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Not Your Typical MITB Predictions

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Hey everyone. The Saviour here with a unique spin on giving predictions. Now, I usually don’t do predictions, and I know that it seems they are being frowned upon on the blog board, but that’s why I’m doing my little Saviour Twist to it. I’m going to say what I want to happen, and follow it up with my prediction of what will happen. This will sort of be an enhancement to my “Not Your Typical Wrestlemania Predictions”. Hope you enjoy.

Pre-Show: Tag Team Title Match: Kofi & R Truth vs Hunico and Camacho

What I Want: I want this match to be against the Prime Time Playas. Who the hell are Hunico and Camacho anyway?

Prediction: Kofi and Truth win, but expect some sort of face off with Prime Time.

Okay, now time for real stuff. I’m also predicting the order of these matches.

MITB Ladder Match for the World Heavyweight Championship Briefcase

What I Want

I want to see a very competitive match, with a lot of high spots. I can only hope they deliver. I also want to see this match come down to Christian and Cody, with Cody Rhodes getting the better of the IC Champ and getting the briefcase. I liked Cody’s dark and sinister character when he had the mask, and I think he can play an even darker character with the briefcase.


Your jaws are going to drop on this one. But I’m predicting Santino to win. First, the crowd reaction will be deafening and probably the loudest pop of the night, if he does win. Second, this will open the door for someone…perhaps who’s not in the match or the picture right now…ahem, Wade Barrett, ahem. To come back and win the case in a stipulation match. You might think I’m crazy, but this is the WWE and I don’t find this out of the realm of impossibility.

World Heavyweight Championship: Sheamus vs Alberto Del Rio

What I Want

I would like Sheamus to break the record that he set with Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania, and boot Alberto’s head off in 16 seconds.


I think this will be a good match and a nice fight. In the end, I think Sheamus powers his way to a win here. He’ll reverse an attempt of the cross arm-breaker, into White Noise and retain the title.

MITB Ladder Match for the WWE Championship Briefcase

What I Want

I want The Miz to surprise us and be in this match…as a face. I know it won’t happen but it would be great. I also want Rey Mysterio to be in this match…but that won’t happen, as I think he’s already set for the 1000th Episode of Raw…according to reports, that is, which of course I never believe.


There was a report about possibly having Sheamus join this match after losing his title. Of course, I don’t believe reports, but I’m going to go this direction here. Not Sheamus, but Alberto joins this match. All for not though, because I believe The Big Show will win this match. I can’t see too many high spots in this match. Even as good a worker as Jericho is, he’s definitely slower and more paced in his matches then he used to be. This will be more a brawl than anything else, and The Big Show retrieves the briefcase.

Unschedule: Ryback vs Reks and Hawkins

So, between the MITB match and the highly anticipated WWE Title match, we will have this filler match. So, what I want, and what I predict, will be the same thing. Ryback will fight both members of that tag team. He’ll actually have two formidable opponents this time. What a way to really build him as a ridiculously unstoppable force.

WWE Championship: CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan, Special Referee- A.J.

What I Want

I want this match to be better than their Over the Limit Match. I want them to put on a special match that everyone on here loves to praise them for having the potential to do. And I want AJ to not be much of a factor. I want CM Punk to retain the title and put Daniel Bryan out of the title picture now. And I want this angle to end. Please.


AJ will side with Daniel Bryan. However, it still won’t work. Despite her efforts to screw CM Punk in the end, AJ will inadvertently get knocked out, and another ref will come down just as CM Punk has Daniel Bryan tapping to the Anaconda Vice. This will, of course, lead to controversy and they will have another match…yada yada yada.

Well, there you have it. My MITB Predictions. What I want to happen, and what I predict will happen, are on opposite ends of the spectrum. I’m not expecting a whole lot from this PPV. It precedes Summer Slam in the same way Elimination Chamber precedes Wrestlemania. I honestly think WWE wants to put more into their 1000th Episode, and since the buy rate won’t be anything to write home about, I think we’ll get a cruise control PPV. I seriously hope I’m wrong about this…

Enjoy the PPV tonight and be safe.

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  1. Dennis's Avatar
    I have heard a lot of people predict the aj siding with bryan angle.. hopefully they are more clever! I'm still calling eve to get involved somehow
  2. Elmushomagnifico's Avatar
    I'm actually pulling for hunico and Camacho to win so then hopefully truth and kofi can split up and one of them can take the belt off of santino so it means something again
  3. jcofengland's Avatar
    Kane will win, punk will lose...bryan will do his yes thing with aj, aj will low blow or steel chair bryan....
    kane will come down win the title with briefcase and him and aj leave together

    Thats how i would play it.. also got a feeling we are going to see a injury to sin cara and also the oponent of CM punk for mania because someone has just flown into town !!!!!
  4. deadly56's Avatar
    DK, usually you do blogs better than this, what happen?
  5. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    It's going to be sad if this show is going to be badly booked. Good blog my friend. I think in some way, shape, or form, the "Yes Man" will come out on top.
  6. bearkg88's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by deadly56
    DK, usually you do blogs better than this, what happen?
    Personally I think this was a good blog. He tried a different format than what he normally does and what others normally do. Kudos DK for thinking outside the box!
  7. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Thanks for reading everyone. Enjoy the Show Tonight.
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