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Destination X Predictions and Thoughts

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How many of you don't believe TNA could put on a PPV card better than WWE? I think they just did. Destination X is a stacked card that really puts the X division in the spotlight while keeping their main World Heavyweight Title storyline and AJ/Daniels storyline relevant and growing. TNA has been putting a lot of good material lately and has been receiving praise even from WWE marks. Lets see the card:

TNA World Title Match:
Bobby Roode vs. Austin Aries

No real storyline technically, but any match with these two wrestlers in it is sure to put on a clinic. Personally, I think it was a smart move to put A-Double into the World Heavyweight title picture because he has a lot of momentum following after (literally) conquering the X Division. Plus, it also sets up an opportunity to rejuvenate the X Division with the tournament that is happening during the show.
My prediction is Austin Aries wins the title. They would never have him give up the X Division title for nothing. Although if he does lose, i will still be happy because it would be a very unexpected finish and a great match both ways.

Bound For Glory Series Match:
Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle

When Kurt Angle first entered TNA, Samoa Joe gave him a tough, hard welcome. Another great match as we get a second dose of Angle/Joe. Both are very skilled submission specialists. And even though there is no storyline, we have seen from the Jeff Hardy/James Storm match that Bound For Glory Series matches can entertain the hell out of us.
My prediction is that Kurt Angle wins. It will be a very good match though, both sides will put on a clinic.

Last Man Standing Match:
A.J. Styles vs. Daniels

From the start of the TNA X Division, two people have always day and night put blood, sweat, and tears into this company. AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels have consistently put on great shows, and this night wont be any different.
My prediction is that Christopher Daniels wins. As Dixie Carter said, this storyline is far from over, and can only get better.

X Division Title Quarterfinals:
Featuring Zema Ion, Kid Kash, Doug Williams, Sonjay Dutt, Rashad Cameron, Kenny King, Flip Cassanova and a mystery eighth wrestler.

X Division Title Ultimate X Finals:
Featuring the four tournament semifinal winners

Besides the fact that every single one of these wrestlers are amazing athletes, besides the fact that a mystery competitor (who would flip a shit if Joey Ryan was the last competitor?), and besides that all of these wrestlers entertained the hell out of us, these matches are going to show us the real X division we have all been waiting for. Personally, Flip Cassanova and Sonjay Dutt impressed me the most, but all of these wrestlers in one match is very good. And, the best part is the final match is an Ultimate X match, a match that has made itself very famous. It is sure to be an amazing match as well.
It is really hard to pick a winner, but i think i will go with the mystery competitor. Usually when there is a mystery competitior in matches, they end up winning. I think this is the same thing.

EDIT: Fatal four way between Lars Only, Rubix, Mason Andrews and Dakota Darsow

These guys are all great wrestlers (besides Lars Only to me (Lars Ulrich??)) But this match is for the mystery spot, and is sure to be good as well. Also: ignore the Joey Ryan comment earlier, since these 4 wrestlers are the only ones eligable.

My prediction is Rubix wins and advances. He was the most impressive to me out of all of these wrestlers.

As a quick side note, i just want to really encourage everyone who is hesitant about buying a TNA PPV to really consider buying Destination X. This PPV is going to be really good and the buyrates should show how good the wrestlers' show was. They are cheaper than WWE PPV's, so the deal is better than you think. Also, some of the stuff iMPACT has been putting out on TV has been really good, so i encourage all of you to check this PPV out.

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