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WBC Series #9: Money In The Bank

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What is up everybody? Well this week, you are getting WBC back to back! That is right. This weeks topic, is the PPV that is going to happen in just a few days. Money In The Bank. The champ Renevious will defend his title against a regular blogger on EWN, DK Wrestling Savior! Up first is the challenger, DK!

DK Wrestling Savior

Hey wrestling fans. The Saviour here going for my second chance at obtaining a WBC title. With Money in the Bank coming up, this week’s topic is about the upcoming WWE PPV. So let’s get into it, shall we?

Which Match Are You Most Looking Forward To?
The WWE Title Match between CM Punk and Daniel Bryan, w/ AJ as the special referee. They’ve build this love triangle up so much that it looks like the volcano is finally going to erupt at Money in the Bank. While I’m looking forward to this match the most, there is more to say in a later question.

Which Match Are You Least Looking Forward to?
I haven’t watched one pre-show match since they started doing them on youtube or or facebook. And the Tag Team Title match isn’t really enticing me to start now. With the card in it’s current form, this would probably be the match I’m least likely looking forward too, even if it wasn’t relegated to the pre-show.

Which Match Do You Think Will Steal The Show?
Logic would say, with the amount of talent involved, that the WHC MITB match should steal the show. But this is the WWE we’re talking about. Do they want to chance one activist calling the product too violent, and ruining their precious image? The quality of MITB matches has diminished more and more as they continued to showcase that style match. So, I’m going to go with CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan. It will be the main event, and the show-stealer.

Will either of the MITB briefcases be cashed in the night of the PPV?
It happened once before, with Kane. I don’t think they’ll repeat it. No cashing in tonight.

What did you think of the go home show on Raw, leading into this PPV?
This past week’s Raw could very well have been one of the worst of the year. But as a coming home show, to a PPV with a very small line up to it, they covered all the bases. They do still have Smackdown to build up the WHC MITB and Alberto vs Sheamus matches. So, while the episode was completely horrible, they did focus on the two main angles for the PPV.

Do you think it is a smart move or dumb move for the WWE MITB match to have only 4 competitors? Why or why not?
We have a unique situation. I feel the WHC MITB match has too many people in it, and the WWE MITB doesn’t have enough. However, since the WWE Title has more prestige, they seem to be limiting the participants to the only true main eventers that should even be considered. I mean, they could have added Miz and Rey Mysterio, but since they opted not to, I can’t really see any others involved that would make much sense, other than being fillers. So, I’m going to say, Smart Move.

What type of throwaway matches(matches not scheduled for the show) will we see considering there are only 4 official matches for the PPV and 1 for the preshow?
If there is a throw away match…or two, I would think Ryback going against both Hawkins and Reks. And also David Otunga going against Funkasaurus. Everyone else is pretty much being used so I can’t see any other real scenarios that would make sense.

What do you think of the CM Punk/Daniel Bryan/AJ feud?
I think they’re running out of ideas. If they were ballsy enough to make it a little more edgy, then it could go on a little longer. But I think it has run its course and should come to an end on Sunday.

Thanks for reading everyone. Be Safe.

Great blog from DK. Can the champ hold on to his title? Lets see!


What's up everybody? Renevious here again. Thanks goes out as per usual to everyone who ever reads my material. Whether you vote for me or not, I still really appreciate you taking the time to enjoy what I write here. With that being said, let's get on to Bear's topic. Money in the Bank. Despite the fact that I just wrote an entire blog giving my thoughts on why I believe MITB needs to go away, I am still looking forward to this year's event. There's a lot of interesting stuff leading up to Sunday, and it'll be fun to see how it plays out. Now, let's take a look at Bear's questions...

Which Match Are You Most Looking Forward To?
This is a bit of a toss up. For overall pure wrestling poetry, I am looking forward to the WWE Championship match between CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. These guys are two of the best in-ring workers in the business, and evey time they step into the ring we get our money's worth. Not to mention, throwing AJ right into the mix will add an additional level of excitement to this match. The other match I'm most looking forward to is the Smackdown MITB ladder match. For starters, this match has twice as many superstars as the RAW match, so that alone should make this thing very interesting. I'm also super excited that just about all the competitors in this match are guys who are still on their way up in this business. I know Tensai/Albert's best days in the WWE are probably behind him, but all the rest of the guys are still yet to hit their peaks. I'm a huge Damien Sandow mark, and I know there is some serious momentum behind Tyson Kidd now. And even though I'm not really expecting either of them to win the match, I'm definitely looking for them to contribute some pretty awesome spots that we'll all be talking about come Monday morning.

