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8 Reasons Why You Should Expect Kharma This Monday

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The Timing

Word had it that Kharma said she was going to appear at RAW 1000, as she told a fansite, which later had to remove the report. So if she knew her set return date and openly told people about it, then it doesn't add up to it being her decision to leave because "creative has nothing for her".

Let's see:

Episode 996.
Kharma training to return with personal trainer.
Kharma ready to come back on TV.
Kharma gone? Um, okay.

It would have been more believable to me if this happened a lot earlier, out of focus of the 1000th episode. RAW 1000 is supposedly the biggest episode in the history of the business, as they try to add many surprises to make it must-watch from start to finish, and it's very likely that the Divas will also have a match of some sort.

RAW 1000

Remember that article? Vince said he had a list of Superstars he wanted to keep hidden from WWE so their appearances wouldn't get spoiled. At Extreme Rules, WWE wasn't happy about all the fans predicting Kharma's return. It was too obvious since the Bella Twins were soon to be on their way out of WWE. So they booked Layla to take the Divas title instead. Discouraging reports like these are designed to prevent history repeating itself. We have them babble about how "creative didn't have any ideas for her" when in reality they're trying to avoid becoming a predictable product.

The Conflicting Reports

One report says she was released, TMZ says she was fired, yet another report says it's all an error by WWE's website, and even another says she left to "clear her head" even longer than she has already tried to, and it really took them six days to make their minds up? Which one is it? Not to mention WWE were said to be "pissed" last Thursday about her Twitter profile getting moved early. Why would they be "pissed" if she's no longer under their care? And an even bigger question: Why would they be "pissed" about it if she left on her terms? WWE likely is in on this charade.

Her Importance To The WWE

Besides her, what other Divas are considered over as of now? Very few, AJ and perhaps Kelly Kelly, who is away at this moment. WWE wants her to return, the Divas want her to return, the fans want her to return and she wants to return, which has been a slow, gradual process. Kharma was Triple H's first signing from his backstage role, and it was a success up until her having to go on maternity leave. If Triple H signed people who didn't turn out well, why has he been given privileges to sign more Indy talent?

On a side note: The Wrestling Observer reported that WWE was thinking about a possible feud between Kharma and Sara Del Ray. This was posted the SAME day of her Twitter transfer, and you'll find it if you search news on Del Ray on this very site.

The History of WWE's Summer Contract Cliffhangers

Remember all the chaos surrounding CM Punk's contract status last year? Remember Daniel Bryan's firing the year before that? How many of you were convinced that they were never going to come back to the WWE? This is one of their finest ways WWE likes to pull the strings of the IWC, and it's no different with Kharma. They like to trick the dirt sheet sites, as expressed in the latest episode of "Are You Serious".

The Lack of Acknowledgement by WWE Talents

Aside from all the sources in WWE telling the sites information, none of the wrestlers themselves are confirming it on Twitter. No one is saying ANYTHING on the matter. The Divas commented on the Bella Twins' releases, they also commented on Maxine's departure. And let's not forget how many Knockouts confirmed Angelina Love leaving TNA. Many fans asked the Divas about Kharma but the truth is, they aren't allowed to talk about her, probably because they're acting as if she isn't leaving. The people she works with would be the most trustworthy people regarding their status out of every public image in the WWE. If they aren't saying goodbye, she's not going.

Her Own Twitter

Kharma has been very quiet regarding her status, and it's likely WWE is still monitoring her Tweets as to what she should and should not post. No change in her name, no change in her Twitter handle, she's not accepting bookings as she Tweeted, never did she type the words "released", "quit", or "leaving", and she only has stated that her profile got moved. Nothing else.

What Has Layla Done Lately?

Layla hasn't been given much to do for a while as Divas Champion. She beat Beth Phoenix twice on PPV and hasn't defended her title since. It seems appropriate to me that Kharma would be next to feud with her, I mean Layla isn't over and it's not like she can do things by herself to get over. It wouldn't make much sense for Layla to enter another feud and then Kharma returning during the middle of that feud. Layla has had the opportunity to put her title on the line this Monday, but lost the poll to Christian and his IC title by 2%. And they want this mystery opponent to be a surprise indeed. If Kharma wasn't planned to be this mystery opponent against Layla, who would they have in mind, Kelly Kelly? Because if Kharma isn't coming back, then what are they going to do with Layla?

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    Hey why not have Kharma show up to destroy AJ and DB wedding...destroy AJ and DB and declare if she ain't happy noone can be happy!
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