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things that bug me in WWE

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1) WWE today is annoying to me for some reasons, when they always talk about twitter and trending world wide to me that is annoying. another is king as a commentator always making everything so dramatic and sounding like a complete idiot all the time, im saying that because king during attitude era was totally different he would hope someone would break there neck or fall off the ring to the floor, and wtf happened to the binoculars and him saying look JR puppies i miss the old king.

2) WWE doesn't use anyone else its always the same people in the same match, they don't give any chances to any other talent. if they would put unused talent together in the tag team you wouldn't really lose anything by this any way since the tag team division is so weak. you put some guys you never seen before together you might find a diamond in the rough you do that you bring back the tag team division and you get some more good quality matches and a good tag team division again. they need to have 2 tag team champs like how it was before the unified belts are stupid and look terrible.

3) Santino holding the united states belt, he doesn't need to be holding the belt all that is doing is taking spot light away from other talent. who should really have it to me is Alex Riley, when he had the feud with Miz i thought this guy was good, and he got over with the fans. another Tyler Reks, now i haven't got to see what he can do because there again WWE doesn't use there talent. let him have the championship and feud with Alex Riley i would enjoy to see that.

4) Alberto Del Rio this guy is so boring to watch, everything about this guy is terrible, this is my problem from what i read on this website that he threatened to leave WWE, now why in the hell would you put him in a title run, if he wants to leave, then let him leave. he is not and never will be a good wrestler. (to me)

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  1. Mr Punk's Avatar
    ADR is a great professional wrestler. He is also a really crappy "entertainer".
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