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Uncooked: Raw Afterthoughts

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Ok guys, I said I would be back permanently in the last WBC, and here I am! I am tweaking the format again once more, so for those who are usual readers, please tell me what you think.

The Bad
*Anonymous GM is Horny
*4/6 Matches were Squashed
*AJ/Bryan/Punk Angle
*Tag Match Crappy Ending

Ok guys, those are 4 things I found bad with this weeks Raw. First up to bat....the GM. When Santino said he was going to find the GM tonight, and spent most of the night with no luck, i was unsure if we'd get an answer. For a split second I thought maybe the WWE would pull a swerve and Cole would be revealed as the GM. Once I saw Marella come out to the ring though, I looked at my gf and said "son of a's hornswoggle." How i wish i wasn't right. This is just sad in my opinion. While I was never a fan of the GM, and had hoped they would have revealed who it was....this wasn't the way to do it. Now the next bad thing about Raw. there were 6 matches total for the night. 4 out of the 6 of them, were basically squash matches. Come on! They are building up to the 1,000th Raw...what kind of build up is this? This is the go home show for MITB. This just sucked! No quality matches, nothing that made any of us go "holy shit..did you see what happened on Raw last night"...ok wait...we all might be saying that now..but not for any good reason. Now on to the Aj/Punk/Bryan angle. This is going to be in both the good and bad section, and you'll see why. To me, this whole marriage/proposal is bull. I've never been a fan of it in the WWE, and to see this feud get muddled down by it, just sucks. I am all for crazy AJ. I'm all for Punk vs Bryan..but this love triangle has become the bermuda triangle. On the final note is the tag match with Kane, Cena, Jericho, and SHow. What a shitty ending! Come on! The match ends because Show pulls Cena out breaking up the pin? You've got to be freaking kidding me! Wow...just wow is the only thing I can say to that.

The Indifferent
*Sheamus vs Swagger
*Bob Backlund
*Brodus vs Drew McIntyre

Now on to the indifferent. First up is Sheamus vs Swagger. There is no deny, Swagger has sunk. He isn't a part of the Guerrero stable anymore, he is fending for himself, and well, he isn't going anywhere. There is no denying he has talent and could do well, but that isn't going to happen. Did this match hurt Swagger? No, because he is already at a low. Did it help Sheamus? Not really. To me, this was just blah. Could have been pulled out of Raw and no one would have cared. Now on to Bob Backlund. I didn't grow up watching the WWE, so I don't know much about the guy. Frankly though, the whole segment just screamed boring to me. Yes I get he is a legend and he deserves respect, but they couldn't find anyone else better than him this week? Finally, Brodus vs Drew. Now for a few weeks I've been wondering what has happened to Drew. Now we know. He has been sent off to the island of misfit wrestlers, where all wrestlers who get squashed by Ryback, Brodus, or Tensai have gone until they need to be used as a jobber again. Sad since Drew has potential.

The Good
*The Rock

Yep...that is how much this show stunk. There is only 2 things that were good, and one of em was also bad! Now to clear the air. Why I consider AJ/Punk/Bryan good is because of this. Look at Kane's feud with Cena, and every Cena feud since then. It has main evented PPV's, and ended Raws. Last week and this week are the first two weeks in a while where I don't remember a Cena segment ending Raw. This gives me hope that the main event at MITB will be the WWE championship, and that is a great thing. Now on to the best thing of Raw. The Rock. How I've missed the Rock. With the 1,000th Raw coming up, I've been wondering if he would show up, and simply put, I am glad he is. I expect goosebumps watching that night, and simply cannot wait to see what The Great One has in store.

Overall this Raw sucked. Hands down. No great or good matches. No great or good segments...just sucked. On a scale of 1 to 5, I would give this a 1 easily. There was nothing from this show that 5 years from now, any of us will remember.

