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new to blogging forgive me

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I have been a frequent visitor of this site for years, I have read hundreds of blogs that seem all too ridiculous. From what I read there is too much back and forth on who has the better promotion, I am here to say that personally its not a company who gets me to watch wrestling, its the people in it, the talent that goes with it, weather it come from WWE, Impact, or ROH talent is talent i have seen talent at local wrestling shows i would tune in for.

I have been a fan since i was 12 years old so about 10 years give or take, first match i ever sat and watched all the way through was Jeff Hardy and The Undertaker, ever since they where two of my favorite superstars, even though i loved the American badass persona better then the gimick he had before and now(i know most would crucify me for that on here) but its my own opinion, and Jeff even though he obviously has made a lot of mistakes will always be one of my favorites.

Into another touchy subject, CM Punk weather you love him or hate him, I have always liked him and thats my own personal opinion, i saw him debut on the WWE's Version of ECW, which wasnt half bad but i was given tapes by some of the older generations and i would say i like the bloody mess that they made there, anyways i got away from the topic and im gonna roll back to it, i took a year or so off wrestling due to no cable and missed alot even the big promo he cut last year, but even now i still like him and have the same respect i did then, more than i have ever had for John Cena, i don't know if its i am told to like him or if watching him makes me think im watching paint dry, he doesnt entertain me like Names like Jeff Hardy, Punk, Jericho, and Ron Killings (R- Truth). I Honestly think R Truth deserves a push as much as others, i mean hell look at Santino Marella, but honestly always a great competitor, I followed Truth all the way From TNA to WWE.

I have more rants and raving, but ill leave it with this for now, It should not matter if your favorite superstar jumps ship to TNA or WWE, they are both awesome promotions but you gotta support who interests you, and ill pose these two hyptheticals and feel free to comment with the answers, question one: if CM punk or Cena decided to go to TNA would you hate them or support for going there? Or If Bobby Roode Or Styles jumped over to WWE would you hate or support them?

P.S. Sorry if it seems like a mess of words i kinda ADD when it comes to computers, I hope you understand what im trying to say on this, I will try again another time on another subject

Thank you for reading

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  1. Vinnie P Jr's Avatar
    I agree with your opinion on R-Truth I watched him since TNA as well , his matches with Jarrett were pretty great in the early days of TNA
  2. PhEonYx's Avatar
    First and foremost for a beginners entry blog/rant, it was half decent. As for your on going sentences and paragraph structure, you simply need to improve it.

    I'm not going to go out a criticize your blog, because I got the point you were trying to make. One very relevant thing you said that caught my attention was; "It should not matter if your favorite superstar jumps ship to TNA or WWE, they are both awesome promotions but you gotta support who interests you".

    Very good point. Both TNA and the E' alike have signed talent from the opposing show. In some ways they've used the talent properly, and in others' they've failed miserably. Yet despite how the superstars have been used, or pushed, their fan base still seems to support them either way.

    Decent rant bud. For the most part I enjoyed it. Structure and format, along with grammatical errors can be avoided the next time you post. Just take your time, the next time you write.
  3. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    Welcome to the IWC.
  4. riku's Avatar
    good to see that atleast you got some responses despite some seriously poor english .
    My blog despite having 1021 views received only 3 comments and sank without a trace sadly.
  5. JohnnyV123's Avatar
    Not bad information just poorly organized. Remember to make the blog title your central point and then focus on that. Lists always can help too.

    "Wrestlers I Like No Matter Where they Wrestle"

    1. Jeff Hardy
    2. The Undertaker
    3. CM Punk

    Easy way to organize your thoughts

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