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Triple Threat Top 5 II: "The Top 5 Moments Of WWEECW"

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Happy Post 4th of July everybody!*
I'm back today with another edition of The Triple Threat Top 5. I thank you all for making the last one such a hit.

For this edition, I would like to welcome back the defending champion of this event (by the popular vote) the "DK Wrestling Savior", and welcome into this challenge the man you know as the creator of "Uncooked" and "The WBC Series": "bearkg88".*

This edition's topic features 15 of the biggest moments of World Wrestling Entertainment's Tuesday night show that many feel put the SyFy Network on the map. It was the show that not only took the network to the Extreme, but also produced some of the best new talent that the wrestling world has seen in "The New Breed Unleashed." So, without further a-due,*

"The Top 5 Moments of WWEECW"

Since "DK Wrestling Savior" is the defending champion in this event, we'll have him go first.*

DK Wrestling Savior: "Hey Wrestling fans. The Saviour here with the Triple Threat Top 5. I'm defending my win from last time with top 5 Michael Cole calls. T-Hughes35 and Knox were great competitors and I'm happy to have been a part of it with them. This time, we're going with top 5 moments in WWEECW. This is going to be both fun and interesting.*


5. The Re-Launch

When thinking of great moments that are synonomys with a product or brand that is short lived, the re-launch or revival has to come to mind. Paul Heyman. During the Draft, Heyman, having been granted a draft pick from each show, chose RVD and Kurt Angle. This led up to the second ECW One Night Stand PPV, and the event where another great moment happened. This also marked a time when Paul Heyman actually became a face. He's been over before, but never truly a face until this point.

4. Christian Returns

Following a successful run in TNA, Christian returned to the WWE. But not just returned, but returned in the ECW brand and confronted Jack Swagger, making him an instant face and fan favorite. He was welcomed back into the company with a match against the champ later that night.

3. RVD Defeats John Cena for WWE Championship

In one of the greatest moments in the new ECW regime, it was kicked off with RVD, in front a very pro-ECW, anti-Cena crowd, wins the WWE Title over Superman himself. Of course, there was help from both Edge and Paul Heyman, but at the end of the night, it turned out to be a wild way to kick off the new ECW.*

2. The South Philly Screwjob

Paul Heyman's face turn and RVD's moment on top of the mountain didn't last long. As The Big Show challenged RVD for the ECW title. The match ended with RVD hitting the 5-star on Big Show and while the ref was down, Heyman came down to count the pin again, only this time, to stop at 2 and screw RVD out of the ECW Title. In front of an irate crowd in my home town of Philadelphia, it was a shocker of all shockers.*


Tommy Dreamers Wins the ECW Title

Tommy Dreamer stated on an episode of ECW that if he didn't win the championship by the time his contract expired, he would never wrestle for ECW again. He was granted a title match against Christian. After failing to win the title, due to Jack Swagger's interference, he was granted a one day extension and at Extreme Rules, defeated Christian and Swagger in a triple-threat to win the Championship in one of better feel-good moments for him in his WWE/ECW Career.*

There you have my top 5 moments in WWEECW. Sorry for the short descriptions and lack of clips, pics, etc...but I didn't have a whole lot of time to really put this together.

I hope you like the list. Be safe everyone."

Thank you Savior. Now it's time for the creator of "Uncooked" to give us his list.
bearkg88, the floor is yours.

bearkg88: "What is up guys!? So I was asked by T-Hughes to part take in this, and the topic was Top 5 ECW moments since the ressurection of ECW at One Night Stand in 2005. While that was the first ECW PPV for the WWE, the show ECW did not come back until in 2006. So with that being said, I am considering moments/matches from the first ONS in 2005, until the end of the ECW brand in 2010. With that, here are the Top 5 Moments!

#5 Kurt Angle/RVD drafted to ECW
In the first draft for ECW, an ECW original RVD and the Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle were drafted to ECW. At this time, this was a big thing because 1) having an original like RVD in ECW definitely helped, and 2) having someone as great in the ring as Angle would only make it better. For me, this would be the #5 moment for ECW.

#4 Johnny Nitro/Morrison
For me, this was when I thought John was epic. He could cut a great heel promo, and do some amazing things in the ring. I think ECW was a place for Nitro/Morrison to really shine, and WWE made a huge mistake turning him face. For the #4 moment, I would say Morrison's total time in ECW easily. Think about his time as ECW Champ, his matches with CM Punk, the 15 Minutes of Fame. Pure gold from Morrison.

