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The Spotlight is on AJ

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Maybe because the last time a Diva was at the forefront of WWE was like a century ago, AJ's involvement in the WWE championship match is causing waves in the WWE universe. Ever since Big Show accidentally hit her and her return to save DB, her character development
has been in full effect.

Bryan was pushed to contend for the main belt and WWE have made AJ accompany him the whole way through. Being in a love Rectangle with Kane, DB and CM Punk, it's certain that this amount attention is the most given to a diva in a very long time. From the reaction I've been reading on the Internet, she is very popular right now with a lot singing her praises for her acting and commitment to put over the 'crazy cute chick' gimmick. However the praises aren't universal, her critics are at times remorseless when denouncing her.

Punk doesn't love her, DB says he loves her, Kane has a fetish for her, while AJ loves Punk but has a thing for Kane and also is indifferent with her ex-Boyfriend DB. Sounds like a script for a Woody Allen film but nope, it's the current storyline that us fans are privileged to witness. Its understandable why WWE are doing this, they have to provide us with an equal amount of entertainment along with Wrestling. Therefore, already having two of the strongest workers in DB and Punk, it's safe to assume no matter what, when these two fight, a quality match will be put on. Whether these 2 can provide the drama and promo cutting skills needed to add depth to the match is questionable, I'm sure they could but AJ just makes it more exciting.

You could of course argue that the WWE title should be the focal point and the full attention on the wrestlers desire to win the match. But when has WWE ever been that straight forward and when it is, it's pretty boring. Jericho/Punk feud was more about who's the best in the world and getting Punk to take a sip of the good stuff, rather than a simple 'I want to be champion'. Now to think about it, I'm realising how much this waters down the WWE championship to secondary function. At least John Cena savoured everyday he was WWE Champ but screw that, don't give Cena the title again.

"The Good, The Bad and The AJ"

Let's compare this to the last time there was a similar situation, Eve Torres saga with Zach Ryder and John Cena...and Kane, The Red Monster always seems to be getting all the action with the ladies. Anyways unlike AJ, Eve was a horrible actor and I mean her acting skills was shocking. She couldn't sell the evil slut of a women convincely enough, mind you if they let Eve be her normal self it would've been more believable.

Back to AJ, I'll admit that I'm a huge fan, her characteristics and action has been in faithful to her gimmick for the last 6 months. From the early days of been bullied by DB, the little puppy dog and then eventually fighting back and becoming a psychotic scizophreniac. Her behaviour has been interesting to say the least, she was close to taking the leap of faith on to a table, then before that, eating Kane's mouth, and hanging out a little corner in the dark by herself. I won't be surprised to find out she collects human skin, that's how far WWE could take it but I doubt they will with everything being PG and all. In a time of dropping storylines and gimmicks, this AJ thing is brilliant. None of this obviously wouldn't of work as well if hadn't been for AJ's acting skills, which I think is really good, her selling of emotions through her actions and expression gets a big green tick from me.

I've heard people say AJ is one of the better women wrestlers but I'm not really interested in women's wrestling, it'll be a step down for AJ to compete for the Divas championship, sad but true.
At MITB it's destined for AJ to play a part on who will win the match between CM Punk v Daniel Bryan, and with last weeks Raw ending with her bitch slapping the both in the face, it remains to see who it is she will help, but one thing I know is that AJ crazy chick angle has been the heartbeat of WWE for the past couple of weeks and the segments are the only thing to care about in the lackluster Raw episodes.

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  1. PhEonYx's Avatar
    I'll sum this up quickly, since I'm slightly in a rush; Great Blog!!! I agreed with pretty much everything you stated. Loved your views on the matter.
  2. Sydnister's Avatar
    Good blog. Agree with your take on the situation.

    It is actually a little sad that A.J. is getting this much time and effort in developing her character. It seems like Vince is just throwing shit against the wall to see what sticks with the male wrestlers. He will give a push for a week or two and if the ratings don't rise he drops them back to the mid card and tries someone else. That is not to knock A.J. in any way. I think she is playing her part in this whole story brilliantly and I am glad to see that WWE is still capable of building a character.
  3. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Nicely done. However, while this angle is the center point of the WWE right now, to me, it has clearly run its course. I can't see this going much further...and her doing the "Yes" chants, smiling to both, or all three if you include Kane, and skipping around, it's starting to put me to sleep.

    Some are fans of the angle. I was as well...but not anymore. I think the marriage proposals really took away from it. I think they killed it when they did that.

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