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Wrestler-Celebrity Look-A-Likes (Must Read)

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Hey guys Knox here hoping all is well with you folks. This isn't much of a blog here but just a photo set of some look alikes in the wrestling world. This will be fun to debate on and see what names I left out. Hope you all enjoy.

Wrestler-Celebrity Look-A-Likes

John Cena - Channing Tatum
This one is wild. They easily could play eachother in a movie. I always thought they were related somehow. John is much bigger than him but Channing is taller.

Bully Ray - Stephen Kramer Glickman
This one is just amazing. If you aren't familiar with the other guy, he's a character from the Nickelodeon hit series "Big Time Rush"

Edge - Matthew Lillard
I actually had a picture of them both with a haircut and they looked even more alike but I could only post one due to the 10 picture limit so I decided to go with the long hair since that's what we all are used to seeing Edge sport. These two could easily past for twins.

Vince McMahon - Liam Neeson
I had to throw this one in haha. Hopefully Liam Neeson plays Vince in the biopic for Chris Benoit. Its been rumored that that's going to happen. Neeson is personally my favorite actor of all time, so I'd love to see this.

Triple Threat: Shawn Michaels, Steve Richards & Curt Hawkins

Thanks guys for checking this out. This probably won't be approved since its not technically a blog but I just wanted to have some fun with you guys and throw out some look alikes and see if you all could comment some ones I left out.

Just wanted to take a break and post a blog that was drama free. I get so tired of seeing everyone bicker on this site over difference of opinion so I tried to add some light by doing something fun.

Leave feedback guys. Thanks and be safe. Until then.

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  1. Smark callaway's Avatar
    In all seriousness the ultimate warrior now looks like Ben Stiller on steroids, look it up.
  2. NaterD4's Avatar
    Thanks for something completely different, Knox. Since there was/is a picture limitation on the blog, perhaps a part two in the near future with some that you weren't able to use?
  3. theunderdog84's Avatar
    Always a big fan of anything Knox writes. Usually always agree with ur blogs. This one was fun and a nice change. Keep up the good work sir.
    p.s. u could also have had Zach Ryder and a piece of shit..... what too harsh? lols
  4. celebrityapp's Avatar
    Really its a very interesting blog so thanks.
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