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My top 10 favorite wrestling theme songs

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A blogger recently had a top 10 list for theme and finishing manuevers. Decided to respond with my own selections for each category. These are just based on my personal favs in which I believe are the best. My formula for themes is rather simple: Songs that get me pumped mixed in with songs when fans go nuts when they hear it. Do moves in a different blog as it seems that I rambled a bit too much. In any case, here is my themes list:Themes:

1.Edge-Song just pumps me up because it motivates me like the first few songs do. Awesome song!!
2.Orton Take Whats mine-I hated when Orton stopped using this song for voices because it is an awesome. Again, motivates me, listen to it when I used to walk home from school. Day Dreaming and what not. I listened to this song so much, people were asking why do I only listen to this song. That should speak enough volumes for you as how much I loved the song.
3.MVP-Til this very day, I'm still angry about MVP never becoming World Champion. He was in my opinion, the best heel on SD in 2007 and the main reason I watched. Loved it when he came out and was celebrating after he won the US title. Theres a contest at my school just for guys to get up and entertain. Being a fan of pro wrestling all my life. That is all I wanted to do was entertain. Got in the contest 2 years in a row, entrance theme was 1st year MVP and 2nd was Edge's. I did the MVP entrance as well. LOL! Shades falling off my face pounding the stage so hard because I was so pumped.
4.Kurt Angle/TNA-I always loved Kurt Angle because the rest of my family hates him. When he used to come out with fans chanting you suck was great. Loved it after Kurt came to raw and fueded with Cena over the belt because family was a huge Cena fan and always hated Angle. One of my favorite moments in Raw history was when he came out and refused to work because they chanted you suck in turn censor the fans. In any case, awesome song with TNA that gets me pumped. I actually asked and hoped they had some sort of elevator so I could do what Kurt did coming out. Fav wrestler for several years now.
5.Goldberg-Most of the rest mainly doesn't have much lyrics to it. The beat of the song especially Goldbergs gets you pumped up. Fans standing on their feet as always for Goldberg. Recently watching WCW Monday Nitro having that stuck in my head for a few days. Got caught attempting to do his entrance on the way back from the dumpster by a neighbor.
6.Rock-I've voiced on several of my blogs that Rock/Austin is pretty much a tie for my fav wrestler all-time w/ 2 fav years in WWE history being the year 1998 and 2000. Both top rivalrys are the best all-time if you ask me. Rock's 2000 theme If ya smell what the Rock is cookin. Everyone on their feet to see him imitating him at school wishing I could do his poses for the yearbook photo rather than just sit there straight. That was my fav probably because in my opinion, that was when Rock was the man in the WWE at the time where no one could touch him entertainment wise.
7.Stone Cold-Glass shatters you know what time it is. It is time to get on your feet. His music hits while Vince in the ring upset over getting cut off. Loved his song in 2001 when he turned heel. Others thought at the time apparently that it was shocking that Vince/Stone Cold joined forces at WM17. I was pro Rock and when Austin returned it didn't feel like it was the old Steve Austin to me because his wife being involved which is why it wasn't surprising he turned heel to me. Austin to me was a ruthless, don't care about anybody type of guy. Debra being voiced as his wife, I was rooting for Rock to win that match because Austin was different.
8.Ric Flair-Classic song....can't leave it off the list.
9.Brock Lesnar-Glad Brock came back. Wish he would have stayed in WWE, but didn't. Love the song that just pumps you up. Brock was legit, song fit him perfectly. This dude took my fav tag team on by himself with chair shots not effecting him. Not thrilled about HHH match at Summerslam. Wish Orton would be the one to face him at the event based on the history they both have. Hate HHH as well so....
10.NWO-I know some may whine about possibly DX theme among others not being on the list, but NWO is more solid to me. You want to play your air guitar like Hogan when listening to it and maybe have the wolfpack hand gesture as well.
Honorable Mention:
Cena Thuganomics/My time is now-I know his haters claim he can't rap, but I personally enjoyed the songs and bought the CD as well.
HHH-My time-For those out there who may not know. HHH had this theme when he broke out of DX w/Chyna and soon after used it during the time he was married to Steph til The Game song came about. Probably my fav because it happened during the time of one of my favorite fueds all-time between Rock/HHH which in my opinion is and was better than Austin/Rock fued. I believe Rock/Austin is the most over-rated fued in WWE history.
DX-The theme was solid for the gimmick. Some believe it was a ripoff of NWO while others don't believe so. I guess they do have similarities, but give respect where it is due.

Some videos I added on here. Others I figure wrestling fans would know what I'm talking when it comes to themes. Again, most of my list didn't make a recent bloggers list. Mine may not have some of your favs as well. Leave a comment at the bottom talking about your fav songs that I may have missed or leave your own top 10 if you wish. Thanks for reading.....

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  1. MjBryan17's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Kenny Kaos
    This Fire Burns, best WWE theme in recent years for me.

    My all time top 5:

    1. This Fire Burns
    2. Mr. Perfect's
    3. Macho Man's
    4. HBK's
    5. RVD's old ECW theme
    RVD's ECW is "Walk" by Pantera, my favorite band
  2. Expressive Show-Off's Avatar
    I've always been a fan of Evolution's theme 'Line in the Sand' also. That tune always got me pumped and was my theme song when me and my friends used to wrestle. Good times haha
  3. deadly56's Avatar
    Good blog, I would give my Top Ten Theme songs, but I was the blogger who you are talking about
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