#3 Chris Benoit drafted to ECW
Back in 2007 during the second draft that ECW was a part of, Chris Benoit, a man known for going out to the ring and giving us a great show, was drafted to ECW. I consider this to be the #3 moment because at the time, Benoit was still hot. He had had a World title reign under his belt. Add on to that, that Benoit himself at that point was a big name. Of course we all know what happened next for Chris Benoit.

#2 RVD Is Dual Champion
When Paul Heyman reinstated the ECW Championship and awarded it to RVD, he became the first and only man to hold the ECW and WWE Championships at the same time. While others may have gone on to win the ECW Championship at one point and the WWE/WHC Championships at one point, RVD can always say he is the only man to hold both at the same time.*

#1 One Night Stand 2005
For this one, it's not just one moment, it's a whole PPV. Literally out of all of the ONS PPVs, this was the best. Remember the Benoit/Guerrero match? Remember the Storm/Jericho match? Remember the Dudleyz vs Dreamer/Sandman? Remember Paul Heymans promo? Yeah, this out of the entire time of the ECW brand, was the shining moment.*

Well guys, hope you liked my choices, and if you did, make sure to vote for me!"

Thank you bear. Both Bear and the Savior had pretty good lists. But now it's time for your's truly to give out his list.*
But before you ask, no. One Night Stand '05 will not be on my list. As much as I loved that event and believe it's one of the Top 5 best PPV's that WWE has EVER done, I'm going to focus mainly from 2006-2010. Here we go.

T-Hughes35:*"I was thinking about this the other day, what were the biggest moments in the history of WWE's version of ECW? What were those moments that completely defined the show during it's three and a half year stint on the SyFy Network? I thought long and hard about it, and Ladies and Gentlemen, this is my Top 5.

05: WWE Extreme Rules 2009
Tommy Dreamer wins the ECW Title*
If you have been a life long ECW fan, you had been waiting and dreaming (no punt intended) of the day when Tommy Dreamer would win the ECW title in WWE. After 2006, you didn't think that it would happen. It brought this feeling back of the old days of ECW. With the type of match and the way that Dreamer won it, it was a reminiscent of the days of the Original ECW. It made WWE's ECW look legit again.*

04: WWEECW July 11, 2006
Extreme Rules ECW World Heavyweight Championship Match:
The Big Show vs. Ric Flair*
Going into this match, I thought that this kind of looked all out of place. You didn't know what to expect. Arguably, Big Show winning the ECW title was the beginning of the downfall of the new ECW. What a match this was. It was as Extreme as you can imagine. It was no doubt one of the best matches of the past decade. It just showed the world one of the reasons why Ric Flair is the greatest wrestler of all-time.

03: WWEECW June 19, 2007
Chris Benoit and CM Punk handshake
(Skip to 7:43)*
This night was the ECW go-home show before WWE Vengence Night Of Champions 2007. That night, there was a tournament to see who would go on to become the new number 1 contenders for the ECW title at the PPV. Chris Benoit won his matches to become one of them, and CM Punk won the main event of the evening. After Punk's victory, Chris Benoit came out and the two of them starred each other down before Benoit extended his hand and Punk shook it as an act of good sportsmanship. Little did we know that this would be the last time any of us would see Chris Benoit on television.*

02: Wrestlemania 23
ECW Originals vs. ECW New Breed
Ladies and Gentlemen, an organization outside WWE made it to Professional Wrestling's version of the Super Bowl. ECW came to Wrestlemania and they teared the house down with that match. It showed the world what ECW was all about. It was a real cool moment for any ECW fan. Joey Styles even said that it was one of the best matches he had ever called in his entire career.*

01: ECW One Night Stand 2006
Extreme Rules Match For The WWE Championship
John Cena vs. Rob Van Dam
How can this not be number 1? Seriously? That was without a doubt one of the most hostile crowds that I have ever seen. The whole "If Cena Wins We Riot" was intense. What a match. Definatley one of the best of the past decade. You thought the CM Punk-John Cena match was intense, get a load of this. John Cena gained all of the respect in the world for this match! Without a doubt the moment that defined the new ECW."*

(Ding-Ding) Who won? You decide.*
Special thanks to the DK Wrestling Savior and bearkg88 for participating in this edition, and follow me on Twitter @T_Hughes35


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    t-hughes... because your pick for number one was "one of a kind"
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    DK wins this one if you ask me. Solid 5!!
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    Bearkg wins it.
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