hughes or Akbar?
    The one with Austin/Beer truck....
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