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PPV's the WWE should drop and bring back

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Hey guys Knox here hoping all is well. I wanted to talk about a huge issue within the WWE as of late and that's been the large number of PPV's. With Raw transitioning into 3 hours, the upcoming WWE Network and such, there have been concerns of how their going to fill in that 3 hour slot and make the PPV's interesting.

As many folks will agree, WWE has too many damn PPV's. I truly feel like they should only have 6 PPV's which would mean one every two months. So I'll two lists below telling the PPV's WWE should drop first and then the one they should bring back.

Match Type PPV's
I'll start by saying. I hate "Match Type" PPV's. Those include Hell in a Cell, TLC, Money in the Bank and Elimination Chamber. Look out for those. See now we know that no matter what, every year we're going to see atleast two Hell in a Cell Matches and all this other concept crap.

Back in the day, the only time you seen a Hell in a Cell match is if the feud was that good and the workers were putting asses in seats. You had to work your ass off for a match like that.

Now a days, the feuds aren't nearly as good or interesting that people would spend their buck to see these random HIAC matches at a HIAC PPV. Back in the day, it was no other option for Foley vs Taker, or HBK vs Taker or Triple H vs Jericho. Those guys had to take it to the next step in HIAC and we as fans were anxious to see it because you never knew when you would see a HIAC again. As fans, we know we'll see atleast 2 every year.

Low PPV Sales:
I think this is the worst times to have so many PPVs. The economy has been shifting on and off since 2008. Not too many people are trying to spend that much much higher price for a PPV. I remember PPV's were like $34 but now their roughly $50. That's not going to generate much.

Not to mention the feuds aren't as stable. We see the most random feuds thrown together just to fail at selling a PPV. Hopefully the WWE takes notice of this sooner or later.

They could be saving so much money from production costs for these PPV's and spend more time actually building a great feud in which we would have to wait three months instead of a month to see it come to its climax.

PPV's the WWE Should Drop:

Elimination Chamber
Well first of all, the timing of this PPV is just silly. To have this PPV right before Wrestlemania is not the smartest idea. This is a match type where it has to get brutal and people will get hurt. I believe this year, atleast 4 stars that competed in this match type were not healthy leading into Wrestlemania. That's a big issue.The PPV concept isn't that bad. Especially since you wouldn't expect to see 6 guys in the same feud on a regular basis so in a sense it could stay. But if its going to continue being the PPV before the biggest dance, Wrestlemania, then I feel it should be dropped.

Extreme Rules
Another match type PPV. Not good at all. I wanna see a feud build up to this. The way I see it, we should be getting Extreme Rule matches on Raw every once in a while. Drop this.

Over the Limit
Honestly, I don't see the big deal with this one. I don't see the niche that makes it special. Its no different than the normal stuff we see on Raw & Smackdown every week. Survey say's..."DROP THIS".

Money in the Bank
I love MITB. I just happen to love it better at Wrestlemania. I loved the idea of the up & comers getting their opportunity to shine on the grandest stage. A moment those guys might never get to do in a singles match at Wrestlemania.

Seeing what the MITB did for guys like Edge & Cm Punk is a testament of how great this match was when it was at Wrestlemania. The prestige of this match is slowly dying right before our eyes.

When Vince see's something is working, he tends to over do it and go the extra mile and that usually turns out to be a bad thing. People loved MITB so Vince said, "Ok, well lets make it a PPV and not only that, but lets have 2 MITB matches"....Bad idea Vince. Survey says.....DROP THIS.

Night of Champions
I always thought NOC destroyed the prestige of titles. To me what this PPV concept is saying is "Well, our Champions rarely even defend their gold. We stop giving a damn about the I.C. & U.S. Championship and Lord knows what happened to the Tag Team for one night and one night only, you'll see every Championship on the line".

That seems to be the punchline for me when I think of this. We shouldn't need a PPV to see these guys and women defend their respective gold. The titles should have so much prestige that we see great Championship matches on the regular basis. Atleast in my personal opinion, that would make the Championships mean a bit more. DROP THIS.

Hell in a Cell
Well, I think I said enough about why I dislike this PPV earlier. The feuds the WWE are putting out these days just aren't as entertaining and deserving to be in the great Hell in a Cell. This needs to be DROPPED.

