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WBC Series #8: No Way Out

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What is up guys? So originally, this blog was suppose to go up shortly after No Way Out occured, but the original opponent I had for the champ bailed, after being given an extension, TWICE, and the backup was unable to do it. So instead of letting the champs hard work go to waste, I figured I would challenge him. A rematch to the original WBC. So first up, is the champs blog!


Hey everybody, what's up? Renevious here again. Thanks again for keeping me as the champion. I really enjoy writing for guys, and I especially appreciate everyone taking the time to read my material. Anyway, this week's topic is No Way Out 2012. Bear provided us with some talking points, so I guess I'll just dive right in.

What was the high point of the PPV?
This may seem a little too obvious, and it may even be a little unpopular to the Cena haters out there. But I have to say that it was end of the show with Johnny getting fired. Regardless of how it happened or what you thought of the match or even the feud leading up to it, John Lauranitis had to go. I don't know just how much more of People Power and that annoying ass stumbling raspy voice I could handle. I'll talk a little more about that in my conclusion.

What was the low point of the PPV?
This may seem a little more difficult to put my finger on. Lord knows tuxedo matches are always stupid, and I have no idea why they ever even take place. Not to mention, Ricardo Rodriguez is actually a pretty decent wrestler, so seeing him like this is just embarrassing. But, Ricardo and Santino do play well off of each other, and the crowd seems to be really entertained by it, which is why I have to go with the Divas Title Match on this one. If you know me at all, you know that I have no love for divas wrestling. Pretty much every single match is poorly timed, not at all convincing, just flat out annoying; and most of all, they usually last less time than the entrances of the different competitors. I'm not going to go into anymore obvious detail about why divas matches are ALWAYS the low point of a show. You are all intelligent people, and explaining this any further would be insulting.

What was the best match from the PPV?
The triple threat match for the WWE Championship as if you couldn't have guessed. You can say what you want about CM Punk getting stale or not being as exciting as he used to be, but anytime you get CM Punk and Daniel Bryan in the ring together you're going to get your money's worth. Throw a legend like Kane into the mix, and you're sure to have the best match of the night. Granted, I would have loved to see them do something a little unconventional and actually have Kane walk away with the belt. But hey, a man can dream, right? I still believe Kane will get his day in the spotlight eventually.

What was the worst match from the PPV?
As I stated above, the Divas Championship Match was the worst match from the pay per view. I'm not going to go into any additional detail about why this match sucked. It was a divas match. That should be all the explanation needed. And I hate to be able to make this claim, but I'm fairly confident that the divas match will always be the worst match of any pay per view.

What do you think about the Cena/Show match going on last?
I know lots of people were very upset that this match went on last even though it wasn't a title match. To that, I honestly believe that people are more frustrated that it was a Cena match going on last, rather than it being a non-title match. But you have to put the entire thing into perspective. Despite how you may feel about the match itself, you have to think about the impact of the outcome. This was the match that determined John Lauranitis' fate. And since he was GM of both RAW and Smackdown, that meant that he was everyone's boss. And just like any other tyrannical dictator abusing his power, the people were ready to see him fall. This entire feud was building up to this. The era of "People Power" has ended. To me, this was a lot more memorable than a bunch of titles that didn't change hands at all.

What did you think of the Fatal Fourway tag match?
I'm a huge fan of this recent initiative to try and resurrect the tag division. I really enjoyed the match, because it was a good opportunity to showcase a few of the up and coming teams that are competing to be on top. I do have to say I was a little upset to see that the Uso's still didn't win!!! But hey, I do really like what they're doing with Titus and Darren. They got themselves a manager now with great mic skills, and they actually have a team name. The Prime Time Players has a really nice ring to it. It reminds me of the old school SNL cast when they used to be called the "not ready for prime time players". I'm not sure if this is a shout out to that or if it's just a coincidence, but either way I like it. However, I would rather have seen this whole thing go down as a tournament (with more teams) for the actual titles and not just a #1 contender's match. I know saying this does go against how I usually feel about title match build ups, but with R-Truth's injury these guys should've had to vacate the titles a long ass time ago. I mean, what ever happened to the 30 day rule? If you don't defend your title within a 30 day window, you have to forfeit it. Hell, that's what gave Razor Ramon his first IC title reign, and now he's one of the great IC champions of all time. Anyway, that's just my two cents about the whole situation.

Would you have rather seen ADR face Sheamus at the PPV? Why or why not?
Not really, and here's why. It's nothing against Del Rio himself, because according to the storyline, he earned his title shot. The problem I have with the match, however, is that I still don't really buy into Alberto as being a legitimate main eventer. I like his matches, and I think he plays his character beautifully, but he just doesn't seem like someone who can draw that main event level hype. He could be really good as an Intercontinental Champion, and he could definitely do wonders to restore some prestige to the US title. He's definitely has a lot going for him. I just don't see him as a realistic world champion right now. Plus, it's a pretty popular train of thought to see Dolph as the next big thing. It was great to see him make it to a championship match, but it was also a little disappointing to see him come up short. We all know this guy is the future, and it'll be fun to see it play out.

