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My MITB Match Card

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Due to the poor MITB match card in my opinion, this would of been my match card if I was allowed to build up this ppv and set the matches. So here we go:

Kofi Kingston and R-Truth vs The Prime Time Players for the WWE Tag Team Championships
This match should be on the card. WWE was starting to make their tag team division relevant again, but not having thi match after No1 contenders have been named for about a month now. I would of let these teams cut promos and have singles matches on the way for some build up (ex.R-Truth vs Titus O'Neal) It would give reason a people to care about their teams through their promos. A couple backstage segements could of not hurt either to give these superstars more character and personality. Its a possibility I would have Epico, Primo, and Rosa Mendes sitting near commentary. 15 Minutes should not be bad for these teams.
Winners: Kofi and R-Truth
Why?-The Prime Time Players are not ready yet

Natayla vs Layla for the Divas Championship
If you read my lat blog I would of had Natalya pin Layla in a tag team match thus giving her a shot at the title. Obviously (as most of us would do or atleast I hope) I would give people a reason to care with promos and decent match-ups. I would of let each diva atleast win one match while the other was on commentary. These divas could of have an interesting match-up, given the time. I would let themgive it their all in 10 minutes.
Winner: Layla
Why?-So Kharma could return and do a piledriver on her to set up that she wants a title shot

Smackdown MITB Match
Christian vs Cody Rhodes vs Sin Cara vs Damien Sandow vs Lord Tensai vs Tyson Kidd vs Justin Gabriel vs Dolph Ziggler vs Alex Riley vs Mason Ryan
It may seemed packed with people but alot of people in a MITB match can be good. It makes the winner look stronger, the match somewhat more suspenseful, and allows more superstars to get noticed. I know the majority of these superstars are in the orginal match set (thus saying WWE did not choose bad competitors) but I believe Justin Gabriel can add some high flying spots, and both Alex Riley and Mason Ryan should be noticed again cause they have talent. The real thing in the WWE today, is the lack of starpower. Without starpower, matches seem to be more predictable. Just a thought. I would give these guys a good,fun 20 minutes.
Winner: Either Christian or Dolph Ziggler
Why?-For Christian, this is his 5th MITB Ladder Match and he has not won one. Expierience should mean something in the WWE. Dolph Ziggler is the person I do want to win though.

Santino Marella vs Drew Mcyntyre for the United States Championship
We need a new US Champion. Santino can be funny and all, but he makes it look like a guy off the street can win a title, oh wait, that guy on the street can (due to celebrities beating proffesional wrestlers). Anyways, I would of had Drew win a No1 Contender battle royal while Santino is on commentary. Drew could even cut a promo on how Santino is the reason where Drew is today. He started his downfall, and now he is going to redeem himself. The match would get 7-10 minutes.
Winner: Drew Mcyntyre
Why?-Do I need to explain?

Raw MITB Match
John Cena vs Chris Jericho vs Kane vs Big Show vs Brodus Clay/The Miz vs Rey Mysterio/William Regal
This match is a bit harder to do considering I do not know who would be able to compete if possible. Brodus Clay could definetly be added, but if the Miz was possible in being able to compete I would choose him instead. Rey Mysterio would be a great addition considering his high fly action. Plus he would look like a possible MITB winner. If he would not be able, I just put William Regal cause he has never been world champion before. Truth is I needed a veteran, and he is one. I would of allowed William Regal to build himself up by competing on Raw. I know he is a commentator on NXT, but alow of wrestling fans do not know that. 4 people just does not cut it for me. Kane has already won one so it is very unlikely he will win another. So you are only lefy with 3 possible winners. I would give these guys 25-30 minutes.
Winner: Chris Jericho/Rey Mysterio
Why?-Chris made a good point in laughing at how Cena could win. He has never been in one. And I find it stupid to have someone win MITB on their first try. Rey would be my next choice cause I think he should have a decent WWE Title reign. Yall could probably easily change my mind on the winner of this match, cause its hard.

Sheamus vs Alberto Del Rio for the WHC in a No Holds Barred Match
I cannot think of anyone else for Sheamus to compete against at MITB. The superstars in MITB would do well there so ADR is the only main eventer I can think of for this match. I add No Holds Barred for more entertainment. 10-15 minute match, would not expect this match to be special.
Winner: Sheamus
Why?-Cause ADR as champion would be boring and it makes Sheamus a stronger champion.

CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship
Special Guest Referee: AJ
At first I thought it would be better if it was Kane taking Daniel Bryan's place in this special guest referee match. Now I am not sure, cause the build up for this match was not bad (expect the marriage propasals, very dumb on WWE's part). I hope this rivarly ends in an Ironman Match on the 1000th Raw cause this rivarly is getting old. 25 minutes should not be bad for them to compete. I would expect AJ to not count some pins or even submissions in this match, so that should be enough time for this to happen.
Winner: CM Punk
Why?-Makes him a strong champion and Daniel Bryan is not ready to hold this title.

I would not have any MITB winner cash in on the night of, maybe a tease from someone like Dolph Ziggler, but that would be it. The reason why is cause the more of a thrill it would be to have both MITB winners still having their breifcase. It adds to more excitement on Raw and Smackdown. Plus they could be better built up.

Please rate and comment as you wish. I know my MITB card is not perfect, so give me your thoughts, I would probably change my mind on some ideas. Thank you for reading, I appreaciate it. God bless yall.

"for all have fallen short of the glory of God"
-Romans 3:23

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  1. bearkg88's Avatar
    Interesting card. I think 10 is too many people for a MITB match. I think 6 or 8 is a good number. Over all, decent card
  2. LionHeart's Avatar
    Agree With u, BTW, good predictions with DZ...

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