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Blog Wars Olympic Tournament: Top 5 Tag Teams Ended to Early

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Welcome back to the second episode in the Olympic tournament. Last time on the Blog Wars tournament Team USA took the first win as I defeated Destruction in a close match. This time we will see Team USA's Rated_R(ob)KO take on Team UK's akbar in what is sure to be an exiting match. Here is this week's list.

Top 5 Tag Teams that Ended to Early

Any team from any era and company count for this.


I've been asked to do a list of Tag Teams that ended too early, I found this list particularly difficult and had to think for awhile about who I should it on this list.I've been asked to do a list of Tag Teams that ended too early, I found this list particularly difficult and had to think for awhile about who I should it on this list.

5. Cryme Tyme: Shad and JTG

Now again this might be breaking the rules because these 2 were together for about 4 years but i had to put them in because they as a team should not of ever been broken up. They are nothing as single wrestlers, actually I think one of them is jobbing and the other one is unemployed.
As tag teams they had a stand out unique gimmick, a street thug stereotype. This gimmick opened the gates for them to have many memorable segments, and comedic segments have always proven successful for tag teams in the past: DX and APA etc. It's the fact that these wrestlers wernt just put together for the sake of a tag team made them more credible to the division, Their sole purpose was to be tag teams which is imprtant for tag teams and if kept together they could've been more successful.

4. Jeri-Show: Chris Jericho and Big Show

Consisting of wrestlers Chris Jericho and Big Show, They were formed when Jericho chose Show to be his partner to hold the world tag team titles. Only together for a brief period, they had memoriable matches with Legacy, Cryme Tyme and DX. The reason this team worked so well is because of the strategy in the ring between the two. Jericho was the evil mastermind to Big Shows irresitable force, he would cowardly run behind Big Show for protection and Show would do the usual henchman job and Finish of the match. They done many good moves together especially the one where Show picks up Jericho on his shoulder and launches him. With Shows size and Jericho's mobility, the formula of giant+little runt was proven very succesful.

3. Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater

As members of a hugely succesful stable The Nexus and then The Core, Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater had a great start to their careers by being already known in the universe. After nexus and Core disbanded they carried on as a tag team on Smackdown for about a year. I enjoyed the matches they put on Smackdown and NXT, Slater is good in the ring and Gabriel is even better as a high flyer. It's possible they broke up for the Crusierweight division but I'm sure if they had remained tag teams they would be more utilized within the company.

2. Rated RKO: Edge and Randy Orton

The team of superstars Edge and Randy Orton, these two would form a very brief but popular heel partnership. They had many great things going for them, first they had a great entrance theme - a combination of their songs fitted very well and had a catchy tune to it. Second thing, the two wrestlers wern't just mid carders put together, they were 2 wrestlers at the top of their game. The characters of Edge and Randy were very similar in their scheming and cunningness so there chemistry in the ring made good viewing. They had to break up very early because WWE was in need of main eventer but if that wernt the case and somehow these 2 had a long run as tag teams then they could have been something special.

1. Brian Kendrick and Paul London

These two mid-carders were at a career stand still as single competitors, but put together, these two combined to become a powerful force in the tag team division. Excellent high flyers, they always put on a good match with some nice spots. The problem they had was, as a tag team they never really had a gimmick like the past great teams. Regardless they still looked very natural together when walking to the ring. I would have to blame creative for not making this tag team reach the potential that they should have. They should've been given a proper name for starters, like a kool duo name. Also Kendrick had good mic skills (well, from what I saw in TNA) so they should capitalised on that more to put them over.
I understand this Tag Team was together for a decent amount of time and might not fit in the criteria for this blog but I genuinely believe these 2 had a chance at being one of the greatest tag teams of all time if they carried on longer, that's how much of a fan I am of them.


Hello eWN and all of you beautiful bastards out there. It's the one and only Rated_R(ob)KO here representing the goold old USA in a Blog Wars battle to end all Blog Wars battle! I'm obviously going to do what I do best, rant and talk shit haha. Now, my list for Blog Wars is "Top Five Tag-Teams That Ended To Early"... at first glance, you look at this and think, WTF? How can you judge on how a Tag-Team has broken up too early or not? Well, It didn't dawn on me right away who my list would be but, once I thought about it, I immediately got it. So, join me now in my list of Tag-Teams, lets see what you guys think!


I know a lot of people think they ran their course but to be honest, they didn't even get the chance to fully start. They were around for just about six months before THE 'E decided to split them apart. They won the Unified Tag-Team Championships just one time and were together for roughly 140 days. Their reign was memorable with the fact that the two formed a duo from and amazing Tag-Team of Chris Jericho and Edge.

When Jericho chose Big Show as his partner, people groaned that Big Show couldn't live up to anything Jericho could do, wasn't on his level. In fact though, Big Show elevated himself to a wrestler we hadn't seen since his WWECW days. It was an awesome team and they had some amazing theme music to boot! Their team disbanded when THE 'E finally decided to put the Tag-Team Championship onto DX at TLC of 2009 which was a stupid move. There could have honestly been so much more done with that teaming.


