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My Top 10 Finishers and Theme Songs

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My Top 10 Finishers and Theme Songs

Hi, everyone. I have not posted a blog in quite a while and the blog i'm doing today isn't the type of blog I would usually do. This is more of something, that I enjoy in Wrestling and I thought would be fun to do.


When people think of Randy Orton, they always mention RKO. This move has the shock factor, it can be performed anytime and anywhere. It doesn't matter if the opponent is tall or small, just ask Rey Mysterio and The Great Khali. This move suits Randy Ortons apex predator gimmick, I think if there wasn't a RKO there wouldn't be much of a Randy Orton.

09. 450splash

Justin Gabriel is a very underrated wrestle and his finisher 450 slpash proves that even more! I remember one of the only reasons, I enjoyed the nexus usual beat down on Superstars, was when Gabriel was going to go for his amazing finisher. Justin is a good high flyer and if WWE ever do bring back the Cruiserweight Division, i'm sure Justin Gabriel will succeed.

08.Camel Clutch

This move has been used by Iron Sheik,Sabu,Big Show and.......Maryse, lol. The Camel Clutch is one of those moves, when you feel sorry for you're opponent and it's as if you almost can feel the move being locked in yourself. The Big Show is currently using it and now a days he uses it whenever he turns heel. I think this move should only be used by huge guys, because it really looks as if there is no escape....gulp.

07.Super Kick‚Äč

This move has been made famous by one of the greatest Wrestle of all time Shaw Michael. This move, just like RKO, has the shock factor. You just don't know when and where it will happen. And when it does happen the crowd goes wild. James Storm, as far as I currently remember is using 'Super Kick', as his finisher.


The Undertaker,Big Show and Kane have all made this move look more devastating then it actually is in my opinion. Choke Slam is one of those moves where the wrestle really shows you how bad he wants to physically hurt his opponent. But we all secretly like that to happen in pro wrestling, actually now I think of it, it's not that much of a secret at all.

05. Sharp Shooter

Now we have 'The Excellence of Execution', also know as 'The Best their is, The Best their was, and The Best their ever will be' Bret'The Hitman'Hart. In my opinion, I would rank Bret Harts Sharpshooter #1 if this was a top ten submission blog. In this picture you can just see how brutal the Sharpshooter is and if anyone doesn't know how this match ended, well the great Stone Cold Steve Austin passed out!

04.Power Bomb

Batista,Big Show,The Undertaker and Kevin Nash have all used a Power Bomb at some point to really finish of their opponent. This move is mostly used for big, strong, tall guys and them performing this move brings out their aggressive, monstrous side, that no one should truly try to bring out in these so called human beings.


I have seen a lot of wrestler do the spear,Big Show(once again)Christian, but no one does it better than the beast Goldberg! I think even edge will admit that. I want you guys to go on youtube and witness how painful it is to watch a Goldberg spear, and you're not even the one to get speared. It's like you feel sorry for anyone to wrestle against Goldberg, knowing what kind of punishment Goldberg brings to the table.


This truly is one of the most sickening moves I have ever seen and who ever to perform it then the Cerebral Assassin HHH. I don't see a lot of wrestlers kicking out of a pedigree, let alone even start moving after be hit by it. In HHH early Career, this move really did go well with his heel persona, it showed how vicious, he was capable of.


Now number one in my list is none other, than Brock Lesnars F5! I don't know how you all feel about this, but I think Brock Lesnar has one of the greatest finishers of all time. His finisher is different to a average lifting power slam and it shows how strong this guy really is. I know we all have been amazed how Brock climbed to the top of WWE so fast, so it's no wonder he's got an unique move set.

I know I made some of these finishers seem better, than it is but that's only because, that's how I feel about them. Anyway we now have done half of this blog, now let's finish of the other half.....

My Top 10 Theme Songs

10.The Rock-'Electrifying'

What better way to start of my 'Top Ten Song' then with The Rock latest song. I just wanted say I chose this song, because of the guitar solo.

9.Shawn Michaels-'Sexy Boy'

The cocky arrogant Showstopper Shawn Michaels, that is what this song is trying to tell us.

08.Jeff Hardy-'No More Words'
This just a very cool song, and suited Jeff Hardys unique way.

07.Motor City Machine Machine Guns-'Motor City'

I am not gonna lie the only reason, I like this theme song is because of the chorus. But doesn't most people like some songs, because of that, lol. I may only like this song, because of one reason, but the Motor City Machine Guns give me multiple reasons why they are a great team and dominated the TNA Tag Division.

06.Rey Old Theme Song

This song was the definition of Rey Mysterio.

05.WrestleMania26-'I made it'

This was the perfect Wrestlemania Song, it tells us how every wrestler try to make it to the biggest stage of them all. And I didn't say anything about only using wrestler's theme song

04.HHH-'The Game'

He is the King of Kings, and he well teaches you the game.

03.Eric Bischoff -'I'm Back'
It was between this or Vince's Theme Song and Eric won this war, even if Vince won the other war for WWE. But we all know this is more important.

02.The Undertaker'Dead Man Walking'

Old Bad ass Tune.

01.D-Generation X-Are you Ready?

Dx are rebels and a lot of people say the attitude era started when DX formed. I don't have this as my avatar for nothing you know.

Note:I just wanted to say, I thought about a lot of choices when making my top List, so I definitely was aware of the obvious and not obvious theme songs and finishers I left out.

Anyway, that is the end of my blog, i'm sorry if it was to long. I deliberately wrote less when giving descriptions of my Theme Songs, because I wanted you guys just to listen to the music and let it speak for it's self. I hope you guys enjoyed reading my blog, let me know what you're Theme Songs and favorite Finishes are.

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  1. DiamondState's Avatar
    Rob Van Dam's in ECW, "Walk" by Pantera. THAT was a fucking theme song!
  2. Tribe's Avatar
    Good Blog ... But there is one I don't agree with is Brock. I agree we are all entitled to our own opinion's and Lesner's move never would make my list.

    But it was a good blog.
  3. Pearl River Plunge's Avatar
    I know this is a personal fav list, but my only problem is #10.

    10. Diamond Cutter not RKO

    DDP > Orton & Diamond Cutter > RKO
  4. sonoftheLINK's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by DiamondState
    Rob Van Dam's in ECW, "Walk" by Pantera. THAT was a fucking theme song!
    Walk!! .....Easily my favorite entry song!! Newjack (Gansta's) coming out to Ice Cubes "Natural Born Killers" was also pretty re-donk-u-lously cool.

    As far as finishers. My favorite is Petey Williams' Canadian Destroyer.

    I am pretty much on the same page as Garvin on this whole blog. I like that you put your two cents in.....and actually with the clips and pictures, it's a rock solid blog (fuk da gramma NOTSEE's). I just have a different opinion on the two subjects.
  5. scottishboy's Avatar
    i have to say my favourite entrance music was always the Ultimate warriors
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