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10 worst moments in WCW history!!

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First thing I want to point out is that it is my opinion. I decided after doing best moments of Nitro to do worst moments in WCW history. So I want be asked about why Arquette winning the title isn't on here and so forth. Without any further a do the 10 worst moments in WCW history in my opinion are:

1.David arquette winning the world title-A person outside of wrestling holding the world title was just a slap in the face to all the past world champions. 2.Vince Russo booking himself as world champion-Can anyone argue?
3.fingerpoke of doom-Interesting enough this happened on January 4th. Downfall to some folks was Tony laughing at the fact Foley won WWE title and fans switched over. I think probably the start of the downfall began here with that joke of an ending.
4.Halloween Havoc main event cut-Other matches on the card went to long and fans didn't get what they paid to see. The main event match between Goldberg and DDP. Refunded dollars made on the ppv because of this.
5.Nash ends Goldberg's streak-Nash a booker at the time booked himself to end Goldberg's streak of 173 wins in a row. I know that because I recently watched the match back on the Starrcade DVD a few days ago. The streak had to end at some point, but like it did the gun and to go on Nitro to do the finger poke with Hogan on Nitro shortly after.
6.Robocop saving Sting-In the early 90s before Hogan got there I believe, they decided to have a robot come out and save Sting. It was before the Monday Night Wars.
7.Bash at the Beach-I bought Bischoff's book because of all the topics in the previews on Raw I was interested in hearing about. According to Bischoff, plan was for Hogan to leave for a few months and come back with the belt at Halloween Havoc to name the real worlds champion to attempt to bring prestige back. Hogan was schedules do that shoot, but Russo apparently wasn't.
8.Nash imitates Arn Anderson-Terrible night on Nitro Nash and his boys mocking Flair, Perfect, Arn and the 4 Horsemen. People holding Flair and others back from coming out and trying to stop it. It made several folks angry with a bad taste in their mouth something Bischoff wishes he wouldn't have allowed to happen.
9.Oklahoma-A character played by Russo's best friend Ed Ferrara something like that. LOL! Anytime JR is made fun of on TV, it makes wrestling fans angry because we love JR and his commentary. Now days, I just shake my head in disbelief when they do stupid stuff such as firing him for no reason like Big Johnny did recently.
10.Hogan/Warrior-Warrior wanted more money than Hogan. He also caused Bulldog to injure his back because the angle they were doing with the metal plate underneath the ring. That terrible promo that went on forever that was only supposed to last 7 minutes. LOL!
Honorable mention: Russo shaves Flair's hair, Kiss performs on Nitro, Black Scorpion

Theres my 10 in my opinion are the worst moments in WCW history. Certainly people can try to argue where the should be ranked or who isn't on the list. I think it is solid o. Worst moments in Summerslam history is coming in my next blog. Have any I should consider leave in the comment section. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it.

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  1. tommytopographic's Avatar
    Personally iv always thought the importance of the fingerpoke of doom has been overstated in terms of the downfall of wcw. I can see where they were coming from with the story line, Hogan was always the main man in the nWo and Nash was sacrificing his potential run with the title to put the title 'back where it belongs' around the waist of Hogan and then reuniting the feuding factions of the nWo into one supergroup for one last big run, and in the process the jobbers in the nWo like Stevie Ray, Brian Adams etc would go into the nWo black and white b team as they became to be known and so bringing back a bit of quality control to the nWo lineup.
    The bigger problem was that Hall got injured, then Luger, then Hogan and so the storyline plans for the reunited nWo never came to fruition, which led to some iffy storylines around early-mid 1999 and Nash pushing himself to high heaven.
    And so im sure the fingerpoke of doom was very disappointing for the capacity crowd in the Georgia Dome but from a storyline perspective i think it makes sense, not the best storyline ever but we've certaintly seen worse.
  2. knox's Avatar
    The most accurate list I've seen out of any topic on this site. Couldn't have said it better. Great job.
  3. akbar's Avatar
    -Great blog
    -Number 3 would be my number 1
  4. 5 Finger Death Punch's Avatar
    The absolute worst moment in WCW history had to be the night Shane-o-mac showed up and purchased WCW Nitro...down down the drain!
  5. A.J. The People's Champ's Avatar
    Everytime Tank Abbot would sing with 3-count was the worst. Or when Juventude did the Peoples Elbow.
  6. A.J. The People's Champ's Avatar
    The worst of all is the fact it was bought by Vinnie Mac and using it as an alliance storyline instead of just bringing over talent to be "WWF" Superstars.
  7. Vinnie P Jr's Avatar
    I dont understand why the " finger poke of doom " is constantly brought up . I remember a match between Shawn and Triple H that borders this , where they just made the whole match horrible and that was for a title aswell , I believe the Europeaon championship . It was a farce but because DX did it the match is never brought up , but boy it was terrible .
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