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UFR 3 - The Truth Shall Set You Free

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Hi everyone haven’t done a UFR in a while as I’ve been busy with work (and watching the Euro’s) and UFR takes a few hours to do as I tend to watch the videos and whatnot. This week’s Underrated Feud is the R Truth/Cena feud which took place last year; personally I consider it an underrated feud because it was overshadowed by the Summer of Punk.

R Truth’s Heel Turn

On the April 11 episode of Raw, Truth became the number one contender for the WWE Championship along with John Cena via double disqualification after The Miz and Alex Riley attacked both of them during a number one contender's gauntlet match. Truth had previously defeated Dolph Ziggler and John Morrison prior to facing Cena at the end of the gauntlet. The Raw General Manager stated that, due to interference from Miz and Riley, R-Truth and John Cena would both compete for the WWE Championship at Extreme Rules in a steel cage match. (Not related to the blog here but this is an example of Wwe rehashing something done before – Legacy interrupted a No 1 contender match between Cena and Triple H which was then turned into a Triple Threat Match).

Morrison questioned Truth about being capable of competing for a steel cage match of the WWE Championship and challenged Truth (+ Heel turn) for his spot in the match. Truth turned heel by attacking Morrison after he lost his spot in the WWE Championship match. After the attack, Truth lit up a cigarette and proceeded to blow smoke in Morrison's face. The following week on Raw, R-Truth cut a promo (if you haven’t watched it, I suggest you do as this is one of my favorite promos in recent years), stating that he was done singing and dancing for the fans as it had got him nowhere. After the promo, Truth was attacked by Morrison. At Extreme Rules, Truth prevented Morrison from escaping the cage during the main event for the WWE Championship, ultimately costing him the title. On the May 9 episode of Raw, Truth revealed that his attack on Morrison had led to him being hospitalized before then attacking Rey at the end of the show. On the May 16 episode of Raw, Truth accused Mysterio of being a thief and stealing his chance at the WWE Championship. Truth then attacking Mysterio, who had just finished a match with Alberto Del Rio. Truth faced Mysterio at Over the Limit, where he was victorious.

(R Truth promo with Hornswoggle)

Feud with Cena

After continually ranting and raving over John Cena's popularity, R Truth would eventually harass a young fan and his father. On the May 30 episode of Raw, throwing a cup of soda in the father's face after a countout victory over Cena. When Raw went off the air, the Raw General Manager announced a WWE Championship match between the two, on the condition that R-Truth would apologize for his abhorrent behavior the following week. On the June 6 episode of Raw, Truth interrupted both Vince McMahon and Stone Cold Steve Austin and made his way out to the ring, singing a song about Little Jimmy and wearing a Confederate soldier's uniform. However, he stayed true to his word and apologized for his (1/2) actions (continued from the last video) the previous week. As a result, he faced John Cena at Capitol Punishment for the WWE Championship, but lost after Little Jimmy distracted him. (I think the matches are on YouTube but I’m in a rush so have not time to link them in at the moment – I may link them in later).

Now onto the opinion portion of this blog and this week Knox and Bearkg88 will be giving their opinions on the feud:

Me –
I think R Truths heel turn was great. He was built up as a threat, gathered momentum by taking out both Morrison and Mysterio before moving on into the mainevent vs John Cena. This is exactly how a heel turn should be handled (minus Cena perhaps). An example of how a heel should not get into the main event is Alberto Del Rio. R Truth is comedy gold on the mic (I challenge you to watch R Truth singing whilst wearing the Confederate soldier's uniform without laughing) and he had many entertaining segment whilst a heel. As for his feud with Cena, that was great to. It had a decent build up where R Truth came off the crazy heel and Cena as the Superhero. R Truth managed to get decent heel heat which a lot of heels find a problem when facing Cena nowadays and I loved the way he handled the What chants during his promos. The match they had was good and one of Cena’s better matches and apart from the ridiculous ending I really enjoyed it. In my opinion, R Truth should have won the belt and feuded with Cena over 2 or 3 consecutive pay per views. Although this happening would of stopped the Cm Punk/Cena feud from taking place. So in my opinion, the R Truth/Cena feud was an enjoyable feud which fell victim to bad timing. Had it of been done later it would have been a lot more memorable. (R Truth should have won MITB so he could of resumed his feud with Cena rather than Alberto Del Rio ruining everything).

Bearkg88 -
Here is the thing with this feud. You had R Truth who had just become a heel, and was actually extremely entertaining, going up against Cena who was underway in a new reign of the WWE Championship. While Cena may not be able to give a 5 star match, or even drop a bomb on the mic, he can be entertaining. I didn't particularly enjoy this build up, as I didn't feel there was much build up at all. The bigger focus was on Truth's new gimmick, and less on Truth and Cena feuding. Then you look at their match at Capitol Punishment, and there wasn't really anything that stuck out. This could have been an interesting feud, and actually had Truth as a decent heel champion that would have been entertaining, but instead we get another Cena win.

Knox -
Well, R-Truth and Cena was indeed a very underrated feud. The irony behind this is this took place during Cm Punk's big summer so it wasn't as pushed as it should've been. The even funnier part is in my opinion besides his feud with the Rock, this was Cena's last entertaining feud. Now that Cena is in the mainevent, he's been in some uninteresting feuds with Tensai, Lesnar and more recently The Big Show.

R-Truth was on a role. He was the perfect heel because he can wrestle, he was very entertaining on the mic and used humor to his advantage. It was a different face in the mainevent and I truly feel the feud should've been given more attention because the fans were actually into it.

The "Little Jimmy" thing worked perfect especially how he was able to get the fans involved and get himself even more over. The way Cena won the WWE Championship match by R-Truth getting water thrown in his face by a fan was a bit cheesy but it’s the WWE we're talking about. The moral of the story is we need new main eventers.

Thanks for reading and thanks to Knox and Bearkg88. If you'd like to participate or have a suggestion for an Underrated feud then leave a comment below or PM me.

Remember to leave a comment below on whether or not you think this feud was underrated!

One of my favourite Promos:

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Thoughts and Opinions


  1. scribbler_jones's Avatar
    Nifty little blog here, first time reading UFR. I hadn't really thought about this feud's dynamics until reading this, but you guys do raise some interesting points. Thanks for the read!
  2. ewantu2's Avatar
    I miss R-Truth has a heel him and AJ would of made a good couple.
  3. Taneel's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ewantu2
    I miss R-Truth has a heel him and AJ would of made a good couple.
    I agree that Truth and AJ would make a good couple. No comment about being heel.
  4. loudpack's Avatar
    In my unpopular opinion, R-Truth had potential to be a top 15 all time heel. The proof is in his suspension. His punishment was to return as a face.
  5. Sahu's Avatar
    they might have allowed R-Truth to win the MITB n cash it on Punk instead of ADR...then probably we might have had a gr8 triple threat feud between Punk/Cena/Truth....

    R-Truth is gold...both on mic n in the ring...n could have become a very interesting heel champ....

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