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YOU May not like ADR, but.......

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I would like to start my first blog here by saying hello to anyone who reads this, and thanks for taking the the time to do so. Let us now jump right in. I have to say that I am a huge fan of Alberto Del Rio. I liked him right off the bat with his very first few promos before his official debut. For me, it was his first few promos that got me interested, I found them to be hilarious. However, he has certainly become a polarizing wrestler with as many haters as fans. In order to keep things simple I will try to summarize the reasons why ADR is greatness, and where I think his potential to be even better is.

1) The Mexican fan base.
Besides ADR, WWE has basically no Mexican superstar wrestlers. Rey has been out for a long time, and was slowing down before he left from all the injuries. Sin Cara is a unique wrestler but doesn't talk at all. ADR has also recently demolished Sin Cara, and debuted with a big win over Rey. So that sends an obvious message. The Mexican fan base for WWE is huge and ADR is the current top ambassador.

2) Ricardo
I chuckle every time I see Ricardo being announced. Ricardo's announcing style is pretty intense and funny at the same time. He has also shown to be an effective distraction in and out of the ring. A recent highlight occurred when Ricardo told ADR to slam Sheamus's head on the hood of his car. That whole promo was actually very good in my opinion.

3) In ring skills
ADR is versatile in the ring, and even most that dislike ADR agree on this. Not much needs to be said here. Its worth mentioning that ADR is very consistent in the ring, and has had great matches with pretty much every one he wrestles. Although I was not a big fan of the Big Show feud, or his matches with the Great Kali. That is more of a booking issue in my opinion.

4) Potential
ADR has a lot of opportunity ahead of him. He is constantly in the main event scene. And even after returning from his injury, he was put back in the main event scene immediately. Maybe that is because of all the other superstars being out for one reason or another at that time. Even so, It is clear that WWE has big plans for ADR which will certainly include winning a championship perhaps as soon as MITB.

I can understand those that dislike his mic skills, or just find him plain boring. For whatever reason I have always found ADR to be a bit humorous. I believe he has some better promos in him, that will develop over time. I have also always wondered what if ADR turns face. I will still like him, but it would be interesting to see the result. ADR was a huge face pre-WWE. Randy Orton is in the same boat (although on opposite ends). Great as a heel, not so much as a face. So that may explain why many dislike him as a heel. Perhaps he just needs more time to develop his promos as a dominant heel. I believe the new "aggressive" side of ADR is a step in that direction. ADR brings lots of possibilities to the WWE, and has lots of potential fueds that could end up being fantastic. Meanwhile John Cena has to wrestle Johnny Ace and the Big Show (AGAIN!) which is as fresh as grandmas bananas. The WWE needs ADR, and (even if you do not know it yet), YOU need him too. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Viperfish's Avatar
    I like ADR but there's something that's clearly missing. A piece of the puzzle is missing. I remember when everyone was on his nuts when he came in... it's funny how things change huh?
  2. BadAndy's Avatar
    Del Rio needs to be repackaged, but as a heel. Look at what happened to Sheamus when he turned face. He's funny as hell with his little stories he likes to tell, but he lost so much passion in the ring. He was a frickin' menace. Del Rio could be too. I personally love the idea the person has on this site about Ricardo being the Keyser Soze behind Del Rio. That could be a great way to put Del Rio over as a face if you wanted to.

    The main thing Del Rio needs is a legit finisher. I HATE the arm bar and would love to see something that looks more devastating than a guy humping another man's arm.
  3. HBKClassic's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by replacethebass
    Sorry but I have to disagree. While I do think he can go in the ring his persona is a bit....... zzzzz, sorry where was I? Bland is the word that springs to mind, bland enough that I don't think there are a lot of ADR haters out there, simply a lot of people who have absolutely no interest in anything he does or says. His ring announcer has more character and charisma than he does, hell even the cars he drives to the ring are more entertaining.
    All of this. 100%.

    It's not that people are "hating" on Del Rio. They simply see him as a waste of space and air time. It's like, no matter how hard he tries, or how much WWE wants to push him in our face and make us care, we DON'T. And, a lot of that is due to his putrid promo skills. He's TERRIBLE on the mic. And when "talking fans into the arena" is your main objective, lacking mic skills is a HUGE problem.

    Alberto's one of those guys that could benefit from having/leading a stable. Obviously he's not HHH or Ric Flair, but the idea of him being champion with two or three other guys always helping him win by cheating, is one I can see working. It might make the fans care a bit more, even if only due to his under-handed tactics. But Alberto by himself is bland and boring. I didn't miss him AT ALL during his injury, and wasn't excited to see him back. I actually preferred Dolph Ziggler taking his spot last month. Even as a heel, people like him. ADR, not so much. The guy has the charisma of a dead goat. WWE: Stop forcing him down our throats! Push someone else.
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