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Analyzing the chances of each participants in MITB ladder matches

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What's up folks? With MITB approaching, Taneel here is going to look at each participants in the ladder match and analyze their chances of winning the briefcase.
First, let's start with the Red Briefcase match:
1. John Cena : This is Cena's first MITB ladder match. If you've read the article on about Cena's firsts, you must feel it means something, John Cena is the most likely winner of the Red briefcase. Two reasons - first, he is John Cena and second, other participants are not so likely either. Yes, and there have also been rumours of Cena vs Punk II.

2. Big Show : He is the second most likely after Cena. When a big man turns heel, he should be very dominant for at least a few months (see Mark Henry). Winning MITB will do that for Show. Yes, and there are also rumours of Punk vs Big Show. (And it doesn't matter at all that last time he competed in MITB, he was too heavy to climb a ladder, we are not supposed to remember the details, right ?)

3. Jericho : He invented MITB and has never won it. He is a ladder match veteran, in fact he is the only one in the match who fits the ladder match type. He desperately needs a PPV win as he hasn't got one since return. That should make him a likely winner. Problem ? - He won't stay long in the WWE.

4. Kane : least likely, unless they want to create a swerve and put him back in the Punk-Bryan-AJ mess.

Now, let's look at the Blue Briefcase match:
1. Damien Sandow: probably won't get to win a MITB briefcase (and hence, the World title) so early in his career.

2. Tensai : Seems that they have realised he's a flop, so I don't see him winning.

3. Christian : A ladder match specialist, popular with the crowd, gives great matches, and deserves one more decent run with the title. Problems - He has won several championships including two World titles, which makes him the highest-profile man in the match. The other MITB winner is gonna be a high-profile superstar, may even be John Cena, so they probably won't let both briefcases go to high-profile superstars as it kills the purpose of MITB (giving rising superstars a chance at the title).

4. Tyson Kidd: He is from the Hart family. Vince hates Hart family. That alone tells what his chances at winning the briefcase are.

5. Sin Cara: He is in the match simply because they FE'd John Morrison, Evan Bourne and Mysterio are unavailable currently and Kofi and Truth are busy with the tag team titles. He is just a filler - one who performs stunts.

6. Santino : No chance unless they have a plan of bringing up the first failed cash-in (which they probably don't).

That leaves with two superstars who have a shot at the briefcase - Cody Rhodes and Dolph Ziggler, and I can't think of a single reason why one of them shouldn't win the briefacse - so the winner is gonna be one of them.
It's surely a flip of coin between Rhodes and Ziggler.

You are welcome to comment, agree, criticize, point out where I was wrong, and give better reasons and predictions.

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  1. Pumpkinhead's Avatar
    No offense bro but this easily could had been a post in the forum and not necessarily a blog, and besides you saying what everyone already know
  2. Dennis's Avatar
    john morrison wasn't fired he took time off... and minus that fact everything here is really obvious like pumpkinhead said.. though tyson kidd has a better shot than you are giving him
  3. Mr Punk's Avatar
    Everybody thinks Rhodes or Ziggler will win. Neither will. Yes they are the most likely too win but I think it will be Tensai. I see it right now Rhodes and Ziggler are both a top the ladder fighting for the briefcase than Tensai pushes them both over puts ladder back up, climbs and wins.
  4. LincolnHawk's Avatar
    If Vince McMahon 'hated' the Hart Family as you put it, Natalya wouldn't be a former Divas Champion would she? WWE are building on Tyson Kidd and people seem to be very hot on him. As Dennis has said, Kidd has a far better shot than you're predicting. I expect a big push for Kidd in the near future.

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