What a helluva team we have here! These guys were literally together for a couple months until Triple H ripped his quad and was forced out of the squared circle for almost a full year. But, while they were together they got almost all of the Gold in THE 'E at that time. It was ruthless, it was awesome, it was a team unlike anything we've ever seen and may not see again. I wish we could have gotten to see more from them because if any team was cut down in their prime, it was them.

They formed out of the ashes of The McMahon-Helmsley faction and the Corporation. VKM, Stephanie and a couple others are loosly affiliated with the collective known as, The Power-Trip. Triple H and Stone Cold together took out The Brothers Of Destruction, The Hardy Boyz and many others in their own path of destruction. It was memorable and something to truly behold if you were watching wrestling at that time to be a part of it.


In my opinion one of, if not the best PURE Tag-Team to come out of ECW. As with the other teams on my list so far, these guys didn't survive very long. They came, saw, conquered and disbanded when Lance Storm left for WCW and then Justin Credible went on to become the ECW Champion. The Impact Players formed when Shane Douglas announced his retirement and said he was going to say who the new Franchise was going to be. It was then that Lance and Justin along with Dawn Marie and Jason Diamond became a team.

They feuded with plenty of ECW's biggest stars even forcing Tommy Dreamer and Raven to form a team together to try and take them on. Violent doesn't even begin to explain what The Impact Players were. It was intense and brutal.


Rated RKO was a very influential tag-team... hell, especially for me and my username here on eWN. In 2006 DX had reformed and taken THE 'E by storm. Two guys, Edge and Randy Orton felt that the two of them were being held back and not able to get any Championships due to DX hanging around and "hogging" the spotlight. They finally got a hold of DX and beat them, they then went on to beat Rowdy Roddy Piper and Ric Flair for the Tag-Team Championship.

They dominated for a few months until the WWE Championship got involved into the picture. When they failed to gain the Tag-Team Championships back, they disbanded when Edge walked out on Orton during a match. They were an on again, off again team after that. When Edge retired in 2011 the team officially came to a close.


I know what you're thinking... every other Tag-Team on my list was from the late 90's into early/mid 00's... well, this team holds a special place in my heart. They were a team thrown together by backstage politics and torn apart by backstage politics. No one knew what to do with their talent separately and when they forced the two together, they still didn't know what to do. Stunning Steve and Flyin' Brian were on HUGE singles runs when they were basically told, "Creative Has Nothing For You"...

They defied the odds and tried to maintain a specific balance after they were teamed up. They grew to like each other personally and professionally as well. And as their popularity grew, the men in position didn't like it. This team was classic in the fact that they couldn't live up to their potential due to so many voices saying what it should be, not what it was.

There you have it ladies and germs. Every single team on my list was thrown together or torn apart by backstage politics and thus created some memorable teams. I understand that many of the teams on my list were only together for a brief time but, that's what made them special, unique. They didn't tire of each other, they couldn't. They weren't together long enough. And always remember, vote America.

That's it for this round as we end a very exciting and close round. The judges are going to have a hard time with this one.

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  1. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    Too close to call for me
  2. owenhart4life's Avatar
    What about the Awesome Truth? The angle they had going last year was amazing until R TRUTH was suspended for drug use and the WWE blamed the Miz for the poor PPV buyrate.

    Also what about Owen Hart and Yukozuna?
  3. The Piper's Avatar
    Once again I have to vote America, even though I love Brian & Kendrick, The Hollywood Blondes were spectacular.
  4. cymru96123's Avatar
    Akbar takes this easy for me.
  5. eyehatecena's Avatar
    Wow- yet another one with great list by both- and am glad there are a few different teams on each list. Destructions and WrestlingFans were way too close.

    But I have to go with Rated_R(ob)KO for this one- for really 3 teams on his list. HHH-Austin, Austin-Pillman and The Impact Players)Storm and Incredible worked great together- and Dawn? well she was just smoking hot. akbar's list was great too- with one exception- I never got into Cryme Tyme. They could have stayed together and I still would have not cared. But London and Kendriks? I total agree with what you said- they needed a name- more mic time.

    I surprised neither one of you chose Harlem Heat. If akbar would have had them on his list instead of Cryme Tyme- I would have gone with his list
  6. Wade Barrett 1979's Avatar
    Going for Akbar.

    I love how people are incapable of just voting. Have we not heard of personal opinions?
  7. Robareid's Avatar
    Okay, I'm going to go against my beloved homeland again and vote for R(ob)

    I disagreed with a lot of the teams on this list. I was never a fan of two main event level guys getting thrown together and called a tag team, so I disagree with Jeri-Show, Rated-RKO and Two Man Power Trip. However, I agree with teams like Chryme Tyme, Slater & Gabriel, Kendrick & London, Impact Players and Hollywood Blonds, so in my eyes the lists were pretty even. However, in the end I thought my namesake's list was a little better put together, and that's why I gave him the nod
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