Any other thoughts you'd like to share?
I would like to touch on one thing real quick. As I said earlier, I am so so glad to see Johnny Ace out of the picture. The guy has been a cancer to the show ever since he first appeared. Some people will try to argue this and talk about how he's an effective heel because of all the boos he gets from the crowd. That brings me to my main point of how there are two types of heat in wrestling. Genuine heel heat and bullshit heat (that's a technical term). Guys like Bobby Heenan, the Million Dollar Man, Iron Sheik, Jake the Snake, Yokozuna, and many others were all experts at generating genuine heat. We all hated them, and we wanted to see them get beat and put in their place. But the key here is that WE WANTED TO SEE IT! Johnny is a heel that just needed to go away. Instead of having this pay per view cage match to make this happen, they could've thrown up a three second "Did you know?" WWE graphic as they came back from commercial on RAW just stating "Did you know John Lauranitis has been fired and you'll never see him again". To me, that would've been just as good. Genuine heel heat is an artform that is very rare to see these days. And Johnny was not one to get the job done. So you say what you want about Cena, but God Bless him for getting the job done finally.

OK guys, I know I've gone on for long enough. Thanks so much for reading, and vote for me if you like it. Until next time, take care...

A great blog from Renevious. Can i beat him? Let's take a look.


What was the high point of the PPV?
Easily hands down the triple threat match for the WWE Championship match and here is why. You have Punk and Bryan, two guys who could go out there any night of the week and tare the roof down giving us a 5 star match. Then you have Kane, a man to his own right can put on a decent match at times. You throw these three together, and it's the recipe for disaster. The thing is, it wasn't though. I thought this match was one of the better triple threat matches we have seen in a while. Plus the ending was just pure gold. I consider this a high point for the simple fact it went above and beyond my expectations.

What was the low point of the PPV? What was the worst match on the PPV?
I combined these two questions because for me, they were one in the same. The low point was actually a tie between two things. First being the Diva's match, and the other being the Tuxedo match. Now the Diva's division...ok screw that I hate using the word Diva...the women's division as of late has been sucking...bad. And why should it!? You have the likes of Layla, Kharma, Beth, Natalya. You have the talent, you just don't know how to use it! The only reason they have the women's division around anymore is so they can give the guys a little eye candy once in a while, and not have a slap in the face to all of the women before who built it. Then you have the Tuxedo match. What really bugs me about this, is that a champion was in this. Remember when the US title use to mean something? I know we might have to go back a little ways, but it use to. At first I was all for Santino having a title reign, as I thought it would be short. Now for me Santino's reign is starting to suck. He rarely defends the title, and he isn't even in a good feud. Then you have Ricardo who while is funny, should either be an announcer, or used for comedy. One or the other.

What was the best match on the PPV?
For me personally, it was Rhodes vs Christian. I've been really enjoying this feud, and I really enjoyed this match. To be honest, I thought Rhodes was going to win the title back, but was really surprised he didn't. I feel like this is what the IC title needs. Great matches and feuds to help restore it to its former glory.

What do you think of the Cena/Show match going on last?
It's stupid politics. I would say I'm certain in that I don't think Cena asks for his match to go last. Whether it be Trips, or Vinnie, or the writers or whoever, someone behind the scenes is saying "Oh man...Cena is our cash cow, I bet if we put him on last, everyone will definitely pay 40 or 50 bucks for it". To me, the WWE Championship should be the center piece. Putting Cena's match on BEFORE it, won't kill anything. If anything, it'll make the fans excited to see the main event, instead of dreading it.

What did you think of the Fatal Fourway tag match?
I loved it! This is what tag team wrestling should be. Exciting and fun. I also really liked the twist at the end with AW turning on Primo/Epico and joining up with the PTP. Personally I am really like the Prime Time Players and hope to see a feud sooner rather than later between PTP and Primo/Epico. Back to this match though. This is one of those matches that while would have been great build up, was awesome to see either way.

Would you have rather seen ADR face Sheamus at the PPV? Why or why not?
I wouldn't. See here is my thing with ADR. He is overrated. The word is he plays backstage politics and that is why he is where he is. Some could say that is why HHH got as far as he did, because he knew how to work people in the back, but the thing going for HHH, he can wrestle a WWE style match. I don't feel like ADR can. I loved seeing Ziggler and Sheamus go at it, and would take that any day over a Sheamus/ADR match.

Any other thoughts?
I wouldn't be surprised if come next year, this PPV is gone again, and we get some new PPV in it's place. While I have always like No Way Out, I don't feel like this card was strong enough to really make it a mainstay PPV. I feel like since the start of the year, it's been a weird with PPV's. We will get 1 or 2 good matches, 1 or 2 ok matches, and then dudes, where as I think PPV's should have EXCELLENT matches. Let's see how MITB goes though.

Ok guys, remember to vote for which blog you liked better, mine or Renevious! And for those of you who are usual readers of my Uncooked series, they will be back on a regular basis starting this coming Raw. My time and energy was being cooped up with the efed I started, ICW, but that proved to be too much. I hope I will all see you there on Monday!

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