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Dashing Rachel

Hornswoggle as the Anonymous RAW GM: Are you serious, bro?

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On tonight's episode of Monday Night RAW, the Anonymous RAW General Manager made his return after nearly a one-year absence. And after a little more than two years since his debut, his identity was finally revealed.

During the time the Anonymous RAW GM ruled Monday nights, I, like most members of the WWE Universe, was curious as to who the Anonymous RAW GM was. Could it be "Stone Cold" Steve Austin? Could it be Mick Foley? Could it be Stephanie McMahon? Or could it be John Laurinaitis?

Well, the WWE Universe finally got the answer they wanted. The answer they got was, let's just say that nobody saw it coming.

It all began when Santino Marella played Sherlock Holmes as he was determined to reveal the RAW GM's identity. And after the Jerry Lawler versus Michael Cole match, the RAW GM's identity was finally revealed and that person is none other than...


Why Hornswoggle? After all, he's the leprechaun who often makes backstage appearances taunting Chavo Guerrero and sticking his nose in the Divas' locker room. On an episode of WWE NXT, Hornswoggle was the original judge for the Rookie Divas kissing contest, only to be ordered out of the ring by Maxine (who would blame her?). Eventually, Cody Rhodes was called to replace Hornswoggle as the judge.

In my opinion, this was another failed WWE angle. From the Mr. McMahon illegitimate child storyline (that too, turned out to be Hornswoggle), the Mae Young gives birth to a hand (yikes), to Good Ol' JR getting the boot as RAW announcer by you-know-who, Michael Cole and joining Mr. McMahon's "Kiss My Butt" club.

In other words, this was the worst type of closure that the WWE has gotten into. And they failed miserably, thanks to a leprechaun.

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  1. wheelchair1986's Avatar
    This BY FAR has been one of the biggest Flops of a storyline IN A LONG TIME!!! First they just sweep the whole thing under the rug when john Luarinitis showed up. Then they have a chance to at least wrap it up amicably and maybe even create a descent new plot, instead they made hornswoggle the A.G.M. and turn everything to shit. Honestly 1- The A.G.M. should of been Johnny. It was somewhat (at least IMO) sculpted to be that way. Then the WWE just like it has in most part for the last 6 months, disappointed me again by making it hornswaggle!????
    2-Hornswaggle just makes no sense here because it is hypicritical of his actions during that time period. The AGM usually was anti cena and anti crowd, hornswaggle was a crowdfodder type of guy used as a face.

    Honestly the WWE needs to do away w/ hornswaggle as his usefulness on any level, weither it be P.G. era or not, isn't there. He can't wrestle, dosen't do promos, and is only good as a joke. Well just ask khali, jokes do not get you far in the WWE.
  2. The Piper's Avatar
    Bull, Shit
  3. dragonsrevenge's Avatar
    You care too much. My advice? Stop caring.
  4. wheelchair1986's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by dragonsrevenge
    You care too much. My advice? Stop caring.
    you seem to be misinformed. This is a blog, which implicates opinions, you don't like it go away
  5. Gazman Savage's Avatar
    Agree with you dude another failed angle and judging by the current storylines more will follow.
  6. Bagg's Avatar
    Its alright guys, just keep on going to the events, buying the ppvs , watching the show and making them not lose money. Change is a bound to happen right?
  7. Mattdatm's Avatar
    "Kiss My Butt" club lmao. nice quotes also.

    It could of led to a massive storyline, so indeed a shame in many ways. They could of left it unknown and used it if something came up in the future...but it wouldn't mean much by then with all the power struggles since then and whatnot.
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