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Kyle Fitta

The Wrestling Backfire: The TNA Brochure (Austin Aries, Hulk Hogan, Bobby Roode)

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Destination X Quick ResultsMason Andrew defeated Dakota Darsow, Lars Only and Rubix in a last chance x-division qualifier.Mason Andrew defeated Kid Kash to advance to the x-division finals.Kenny King defeated Doug Williams to advance to the x-division finals.Sonjay Dutt defeated Rashard Cameron to advance to the x-division finals.Zema Ion defeated Flip Cassanova to advance to the x-division finals.Samoa Joe defeated Kurt Angle via submission to pick up 10 points in the BFG series.AJ Styles defeated Chris Daniels.Zema Ion won the Ultimate X match to become the X-division champion.Austin Aries defeated Bobby Roode to become the TNA champion.Current BFG Series Standings: (1) Samoa Joe – 37 points [4-2-0] … 6 matches(2) James Storm – 36 points [3-1-1] … 5 matches(3) Jeff Hardy – 21 points [3-1-0] … 4 matches(4) Kurt Angle – 20 points [2-3-0] … 5 matches(5) Magnus – 14 points [2-1-0] … 3 matches(6) Mr. Anderson – 9 points [1-2-1] … 4 matches(7) The Pope – 7 points [1-3-0] … 4 matches(7t) Rob Van Dam – 7 points [1-2-0] … 3 matches(9) Daniels – 5 points [1-3-0] … 4 matches10t) A.J. Styles – 0 points [0-2-0] … 2 matches(10t) Bully Ray – 0 points [0-3-0] … 3 matches(10t) Robbie E. – 0 points [0-4-0] … 4 matches
Bobby Roode is solidifying himself:I stopped watching TNA around the time they were doing that ECW reunion show. I ever so slight got back into it around Bound For Glory last year because of the rumors going around about how great Bobby Roode’s babyface push was going. After a poor Bound For Glory and then terrible sounding spoilers for the upcoming Impacts, I didn’t see any positive changes in TNA.

A little over two months ago, I decided to start watching the product because people were saying it’s consistently good. Over that course of time, Bobby Roode did nothing for me. He was technically sound in the ring, but the way he carried himself was extremely monotonous. He reminded me Triple H 2003 except way more dull. He basically was the cookie-cutter heel champion that we’ve seen for the last 30 years.

However, something changed ever since he’s feuded with Austin Aries. His gimmick is evolving and, more importantly, he’s becoming riveting. There are several reasons to why Roode’s establishing some heat to his gimmick. One, the X-division has so much historical merit in TNA’s history that it makes TNA fans irate if a wrestler talks bad about it. Two, Aries and Roode have developed great chemistry together in segments. And, Aries is complementing Robert Roode’s promos by being so phenomenal with his. In other words, Aries is bringing the best out of Roode, something that someone as meaningless as 2012 Sting cannot do for instances. Ironically, Sting has something to do with three as well. That is TNA starting to allow Roode to look credible.

The Sting vs. Roode feud has been his title run in a nutshell: He gets battered and beaten before the upcoming PPV, but somehow back-doors his way into keeping the title. Furthermore, Sting beats Roode up more after the match. Therefore, Roode won the battle; Sting won the war. Even though Aries defeated Roode for the title, the feud and match were built as they needed to be. And Roode seems stronger than he did in the Sting feud. Hopefully, both keep up the good work.

Kenny King has the “it” factor:
In unpredictable fashion, Kenny King made his TNA début last Thursday on Impact. Since ROH dismissed his contract, hopefully TNA signs him. After all, it’s not difficult to see that he has talent. His in-ring and promos are all great. But, what really makes him stand out is his swagger.

I don’t know how many watch Breaking bad, but there is a great scene in the show where Saul is talking to Walter White about buying a laser tag business since White doesn’t believe it would make sense if he bought one. Saul then says one of the most epic lines, “ I once told a woman I was Kevin Costner and it worked because I believed it”. Kenny King doesn’t pretend he’s good; he knows he’s good and thus we believe it, which is what makes Aries standout - narcissistic and confident, but can back it up.