Random Thoughts
*1,000th Raw
*New Signings
*Bray Wyatt

So some random thoughts. I really hope to see Mysterio back in the ring. Yes he is getting older, but he can still go. I don't remember if this is his 1st of 2nd suspension, but hopefully it doesn't hinder a push for him. I'd like to see him used to put over a younger talent when the Cruiserweight Show comes to fruition. Now on to the 1000th Raw. This should be epic. We've got Taker confirmed, Lesnar, Hart, DX, and The Rock. The show should be great...*crosses fingers*...I hope. PAC, Sara Del Ray, Matt Taven, Mercedes Martinez have all been signed. I don't know much about Matt or Mercedes, but I've heard of Sara, and seen matches with PAC. I am excited for this new talent. They are really doing great stuff. Look at the new NXT and you'll be amazed. Finally, Bray Wyatt. I love this character. He is out with an injury for 6 months I believe, but hopefully they continue to let him be a part of NXT as a mouth piece. He is perfect that way.

Well guys and gals, I look forward to any and all comments! Until next time, stay Raw!

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  1. Sahu's Avatar
    gr8 blog bearkg as usual..n this format is very good...continue with it...

    I actually read ur blogs because these days I'm getting very less time to see wrestling...

    ThanX for the blog...never mind the trolls here...we are always there for you to support...

    only objection with your blog is Bob Backlund is a true legend his chicken wing crossface looked deadly back in those days...
  2. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar're not an idiot. I know it. You know it. Seemingly everyone here knows it. so forget that dude. Uncooked is always awesome. Like the new format. It has more of a "straight to the point" feel to it.

    As being a huge Bob Backlund fan, I loved the segment. But I can see your side of it since you didn't really know who he was. If you youtube Bret Hart vs Bob Backlund...(make sure you see the first match when he turns heel), it'll give you a little insight on him, why he screams while applying the chicken wing, and why Michael Cole was making certain references throughout the match, etc...

    He was as plain as it gets. But his nick name in the 70's and early 80's was, Man of a Million Moves. Sorta like Dean Malenko being the Man of a Thousand Holds. Bob Backlund is the pure essence of technical wrestling. He would put people away so many different ways...and of course, the chicken wing is still the most vicious of submission holds I've ever seen.
  3. mrbluto's Avatar
    99 out of the last 100 Raw's have sucked, the only thing that keeps Punk and Bryan from boring everyone to tears is AJ.
  4. MjBryan17's Avatar
    Bear, I'm new to this and have only read a few of your blogs, but great work, it's always a good read. Keep it up! Never let some douche like that 'underdog' no name dude keep you down. The only idiot in this forum is him. I tell people all the time, and this is for him, 'If you don't like don't read it'
    Updated 07-12-2012 at 04:41 AM by MjBryan17 (misspelling)
  5. MjBryan17's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by theunderdog84
    he was a perfect choice. just cause some of the fans are too young like u to understand doesnt mean he was the wrong choice. I mean Zid got a huge pop but clearly he was a wrong choice the man can barely move. No i stand by my statement, idiot. Your blog was also poorly written and put together. I put your age at 15/16 judging by your grammar and lack of knowledge.
    This coming from a 28 year old man, LMFAO! Do you feel good about yourself picking on kids?
  6. Lenny Lightning's Avatar
    that was a great raw great finish to storyline that hornswoggle was gm but still roh is the best #demboys
  7. theunderdog84's Avatar
    Hey everyone. Sorry only seeing all the replies to my messages now. Id like to start by apologizing for the harshness of my comment. Honestly i was quite a bit under the influence that night and if anyone has ever read any of my comments or blogs before they would see im not usually like that, so for this I'm sorry. Just had a rough night, was drunk and after being a wrestling fan for 40 plus years and hearing someone say that Bob Backlund was not a big enough legend it just brought out the worst in me. He was huge back in the day and also the nineties and was one of my all time favorite wrestlers. That being said it doesn't excuse me for calling u an idiot. I hope you take my apology seriously and sorry to anyone else i might have offended through my comment also.
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