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5 Wrestlers the IWC Turned On

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Hey guys Knox here hoping all is well. I wanted to talk about some wrestlers that the IWC begged to get pushed and then turned on them when it actually happen. I always tell people that if I was a wrestler, I would never wanna be one of the "internet" darlings because they turn on you in a hot second. I'm going to talk about 5 of the popular ones. I hope you guys find a way to enjoy this.

5 Wrestlers the IWC Turned On:

5. Sheamus

When this guy got traded to Raw from ECW and started to take out guys like Jamie Noble and Jerry Lawler, the internet was going wild for him. They were calling him the next big thing and everything. When he took the WWE Championship from Cena, it was a wrap that he was officially the man with the internet.

Within a matter of months, they went turncoats. Even a few more months passed by and he came a babyface and to this day people are going nuts. They're calling him bland, boring and just about everything.

4. Sin Cara

I possibly can't talk about this guy without getting upset. The internet smarks went absolute wild when they found out the WWE signed him. All you heard was "OMG Mistico, I'm creaming in my pants, the WWE signed him".

Shortly after he bypassed FCW and went straight to the main roster. Then the reports came out about how much Triple H is behind his guy and somehow after that the same internet smarks turned on him as well.

What bothers me more than anything is when people get on him for botching. Like I said before, Mexico and the generic style of wrestling we see today in the WWE are two completely different styles of wrestling. Which is why guys like Chris Jericho took a while to come into his own when he first debuted in the U.S. He was used to the Mexican style of wrestling. But ofcourse, the smarks turned on him as well.

3. Santino Marella

I remember Royal Rumble 2011 when he almost eliminated Del Rio for the win. People kept saying, "Push this Man". Everybody wanted Santino. So the WWE gave us the Santino push and even gave him the United States Championship. The second he won the Championship you all said, "I can't take him serious, he's a joke".

2. John Cena

Spoiler sites were just beginning to get huge in 2002-03. Around that time, Cena was the biggest prospect in wrestling as far as a push. I mean the internet loved this man. He went on to win the United States Championship a few times and we still loved him.

Then everyone kept saying, enough with the bull, this man needs to be WWE Champ. He got that title and in just the first few months of his reigns, the boos began and the bitching on the internet sites were even louder.

As a Cena fan, I can understand why people may dislike him today, I'm referring to the haters that started hating in 2005 when he first won the title.

I find myself defending Cena time and time again on the internet because most of these know it all smark fans don't understand how to run a business. They label Cena as corny but they tend to forget exactly what he is capable of.

Cena was made the official company man in 2005. During that time WWE was TV-14. Hence the reason Cena had such an edgy over the top character. He was ruthless, he was a thug. The "Chaingang" & "Thuganomics" gimmicks were made for TV-14 and people on the internet seemed to love that.

Then Vince decided to go PG. So if Cena is the company man then wouldn't you expect his character to go PG as well? Ofcourse. So they made an adaption to Cena's character and made him this patriotic Marine. That didn't work too well so they gave him the full Superman Hulk Hogan like gimmick to fit in with the company's direction. Cena was a huge internet darling but now he's literally the most hated professional wrestler or all time.

1. Zack Ryder

I had to make him #1. You talk about a guy that did it on his own, a self made guy. He started his own internet show, created his own title. I mean he pulled out all the stops to get himself over and spent a boat load of his own money as well. It worked to perfection. Aww man, the internet took a huge liking to this guy. He has the comfortableness in the ring on the mic, and his charisma is second nature. What's not to like?

The people were begging for him to be on Raw. He was then given a huge push on Superstars and fans would go nuts for him. Vince then took it to Raw and the fans were pleased. He was then given the push of the life and won the U.S. Championship. Weeks later, everyone complained about it and went turncoat. How do you explain that?

Now he's been demoted again because likely his buzz died the second half of the smarks started bitching about him. All of a sudden he went from this huge overly popular guy to an annoying, overrated, goofball as far as the internet is concerned.

Dolph Ziggler & Daniel Bryan, I would watch my back if I were you. Its only a matter of time before the internet turns on you guys as well. I'm willing to guarantee the second Dolph Ziggler cashes in, people will think of every reason to hate him.Hope you guys enjoyed this and I appreciate you guys taking the time to read. I really do. Thanks a million

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  1. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Good Blog...It seems the IWC hates faces, doesn't it? Everyone's great until they turn face...then it's..."they're losing momentum", or "they're stale now". Ziggles is doomed. He'll eventually go face and when he does...everyone will hate him.
  2. akbar's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by DK Wrestling Savior
    Good Blog...It seems the IWC hates faces, doesn't it? Everyone's great until they turn face...then it's..."they're losing momentum", or "they're stale now". Ziggles is doomed. He'll eventually go face and when he does...everyone will hate him.
    And you will love him !
  3. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    Good blog like DK said, I think the one person you're missing from this list is CM Punk. Got the whole IWC and YWC talking last year, and even before hand.
  4. PhEonYx's Avatar
    Great blog bud. Always love your topics. The Savior pointed out an excellent fact; Everyone's great until they turn face...then it's..."they're losing momentum", or "they're stale now".

    Looking back on these past few months up until this weeks' RAW, the IWC were slowly turning on Punk. In a sense I'm glad stars such as Cody Rhodes and The Miz haven't been forced to turn face yet.

    @akbar; LOL!!!! The day I see The Savior praise Zigglesworth, I'll delete my EWN profile for good!! LOL

    Sidenote; Knox you MERKED these tracks!!!

    Frozen; touchy, and lyrically you went hard on this track especially when you could sense emotion. Your flow was sick. The beat for a soft up tempo track was flawless. (Kudos to whomever produced it.)

    What They Waiting For; you KILLED this beat. Lyrically you chopped this up!! Beat was RAW, and you went hard.

    Seriously keep putting the time and effort into your music bro, you've got talent/skills. You've officially got your self a fan in me. Keep em' coming.
  5. hankamania83's Avatar
    The Only guy, That I thought was great, and then I turned on, was Sin Cara.
    Sheamus was the opposite, I hated him as a heel, to me- it was too much too soon, without the right exposer. Now I think he is great.
    I have always been my own fan, and I have never disliked John Cena, I know for a fact that most people dislike Cena just because it seems like the cool thing to do.
    Santino, and Ryder, are what they are- they are funny under dog guys who always draw excitement, and I like them for what they are.... but if one/both of them was to win the big one, I would in fact barf.
  6. dragonsrevenge's Avatar
    Well, Sheamus was a fucking bad-ass back in the day, a monster heel. Then he became a baby face, got his balls ripped from between his legs, started doing the same moves over and over again, started spouting awful, awful promos, being all kiddy friendly and the face of Be a Star..... yeah.
  7. Bobby1181's Avatar
    Knox, you make great points in your posts. Cena I just never liked, his gimmick(that white rapper thug thing was played out way before 2005) and now the fact that he is Hulk Hogan-lite just bothers the hell outta me. Everyone else I can't understand why these marks turn their back on, they are all solid in ring guys who put on really good matches when given the oppritunity.

    Being a long time fan(20+ years of knowledge, I'm 30 now) I lump these smarks into the same catergory as overzealous fanboys of comics. These guys are always complaining how they would do something differently and when you actually listen to them, they have the worst ideas you could possibly imagine and have zero idea about how the business works, it's like every bit of pop culture they are innudated with is blended and regurgitated into the 30sec nightmare trailers inside of their teeny brains that they feel are brilliant and wholly original. Then when they don't get their way, they whine and cry and incessantly post flamer messages while they get their temper tantrum out on the boards.
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