Which Match Are You Least Looking Forward to?
I'm not really looking forward to the Sheamus/Del Rio match for the World Heavyweight Championship. I just don't feel like this feud has gotten my full attention. Some of this might be because the Punk/Bryan/AJ thing has been overshadowing so much of the rest of the show, but overall it's really just a match that I don't care too much about. As much as I enjoy Sheamus, I am afraid that he's becoming (through no fault of his own) a stale champion. There's so much drama and so many guys actively pursuing the WWE Championship that it is making the WHC look like the red headed stepchild of the WWE. Maybe it's symbolism that we have a red headed champion. Who knows? Either way, I'm not impressed.

Which Match Do You Think Will Steal The Show?
Going back to two questions ago, I'm looking for the Smackdown ladder match to do it. There's so much talent packed into that match that it's hard not to think that it's going to bring the house down. With Ziggler, Sandow, Kidd, Cara, Rhodes, and so on; it's going to be off the charts. I can't wait.

Will either of the MITB briefcases be cashed in the night of the PPV?
I hope not. I hate it when they do that shit. Winning the briefcase is like winning a Golden Ticket, only instead of it being worth a lifetime supply of chocolate, it's worth several months of a free gimmick. Heels typically do better with the briefcase because it gives the fans the threat of a new heel champion at any moment's notice. That makes for some good TV. If done correctly, the MITB briefcase can be that person's identity for the better part of a year. It keeps them relevant in the title hunt all the time, and it keeps people talking about them. That's what you want if you're looking to shine. I mean, look all the way back to Rob Van Dam. This guy spent years as Mr. Saturday Night/Mr. Monday Night/Mr. Pay Per View (which all basically meant that he steals the show), and once he won MITB he immediately dropped all of that and became Mr. Money in the Bank. And damn, he wore that name like a glove. RVD! RVD! RVD! Ok, sorry. I marked out for a second.

What did you think of the go home show on Raw, leading into this PPV?
Seriously? It was horse shit. Hornswoggle as the anonymous RAW General Manger? WTF?!?! I don't even know what else to say about this. I'm still too busy picking my jaw up off the floor at how lame that shit was. Although, it was nice to see Mr. Backlund back in the ring. Backlund for HOF, no doubt.

Do you think it is a smart move or dumb move for the WWE MITB match to have only 4 competitors? Why or why not?
I understand their thought process behind it. They wanted what looks like one match with all huge names and the other match is with future stars. With that being said, I don't like it. I don't care so much that it's only 4 guys. I don't like the fact that it's all former champions. What's the fun in that? I would love to see Kane win, but he's not a major part of the feud and was obviously thrown in to fill a spot, so I'm not holding my breath. SMH.

What type of throwaway matches(matches not scheduled for the show) will we see considering there are only 4 official matches for the PPV and 1 for the preshow?
Well, I was hoping to see a tag team title match, but it looks like that is getting demoted once again to the pre-show dark match. Talk about a wonderful way to make the titles relevant again, NOT! But to truly answer the question, I'm guessing they'll probably throw in some stupid Divas match that no one cares about, and I wouldn't be surprised to see Ryback squash a couple of locals somewhere in there as well. You put those space fillers in with a few Be A Star and National Guard promos, and you got yourselves a pay per view.

What do you think of the CM Punk/Daniel Bryan/AJ feud?
When it first started, I thought the AJ thing was stupid. But I have to admit, I'm impressed. She has turned out to be a way much better actor than I ever expected, and she's working with two of the best in the business. I love every time these guys wrestle, because you know they're going to put on a stellar match. But until now it was limited to just that. And as much as I love watching superior wrestling matches, it can still come off as one dimensional to an audience. You throw AJ's crazy ass in there with this weird love triangle thing, and you have the recipe for a very engaging product. They've gotten me to a point where I honestly can't predict how this match will end up, and I am very anxious to see the outcome. So in that sense, I guess they're doing something right.

OK guys, that's all I've got for you on this matter. I hope you enjoyed it, and thanks so much for taking the time to read. Until next time, God Bless...

A great blog from the champ! Now it is up to you the reader to vote. Make sure to vote for which blog is better!

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