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Why has Rock Vs HBK NEVER happened. Even Now it'll be AMAZING for The Fans.

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They my have had their issues back in the day and were kept apart by Vince but that was an eon ago. It's probably the only true 'Dream' Match left that is actually possible and legit. HBK can do what Undertaker does and turn it on once a year at Mania because he is 'Mr WrestleMania'. Rock has an incredible ability to disappear for months/years and come back as if he never left. He's never been the most technical wrestler but he's a very good concistent one. As a pure athlete, he's amazing.

These two would make the build up promo's alone truely EPIC. You get the feeling it would deliver in everyway Rock/Cena never did in the build up. HBK isn't Vince's blue eyed boy that needs to be kept safe and look good for the 10 year olds. HBK is a legend but doesn't have to be a robot. Being himself in a match that could be his last shot at the big time taking on arguably Wrestlings greatest ever Megastar would be incredible.

There is zero interest in Rock/Cena 2 and Punk is fading so fast from the limelight it's scary. It's got zero box office appeal. Besides, Austin is a better fit for Punk and hopefully Austin will decimate him.

For fans that grew up in The Attitude Era this will definately be THE MATCH of Next Years Mania. Nothing else will come close. Totally eclipsing the WWE Title bout which is a shame but that is the state of the business today.

Can you imagine if Rock actually grabs the title at The Rumble and then challenges HBK to finally face off at Mania............

Brock's return is becoming a real disaster. Rock V Brock 2 just doesn't get be jazzed up like The Ultimate Dream Match of Rock Vs HBK. HBK can truely stake his claim as 'Mr Wrestlemania' by beating the only man to beat Hogan, Austin and Cena at Mania. On the flip side Rock will be expected to win......

THAT is a true DREAM MATCH. I just can't believe that Vince/Rock and HBK won't look at it and think it's a match for the ages.

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  1. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Forum Forum Forum...

    And for the record, I see no evidence that Punk is fading from anything.
  2. LegendsMadeWrestling's Avatar
    This match would be awesome!!! but if it did happen I would like HBK to win this one even though I'm Rock's biggest fan I think after 2 loses from the Underktaker Hbk should take this one and I know for a fact Rock would want Hbk to pin him. DK Wrestling Savior Punk is fading there are a ton of people who are getting tired of his bullshit remember when he said he was going to make WWE fun again?? Did he do that NO!!, Remember when he said he would get rid of that horrible title did he do that?? NO!! and all that talk about The Rock being a good ass kisser what do you think he is doing right so yeah people smell BULLSHIT!! from a long distance but like I said at least he is better than watching any of Cena crap.
  3. Sahu's Avatar
    Growing i Attitude Era...I would say A BIG YES for this feud...these two can bring reality touch to their match...The Rock can say, HBK always wanted to suppress The Rock in his hay day to safeguard the ass of his best friend HHH....they can also bring Bret for one or two promos in support of The rock's some where I read that Bret safeguarded The Rock from being suppressed by DX when they both went for IC Championship....and .HBK can claim that he always knew that The Rock will leave this business...n that's why he never liked him n so on...

    A truly real life feud can be shown on screen and again as you said, VKM need not save any of these two because both at their current status are so over and can afford to talk any thing..
  4. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    I don't want Rock/Brock or Rock/Taker. I want Rock/HBK which I've been spitting since Rock has returned. If not Rock/HBK....I'd take Cena/Rock 2 simply because he should have won the first go round in my opinion. Even though the Rock is tied for 1st with Austin as my fav all-time. I think Cena should have won that match. Hopefully he wins round 2.
  5. ewantu2's Avatar
    The match would be good but i can live without it. The only legends i don't mind still wrestling is Undertaker and The Rock (Kinda). I hope after the 1000th RAW the legends just fuck off but i don't mind for them to come back for special times like the Royal Rumble.
  6. Gogs's Avatar
    One problem...HBK is retired. If he did wrestle again, he would be spitting on his retirement match with Undertaker and go on the slippery slope of becoming a Ric Flair.
  7. Marx's Avatar
    As Gogs said: HBK is retired. And I think he plans on staying retired.
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