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Why Alberto Del Rio hasn't Worked

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Alberto Del Rio will get a title shot at MITB against Sheamus, so during his injury, the wrestler that was used to fill in his spot Dolph Ziggler, who was well received. WWE have clearly let us know they have no plans to drop Del Rio yet and considering there's a big chance he might be the champion soon, I think it's worth analysing him.

I'll start by saying I think Alberto Del Rio has the ability to be a good heel, his built nicely, has the reputation, has the smug look and he can carry a match. But his promo skills are shockingly bad, while that is a well known fact, WWE has always had solutions to fix this problem, a valet, a tag team partner and in Del Rio's case, a manager. Ricardo Rodriguez, whose increasing popularity has to a backlash for ADR. Nevertheless you need the main man to get over and that just hasn't happened yet, here's some of the other reasons why:

Firstly his character just isn't working , The gimmick of a rich cocky money man similar to that of Ted Dibiase and JBL seems abit too artificial. Tthis is a gimmick which in the past have done wonders for the heels but for ADR to have it now seems a bit too soon to be used again, Dibiase is regarded as one of the greatest heels with that gimmick and after that WWE shelved it for a new generation of fans to experience when it is time to put on another wrestler. Then about 15 years later JBL had this gimmick in 2004 with somewhat of good run as champion even though I wasn't a fan. After JBL left, it would have been smart to shelve the gimmick for awhile but WWE felt the need to put it on ADR in a speedy push. Similar to the new Spiderman film, they've rebooted it too quickly. So other than having the response WWE was craving (heat from fans for being cocky rich guy, someone they can't relate to), they got instead what every wrestler fears most, No Reaction.

Second point is that ADR can wrestle I know but his style of wrestling might be one of his downfalls which not a lot of people think about, but I'm going to throw my theory in anyways. With ADR's wrestling is that watching from a spectator point of view it comes of as boring. He isn't a HBK doing innovating moves like the Showstopper always did but ADR wrestles from a point of view where only a wrestling purists can really enjoy. His move set involves a lot of grapple moves that holds a wrestler down for about 2 minutes until the opponent breaks out of it by using the power of the fans built up mundane claps. Then a little while after ADR will get into another grapple to hold back and forth, after that, maybe some karate style kicks to spice things up.

Then comes his finisher, a Cross arm bar. My issue with this is that it's a total anti climax of a move, from a little spin twist then to bending the arm backwards. No matter how hard you try The fans nor I will ever be conviced that the move is the Signature move to finish of a match. Just watch an ADR match and wait for the moment he does his finisher, the crowd barely react with the absence of any shock factor. Your trying to tell me, an arm bar can be a wrestlers 'Hadouken'. Change it up, give this guy a new explosive finisher. Maybe borrow one of Sheamus's finisher, who by my counting has 5 really good moves to finish a match and God knows how many his going to come up with. I've always been on the edge with a wrestler having a submission for a finisher and while is worked with some great wrestlers, a normal move is just plain easier to get over with the fans.

It also doesn't help that Del Rio was rushed to the top way too quickly before a lot of the universe can get used to him and give him a fan following. His Royal Rumble win was out of the bloom and after that run failed, they wasted the MITB win on him giving two undeserved, forgettable WWE title runs.
It was all abit forced down our throats and the WWE universe didn't like it.
Every wrestler talks about how ADR is tough in the ring and can kick their asses. His past has allowed him to gain a reputation and is the reason for his current state of main event status. As a former MMA fighter, Del Rio needs to learn from Brock Lesnar and be more aggressive in the ring, this I reckon would be a step forward to make ADR an effective heel.

I wait to see if he wins at MITB as I feel it's time for a heel to have one of the main titles. So maybe if his next title run is booked better and he is given a different gmmick or image, it might turn the tides for Del Rio. Many things are against Del Rio and usually this would signal a 'Future Endavoured' alert, but WWE clearly see some potential in him, so they havn't let him go.

Cheers for reading

In a bit everyone.

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  1. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    I agree with the Savior. Del Rio probably drives 1000 different cars for his entrance, NEVER DRAWS A DIME!!!
  2. HBKClassic's Avatar
    I don't even think it's the "rich gimmick" (since, aside from the cars, they don't really play up that angle enough to make him hate-able) I think he's just BORING. No matter how hard he tries, we could still give less than two f*cks about his promos, his matches, his feuds. We're not paying money to watch Alberto Del Rio. Period.

    WWE tries to force him on us because THEY see potential, THEY promised him a big push/title run, but THEY are WRONG on this one unless they do something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT with him, like have him lead a stable or something. Not sure where that would leave Ricardo (who's actually more entertaining than Del Rio, btw) but something needs to be done if they want to keep him on our screens. Make us care, please.

    Btw, good post @bartish2 as well.
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