Tables Ladders and Chairs
Once again. Tell me a damn story. Prove to me that a feud in so good that they deserve to be in such a beautiful match that the Hardyz, E&C and the Dudleys made famous. DROP IT.

No Way Out
Well, this year this PPV was a wreck. It was horrible. Only one Cage match and that pretty much told the story. This PPV has alot of history but c'mon man. DROP THIS.

This will be a rather short list as I've stated the WWE should only have 6 PPV's at the most. So here it goes folks. Hopefully you see where I'm coming from.

In Your House
I don't know what it was about IYH but I loved that tag before the PPV's back in the late 90s. It was a discount priced PPV and it actually went over well. I like this concept because it had the atmosphere of a Raw but it was filled with much more action. It gave the feuds the energy they needed to still be relevant in time for the big PPV's like Survivor Series.

If they could offer this in the middle somewhere, maybe even twice a year for an extreme low price like $15 back in the day then I would be sold in to it. I loved this so much especially when it was themed towards DX.

That could be the tag line. If your a Superstar that's on a role. The PPV can be themed towards you. Lets say a guys like Ted Dibiase wins the King of the Ring. Well his prize could be a WWE or World Heavyweight Championship at an "In Your House" PPV themed around him. It would be a great concept to get some new guys in the mainevent. Speaking of King of the Ring.....!!!....

King of the Ring
Yes man, bring this bad boy back. This is what made Austin who he is. One of my favorite concepts and I would love to see it back. The WWE seems to keep bringing it back and then dropping it right after. I'll show you how to book this.

As I said in "In Your House". Have the winner of the King of the Ring have the opportunity to mainevent and challenge for the WWE or World Heavyweight Championship at his own themed "In Your House" PPV.

This would be a good test to see if this guy has drawing ability. Once again, lets say Ted Dibiase wins this. I'm a huge Dibiase fan so I would order. But if he can't draw a huge buying for a discounted $15 for his own PPV then maybe he isn't ready. That would be a huge test and it would be something very different.

Final List of WWE PPV's (6)
Ok so the moment we've all been waiting for. This is how the final list would look if I were running things. Check it out. Hope you like it.

Royal Rumble (January)

Wrestlemania (April)

King of the Ring (June)

Summerslam (August)

In Your House (September)

Survivor Series (November)

Hope you all enjoyed this. I know it seems like a big rant which is different for me. I love to find or see the good in everything but there is absolutely no good in having 12 PPVs a year and making your fans have to dig in their pockets that much. Back when the WWE weren't so money driven, the product was lightyears better.

Thanks guys and gals and I appreciate you all. Please leave feedback. Stay safe peeps. See you next time. Until then.

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  1. ewantu2's Avatar
    Hell in a cell should go. TLC should go, Extreme Rule is not a match type PPV it's always a good PPV so it should stay. " The prestige of this match is slowly dying right before our eyes" Erm i guess you could say the briefcase is because you can only cash in on 1 world championship now. I agree that there should only be one match not 2 but the PPV should stay,why? Because people like Cena would never get a chance in the match if it was still at WM.
  2. kozzmitude's Avatar
    I think the traditional Survivor Series should be brought back. it would add alot of the wwe talent to be on the ppv and some of the ones that perform only on 'superstars' to get great exposure.

    i also like cyber sunday, even though everyone knows it was a work. i still liked the concept of 'fans being able to vote every match'

    i wish they would bring starrcade and war games... but wishing is as far as that will get.

    great blog! i enjoy reading it
  3. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    This would make Raw better in the process if they eliminated some ppvs.
  4. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Don't forget Royal Rumble. They should absolutely keep that. But I agree that there should be nothing between Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania.
  5. Renevious's Avatar
    Hey Knox, what's up. I know I normally pick apart your blogs and leave a comment almost as long as your post, lol. But this time, I'm just going to have to say that I agree 100% with you on this entire thing. Hell, I've even written a similar blog several months ago, so I definitely feel you on this issue. Good work as always. Take care man.
  6. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    Good blog my friend. Agree with what your saying about the PPV's, but I don't think it should be that few. I'd say maybe 10 PPV's and a few annual TV Specials.
  7. PhEonYx's Avatar
    Excellent blog bro. Needless to say it's been done s hundred times on this sight, yet in the same run, it was definitely nice hearing your views on the matter.
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