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Who would benefit with a manager?

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With managers becoming more prominent as of late, this blog will look at which current Wwe wrestlers could find a manager beneficial and why.

Dolph Ziggler with… Ric Flair

Dolph Ziggler reminds me of Flair in many ways and I think they’d work well together. I think Flair could help Ziggler to become a more vicious/serious heel, which would make him look like more of a threat when facing the likes of Sheamus, Randy Orton etc. They could share their promos (ala Flair/HHH promos in Evolution) as Ziggler is great on the mic. I also think Flair would be a good person to turn on and become face as I see Ziggler as a potential face of the company based on how he handles the media, his work rate and his (current) fan support.

The Miz with… Michael Cole
Although Michael Cole’s has tuned down as of late over his love of the Miz and improved his commentating, I still feel he could be the one to get The Miz’s career back on track. If this were to happen then Michael Cole would have to give up his commentating duties to make the role truly work. He could announce that he had a huge announcement to make that would worry everyone in the Wwe including the (WHC Champion). The night could come and The Miz could return and have a no 1 contenders match, which he would win after a distraction by Cole. Cole would then announce himself as the Miz’s new manager.

Alex Riley with… Natalya
Alex Riley has the look, the mic skills and the wrestling ability to make it to at least the upper midcard level. I think adding a female valet/manage would add a bit more personality to Riley, as he hasn’t really got a character yet. I’d keep him as a face though as he gets a great crowd reaction unlike most of the wrestlers in Wwe today. Adding Natalya to the mix would be a good way to keep her relevant and give her some Tv time as she’s not been on Raw in a while.

Kofi Kingston with… Abraham Washington
Kofi Kingston’s been a face far too long and it’s become stale. I’d like to see Kingston and Truth lose the titles only for him to attack R-truth and later Evan Bourne. He could blame them for his position in the company saying they were the ones who held him back. He could then join AW’s stable and claim that AW was going to take him to the next level. After defeating R-Truth and Bourne he could move on too feud with Santino before finally having a big main event push around December-January.

Mark Henry with… Teddy Long
I'll admit this isn't likely but if Teddy Long is to stay around he needs to go back to being a manager. Id like to see Henry snub Aw and reunite with Long (remember Thuggin' And Buggin' Enterprises?). He could form a stable maybe although to begin with he should solely focus on Henry.

Damien Sandow with… William Regal
I know Sandows promos are amazing and you may argue that he doesn't need a manager but in a lot of ways Sandows character resembles William Regal. I think they'd work quite well together, they could go after the tag team belts (The Intellectual Saviours) as the other belts are quite crowded at the moment. I'd give them their own talk show where they'd try and save their rivals. Santino and Ryder would be a good rivalry to start off seeing as they're the main comedy characters at the moment. I think they'd be a very entertaining duo and they'd likely get good heat from the audience.

If i were to go with any of these options I'd go for the Sandow/Regal pairing (Kingston/AW a very close second) as i think they'd be very entertaining, both are good wrestlers and on the mic. In my opinion, they'd really freshen Smackdown up and would help to make it a more entertaining show.

Thanks for reading and make sure you leave a comment below on whether you agree/disagree or if you have any suggestions as to who could manage who.

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  1. ToiletBowl's Avatar
    And I dont see Vince or HHH ever making Ziggler the face of the company. He's simply too small. Even shorter than HBK. Fantastic in ring talent, but Ryback will be more of a face of the company than Ziggler will ever be. Fair or not fair, it's the truth.
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