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In my first entry of decker's_discussions I will be discussing the upcoming 2012 Money In The Bank Pay Per View and my thoughts on the idea of only having former WWE Champions compete in one of the ladder matches..... In 2011 the Money In The Bank PPV was far and away the best show of the year. It had emotion, power, and that all important "buzz" thanks to CM Punk and that now famous "shoot". Now fast forward one year, I cant help but to feel as if this PPV is bit lukewarm in the build. Don't get me wrong there is enough talent to put together a decent show but it just all seems underwhelming as of the moment. Id love to see the build for this PPV really get hot with only a week or so remaining till the show. Now dont get me wrong last weeks ending to Monday Night Raw was something fresh and gave us a bit of a cliffhanger. It was refreshing to see the trio of Punk,Bryan and AJ finally get the closing spot on a show. It adds to the drama of the trio and also gives a bit more credibility to the WWE Championship which is sorely needed. Other then the ending to Raw i feel both shows this week failed to capture that "big time feeling" heading into the home stretch before the PPV. I believe the card has potential to be good but other then the Punk, Bryan, AJ saga it looks and feels as though it wont be anything great unlike last years amazing build and show.

The second topic i will be discussing is that there will only be former WWE Champions competing in the WWE Championship Money In The Bank ladder match. Now im a fan of having former champs compete in the ladder match but im not in anyway a fan of having only former champions compete. For one the MITB is designed to take superstars (Edge, CM Punk, The Miz and Daniel Bryan) to the next level. Having only former champs compete hinders the match and dosent get younger guys to the next level. Hears hoping the WWE MITB ladder match gets a few more younger stars. Although with the superstars already involved with the WWE MITB ladder match, it dosent look likely. I guess another Cena win is in order.

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