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Match Concepts of Yesteryears

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First I just want to say that this is my very first blog of any kind, so please forgive me if I don’t follow some proper blog writing procedures. I wrote this because of a conversation that my friend and I were having and we were talking about wrestling matches that we liked their concepts, but we don’t really see these matches anymore. We came up with a few so I wanted to talk about them and see what the rest of the IWC thinks about these matches and the concepts of them; so here we go:

Iron Man
This match was just an all-out test of pure will, strength and determination. It was two men going at it for a lengthy time period to score the most pin falls. It was one of the many ways in wrestling to prove who truly the better man was. Some of the greatest Iron-Man matches of all time include: Chris Benoit vs Kurt Angle (Backlash: April 29, 2001), AJ Styles vs Christopher Daniels (Against All Odds: February 13, 2005), Kurt Angle vs Samoa Joe (Final Resolution: January 14, 2007), and the epic that was Shawn Michaels vs Bret Hart (WrestleMania XIII [13]: March 31, 1996).


It was one of the greatest brainchild’s of “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes. It wasn’t just a cage match, it was a war zone. You had two rings and a cage surrounding both of them, two teams fighting an all-out war till one man on a team was pinned or submitted or unable to go. It was truly a brawl that even cited some of these matches ending abruptly because some competitors were injured (e.g. WarGames match at WrestleWar: February 14, 1991 when at the 21:50 mark El Gigante ran in to surrender the match on Brian Pillman's behalf after he had been knocked out and legitimately injured by two botched powerbombs from Sid Vicious.)

TerrorDome/Steel Asylum

One thing TNA had going for them at the time was the famous 6-sided ring. When they got rid of it (WHY I DON’T KNOW!!!), they came out with the “TerrorDome” as it was first called then subsequently changed to the “Steel Asylum”. Their best X-division stars locked in not just any cage, but the toughest cage to climb out of to date. The only way to escape was a hole in the very ceiling of its structure. The concept of such a match was somewhat creative seeing as how it was a direct spinoff of the infamous gladiator-like structure from the 1985 Mel Gibson film, “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome”, but its execution was excellent. The Steel Asylum has been forever linked to one of the most important moments in TNA history: the re-emergence of Jeff Hardy on January 4, 2010.

King of the Mountain

This was another wrestling concept from the minds of TNA Wrestling. It was their annual match at their “Slammiversary” PPV till 2010. You had 5 men, a ladder, a belt, and….a penalty box?! ….YES! The idea was that each man started out as “ineligible”. The only way to become “eligible” was to pin or submit an opponent, thus causing them to go into the “penalty box” for 2 minutes. Now as an “eligible” wrestler, you could ask for the title from ringside, climb a ladder, and hang the belt above the ring to prove that you truly were “King of the Mountain”. This match concept is one of my favorites of all-time because it had the one element that was hard to ignore being the penalty box. To some, it was an ally as a weapon or a place to conspire against other competitors, to others, it was a pure hell getting thrown into it, slammed on top of it, or even bet up in it. The two times the X-Division stars were in this match, they took it to a whole new level.

Championship Scramble

Ok so that people don’t think I’m a total TNA mark, I would like to highlight one of my other favorite wrestling concepts which comes from the ‘E. The Championship Scramble match was literally a scramble. You had started out with 2 guys and add 1 guy to the match every 5 minutes, then to add to the dysfunction of this match, the only way to win, was to be the last man to score a pin fall or submission during a 5 minute period AFTER the last guy comes in. It was pretty much setting up the last guy in the match to when because everyone else had been beating up on each other for the last 25 minutes, and that’s exactly what happened 2 of the 3 Championship scramble matches at WWE Unforgiven in 2008. Triple H and Chris Jericho were the last men to enter the WWE & World Heavyweight Championship Scrambles respectfully and won. The exception that night was Matt Hardy who was one of the first men in the ECW Championship Scramble and won. I think the overall concept of the match is a great idea. It created a lot of chaos and made for some unusually fast-paced action from big name guys in WWE. The only two bad things about it is that as I said earlier in 2 of 3 Scrambles the last man in won which is easily predictable amongst that chaos, and that I wish that there was more of a longer time to score a pin fall to win the Scramble not just 5 minutes.

So which of these concepts do you like? Which do you hate? Which match concepts do you think should also be added to this list of Match Concepts of Yesteryears? Please comment below and give me any feedback. It’s greatly appreciated!

Peace, Love, & Wrestling!!!

NOTE: Any and all historical references of dates and wrestlers as well as information about these matches were derived from

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  1. Speezy88's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Lucas Chapel
    Good read
    Thanks man.
  2. Speezy88's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by bickuriboox
    remember wcw's triple stack cage match were u had to use a ladder to get through the first cage and up the side of the second and then retrive the title from the top and take it back down through all the chaos to win... i would love to see wwe try to pull one off
    I do remember that. That would be pretty cool if the ‘E would do that….with the exception of one thing….DON’T let a washed up actor (a la David Arquette) participate in this match to promote a movie that is putting on the same match. It would piss whole lotta people off.
  3. Speezy88's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyV123
    War games should definitely be brought back somewhere.

    King of the Mountain was a great idea badly executed by TNA. You know you're doing something wrong when the announcers have to clearly explain to you who is and isn't eligible to do something in the match while it's going on.

    However, an easy fix is an easily visible scoreboard dealie with a green light next to each competitor's name that would indicate that they are eligible to hang the belt.
    I like your fix for King Of The Mountain. It makes perfect sense. I too found it hard sometimes to keep up with who can and can’t hang the belt.
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