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What They Should've Done #1: Money in the Bank

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I haven't done a blog on here in a while, so I thought that this was a perfect way to start things up again. I'll be doing blogs based of WWE PPVs, based on what I think should've happened. In these blogs, my PPV results don't have anything to do with one another, it's just what I thought the WWE should've done.


The order of matches should've gone like this:

SmackDown Money in the Bank
Ryback Squash Match
World Heavyweight Title Match
6 Diva Tag Match
Raw Money in the Bank Match
WWE Championship Match

First Match: SmackDown Money in the Bank

What WWE Did: Dolph Ziggler victory
What They Should've Done: Dolph Ziggler/Christian Victory

I half agree, half disagree with this match. I do believe Ziggler deserves the win to get his push finalized, but I also think Christian deserves the briefcase after all he's done in the Money in the Bank matches. 5 matches, 0 wins. It makes no sense. Maybe next year.

Second Match: Ryback Squash Match

What WWE Did: Ryback Victory
What They Should've Done: Ryback Victory

I don't need to say much with this. Ryback's first loss should come to one or two people more relevant in the WWE than Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks. Great team, great workers, but unfortunately under-utilized in the WWE. Maybe Kofi and Truth should do it. I don't know.

Third Match: World Heavyweight Title Match

What WWE Did: Sheamus Victory
What They Should've Done: Sheamus Victory

Del Rio is a boring ring worker. Vince seems to get high on the wrong people, like Del Rio. I don't want to say he should lose his job, but I don't think he should've been signed to the WWE in the first place.

Fourth Match: 6 Diva Tag Team Match

What WWE Did: Layla/Kaitlyn/Tamina Victory
What They Should've Done: No Contest

They should've gone the route they were going with Kharma, and have her return by interfering in this match, and attacking all the divas. Spice up the divas division a little with this.

Fifth Match: Raw Money in the Bank Match

What WWE Did: John Cena Victory
What They Should've Done: Chris Jericho Victory

John Cena doesn't need the WWE Championship anymore, but he's going to get it cause he's the poster boy. Jericho should've won this match so that he could cash it in and finally become WWE Champion again. Jericho needs the title so that he doesn't lose relevance. He returned, and has done nothing but put poeple over, and Hericho is the right guy to do that, but I also think he should be WWE Champion again.

Sixth Match: WWE championship Match

What WWE Did: CM Punk Victory
What They Should've Done: CM Punk Victory

First off it's the WWE Championship, it should ALWAYS close the show, except for WrestleMania 28's case, Cena/Rock was the right way to go there, but otherwise, ALWAYS. Second, what WWE did was the right thing, Bryan is a gret wrestler, but isn't QUITE WWE Championship level. He could become World Champion again and easily be over again, like he was, but not the WWE Championship. Punk is over with the fas as WWE Champion, and i haven't seen him with this gimmick without the title for more than a month. He's approaching a year as WWE Champion quick, and he should at least retain at SummerSlam than he can lose the title to SuperCena after he announces that he's cashing in, though I expect him to announce tonight that he'll be cashing in next week.

Thanks for reading, comments would be appreciated, though not needed. Expect one for SummerSlam the night after.

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  1. Ressurection's Avatar
    I completely agree with you on both MITB matches. I find it messed up when veterans (Christian and Chris Jericho) were in the first MITB match and have not won even one of them yet. Expierience should mean something in the WWE. I mean MITB is symbolic, it should not be something anyone can win. Good read
  2. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Christian has been world champion already. He doesn't need MITB to prove he is one of the best performers in a ladder match. He already has proven that over a decade ago. It was time for Ziggler. Hopefully Rhodes turn will come soon enough.

    Y2J win MITB? Y2J is way too stale for me. I figure he will leave soon so why have him win MITB? I figured Cena would win o. Thought there was a chance to Show to win, but obviously didnt occur which is fine. Every single character in the match is stale which sucks. They should have did former world champs with Ziggler winning this one. I don't want Cena to be WWE champ again nor do I want him to end Punks reign as champ. I on the other hand dont want Cenas only MITB be unsuccessful as in forgettable which I believe it will end up being. Cena shouldn't be the first to cash in not to win the world title. That would take a huge hit against Cena if you ask me.

    First off, not every single ppv should the WWE or World title end the show. I along with several others were stunned that it didn't close the show. I was for sure it would based on the card and AJ storyline making it more intrigueing. No sense in whining about it though........what done is done. I think the most anticipated match should be the final match. Cena/Rock should have went last at Wrestlemania. No match anybody wanted to see was more intriguing than that. You got to remember though, no every ppv is perfect when it comes to matches. I was stunned when Hogan/Rock didn't end the show asking my friend what matches are left. WWE title and World title....which one has more prestige at this time? I'd say the WWE title because I believe the stronger champion of the two is Punk. No problem with Sheamus, but look at the guys Punk has defeated during his run.

    Again, WWE title isn't always the best title in WWE anymore. It shouldn't always go on last. WWE title at points in time has more prestige and better matchup you want to see than the world. As it does vice versa. At times world title has better matches you want to see than the WWE title bout. Taker vs Batista for world title or HBK vs Cena for WWE title. I was more into the Taker/Batista matchup because I dreamed of the matchup since Batista decided to stay on Raw at the contract signing after he won the Rumble. HHH vs HBK world title or WWE title match between Lesnar/Hardcore Holly. Really? Which one should be shown on last? JBL vs Cena or Batista vs HHH? Get where I'm going with this.
  3. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Don't look now Zigglites...but Jericho cons Ziggles out of the briefcase. Take it to the bank. Hey, maybe Ryan Clark will read this post and list it as news on a "possible spoiler"
  4. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    I agree with The Savior, that's a good possibility. As for the blog JHF, EXCELLENT Work! Your absolutely right the show was booked in all the wrong orders.

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