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Booking Money in the Bank

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Hello all, Edgor95 here. I've seen a lot of people giving their opinions on MITB, and the consensus is that the results are going to be rather obvious. With the way WWE is booking, we may be in for another Super Cena sighting and some more mid-card burying (regarding the Smackdown MITB). In the hopes that this may somehow come true, I've given some thought to how i would plan and book MITB. These are just my ideal results. I won't really go into hold for hold match detail, but I will give my reasoning. Most of these matches are confirmed for the event, and I will (*) the ones that aren't
Pre-Show: Kofi Kingston and R-Truth vs Hunico and Camacho
WWE Winner: Kofi and Truth
My Winner: Kofi and Truth
I don't really see any reason why the champs will lose this match. The opening is purely to make the tag teams in the WWE seem relavent. While we have seen more tag team action on Raw these past couple weeks, it's still clear that we're not close enough to the redefined Tag division of my youth (i.e. RVD and Kane, Los Guerreros, Booker T and Goldust etc.) Besides, Hunico and Camacho are not, at least in my memory, championship contenders. Hopefully they'll at least make a show of Kofi and Truth high-flying ability. Kofi seals it will a Trouble in Paradise for the win.

WWE Championship Money In The Bank Match: John Cena vs Kane vs Chris Jericho vs Big Show
WWE Winner: John Cena
My Winner: Chris Jericho or Kane
While WWE is giving every indication that super cena will make his triumphant return to the main event picture, instead of taking on random opponents whose seem impossible to overcome, I would really like to see Chris Jericho win this match. Based on the build, there really hasn't been as much emphasis on Jericho as the other competitors, and since Kane has already won a MITB and Big Show and Cena are recent bitter enemies, I think that having Jericho win would be a great shock value and a quality finish for the match. Have Jericho slither in and take down a ladder holding Cena, and then climb and take the gold away from him. My other scenario is having Kane win. I think this will add something to Kane's Big Red Monster image, as he has softened a bit since his ambulance match loss to Super Cena. An Epic ladder battle between the Big men ending in a chokeslam by Kane and the win would be awesome. Plus, it would add a little something extra to the next match as well.

Cm Punk vs Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship w/ AJ as the Special referee
WWE Winner: Daniel Bryan
My Winner: Cm Punk and Then Kane?
How's that for a turn. He's not really a part of the angle anymore, but AJ and Kane did have a little thing going before the triple threat match. The WWE's resident crazy chick would set up a perfect turn by having punk win, having Bryan leave brokenhearted, and then having kane come out and cash in his briefcase. Then Kane hits a chokeslam and AJ counts the pin despite Punk's shoulders being off the mat. kane gets the title and the girl.

(*)Brodus Clay vs Jack Swagger
WWE Winner: Brodus Clay
My Winner: Brodus Clay

As much as the Funkasaurus gets on every harcore fan's nerves, and reasonably so, let's be realistic with this one. WWE will force us to sit through this one, so let' get this over with. Clay Splashes, Wins, and Dances, blah blah blah

World Heavyweight Championship Money in the Bank: Dolph Ziggler vs Tensai vs Tyson Kidd vs Damien Sandow vs Cody Rhodes vs Christian Vs Santino Marella vs Sin Cara
WWE Winner: Dolph Ziggler
My Winner: Dolph Ziggler

I'm a huge Dolph fan. He's really stepped up his game and made himself entertaining to watch. In my opinion his the future of WWE. I expect a good effort from the usuals, Rhodes, Christian, but I really think Tyson Kidd will make his long overdue jump into the upper mid-card and we may even see a IC or US title run in the future. Ziggler keeps pushing, and hopefully he'll push Vickie out and make his big step up to legit main eventer.

(*) Ryback vs Trent Barretta
WWE Winner: Ryback
My Winner: Ryback
This will be another example of "Let's just get this over with" We all know its coming, so we're going to have to deal with it. Ryback destroys again, THE END

Sheamus vs Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship
WWE Winner: Sheamus
My Winner: Sheamus

I'm done with ADR. I'm sorry, but i really can't stand the guy. I never liked him from the onset. He sucks on mike, his moveset is versatile but boring, and the only thing i like about his is Ricardo, who is probably more popular to fans than ADR is. Besides, I don't believe his concussion bullcrap at the last PPV, and when i heard he might be leaving WWE, i was happy. I doubt WWE will reward his efforts (I hope you caught the sarcasm) with a title. Sheamus brogues his way to another month of titleship.

That's all I've got for now. Comment all you like. Till next time all this is Edgor95

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  1. ToiletBowl's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Jj Trooth
    I think Big Show is gonna win the WWE Title MITB, then
    Daniel Brian will beat CM Punk somehow; and then Big Show will cash in the case for revenge and become WWE champion. I don't know why, but I think that will be the outcome.
    Unfortunately, WWE Creative isnt this smart.
  2. Lenny Lightning's Avatar
    i would like to see jericho or kane win because with the current storyline big show and cena are basicly in the title picture and jericho just needs to win a title in 2012 and kane also needs to win a title you never know when they are gonna retire
  3. Lenny Lightning's Avatar
    i hope jericho or kane wins because cena and big show are gonna be i the title picture
  4. G.G.G.'s Avatar
    I pretty much agree to everything you said. I think Jericho wins, takes the break with Fozzy, then comes up and uses the briefcase to take the title off Cena, (they already built it a little, plus Cena v Punk for SummerSalm is rumored). Hopefully if Dolph wins this is finally his big break (if Tensai wins goodbye WWE).
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