TNA Redeveloping the X-Division:
I know the current theme of last night’s PPV was all about the X-Division, but it does seem as if TNA put more effort into this year’s. After all, they allowed most of the Impacts to be about the X-division title, plus they brought in wrestlers that are good fits in the division. The X-divison is something that has separated TNA from its competition, thus I hope they attempt to focus on it more.

The New TNA Champion: I’m stunned that they actually put the title on Austin Aries. As we know, the only attribute (or lack thereof) that holds Aries down is his size. Otherwise, he’d be a phenomenal long-term champion. He can talk people into seats and then get them their money’s worth with his in-ring ability, which be extremely intriguing to see for however long he holds the title.

In my eyes, I see putting the title on Aries being just a swerve. TNA wants us to believe that Bobby Roode vs. James Storm isn’t going to happen at Bound For Glory. That is also why I believe Samoa Joe will be in first place of the BFG Series until the last-minute. Plus, Aries had to win since they are redeveloping the x-division and just schemed together the option three idea. It would’ve been nonsensical for the innovator of the idea to lose the first crack at it. In any event, Aries needs to run with the opportunity. Because if he does, there will be no doubt that he’ll have the title multiple times.
TNA continues to deliver, but is it too late?:

The last topic I would like to talk about is TNA’s booking. The booking team has been one of TNA’s flaws, especially from 2007-2011. The reason, of course, to why TNA’s bookingwas horrendous was mainly because of Vince Russo. Even though Vince Russo did some good things, he could never keep them going and thus angles and ideas were end disappointing. It goes without say that signing multi-year experienced Bruce Prichard was one of TNA’s best ideas of recent memory. The way he books the shows are more tolerable and easier to follow. In addition, he focuses the product moreso around the wrestler’s talent than the angles (something TNA should have figured out to do a long time go due to how talented their roster’s been).

But, is it too late? I mean there’s no denying the product hasn’t gotten better; however, there aren’t any numbers to prove it. Is this a sign of TNA letting their fans down so many times that they eventually gave up, even if the viewers are praising it? Or is Vince Russo right about wrestling fans wanting to see less wrestling and more angles? I cannot predict, but it did take the WWF in an Attitude Era a whole year before people realized it was eons better than WCW. Thus, TNA should keep doing what they are doing, and hopefully in a year will see better results. At least so far they are sticking to their guns and not hotting-shooting aimlessly to pop a cheap rating like Vince Russo used to do.

TNA News:
  • This Thursday TNA Impact will be three hours as they are debuting a new show after Impact called “Rewind”.
  • Also, Ken Anderson will take on Kurt Angle for the battle for BFG points, Joesph Parks will fight Bully Ray, and Miss Teachmacher will defend her Knockouts title against Gail Kim.
  • Sonjay Dutt suffered a dislocated elbow or shoulder last night, but popped it back into place backstage.
  • TNA Impact will be taping live at the Universal Studios this Thursday.
  • Hardcore Justice will take place on August 12 in the Universal Studios.
  • Tickets for Bound For Glory in Phoenix Arizona go on sale on August 24th.
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  1. Tony Bluemeanie Wilson's Avatar
    It's not to late for TNA, they Destroy WWE elsewhere that's what matters
  2. The Phantom Menace's Avatar
    As a fan of both Bobby Roode & Austin Aries it was difficult to root for either man but i applauded when A-Double won the title last night. You are 500% right with the whole Sting angle, it did nothing for Bobby. He needed to actually beat Sting cleanly to add to his credibility as the champ. Hopefully they will not make Austin into a transitional champion, that he'll have the belt for a couple of months at best & maybe lose it back to Roode.
  3. JohnnyV123's Avatar
    I'm never a big fan of the cowardly heel so as much as I liked seeing Roode get the title and keep it for an extended time I haven't loved his persona. Just because he will cheat and do anything to win a match to be the leader of the "selfish generation" does not mean he has to be afraid of the people he is facing. That's another reason why the Aries feud is so much better. Roode is acting like he is the big dog as champ like he should be.

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