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Blog Wars 24: Top 5 Underutalized Talents Today

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Welcome back to another episode of Blog Wars. Last week, the winner did not respond to any of my PMs so I had to find someone new to take his place. If you have no intention of doing multiple Blog Wars lists, then please do not waste my time. Only ask to be on the show if you are serious. This week bearkg88 will take on The Hit Man, now let's see the list....

Top 5 Underutilized Talents

Criteria: Only talent under contract and only WWE and TNA talent.

bearkg88What is up guys!? So i was asked to step in to challenge the Blog Wars champ, and this weeks topic was Top 5 Underutilized Talents. They could be from WWE or TNA. So instead of feeding you a line, I'm going to get right into it! Here we go!

5. Drew McIntyre

When someone says the word Underutilized, Drew is the first guy that should come to mind. While I don't like Drew, that doesn't take away from the fact he has the look, the mic ability, and the in ring ability to do really well. The WWE has dropped the ball big time on him in my opinion. While people have been saying Drew should/could be WWE or WHC Champ some day, I definitely think he would make a fine US or IC Champ.

4. Zema Ion

Here is a guy who I think is pretty good as a heel, has a decent look, and is enjoyable to watch in the ring. Yes, there was the injury involving Jesse Sorrenson, but do you really think Ion meant to do it? I can only guess the guy feels bad. Considering the factor the X-Divison is up for grabs again, hopefully he gets his shot.

3. Tyson Kidd

Here is a guy who was trained by the Harts, who has all of the talent in the world, and yet, he isn't going anywhere. Granted he has a shot in MITB, and hopefully Kidd becomes the new Benjamin. Here is what I mean by it. Benjamin always did CRAZY stuff in MITB matches. I hope Kidd is like that. I hope Kidd goes out there and blows everyone away, and it eventually leads to a IC or US title reign for the guy. He deserves it.

2. Alex Riley

Here is a guy who has the look, the mic work, and the in ring work, AND....AND the fans behind him. I remember reading from others saying he isn't being used because of some incident, but to me, when you have someone like Riley, you give the guy a shot. I think he could definitely be big deal in my opinion. He is someone who should be used more often than he currently is.

1. The Miz

Now I am sure some people are surprised by this choice as #1. Here is why I pick The Miz. Granted I know right now he is off filming the Marine 3 and will be back any time, but lets look at the last year for the Miz. Last year, he main evented WM, he would go on to form a tag team with R Truth which I really enjoyed, and he main event Survivor Series with John Cena and The Rock. To me, last year was a big year for the Miz. So lets look at this year. He hasn't really had a solid feud. He was used in the GM match at WM, and after that, just vanished. My guess is when he comes back, he might get a mini push because of the movie, but for the most part, he probably won't go anywhere. The guy is decent in the ring, and a heat magnet on the mic, he should easily be used!

Ok guys, hope you liked my picks. If so, make sure to vote for me!

The Hit Man

5. Hawkins and Reks

We all know for a long time that the WWE tag team division has been pretty much nonexistent for the last couple years. Lately however there has been a hint of resurgence in the division with several teams forming and even having spot on the No Way Out PPV. The only problem with this is that the heel team leading this resurgence is not the team of Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks. The WWE have potentially something great with Hawkins and Reks. These two guys could become one the greatest heel tag teams the company has ever produced. They both can go in the ring – much better than the PrimeTime Players anyway. They’re also much more entertaining on the mic and have that team chemistry which has lacked so much with teams in recent years. If given the chance this team could be mentioned in the same bracket as teams such as the New Age Outlaws and Edge & Christian.

4. Drew McIntyre

A once promising career, touted by many, including VKM himself, as a future World Champion... is now a regular on Superstars. What the hell happened to this guy!? Seriously, McIntyre was destined for greatness long before Del Rio arrived on the scene. It seems that backstage politics have had an impact on the Scot’s fall down the pecking order which is a shame because this guy was a great all rounder. He may not have been the greatest on the mic but he was still able to draw our attention to him. He may not be the most technically gifted of wrestlers but he still knew how to work a match. Another thing that baffles me about McIntyre’s ‘depush’ is that he has a great look, one which I would have figured McMahon would be after. One thing on McIntyre’s side is time. He’s only 27 so there’s plenty of time for him to re-climb the ladder and break through that main event glass ceiling.

3. Alex Riley

This guy just screams main event. I don’t understand why he’s on NXT and Superstars. When he turned on Miz he was arguably the most over face at the time. The crowd popped big for him whenever his music hit. He looked like a lock for the US Championship which would eventually be his stepping stone to the main event scene but it never materialised. Maybe his ring work wasn’t quite up to scratch but when you have John Cena as your top guy is that really an issue in the WWE? One thing for sure is that Riley can go on the mic as both a face and a heel. A year ago I saw Riley as potentially the next big face of the company, now I’m not so sure. From a business point of view, this guy is commercial gold. He’d be able to sell countless merch if given the right push and would make the perfect poster boy.

2. Samoa Joe

I think just about everyone is in agreement when it comes to the most underutilized talent in TNA. With a roster full of great wrestlers, Joe stands out as one of the best. Yes he has held the World Championship before but over the last couple years he has been nothing but a mid carder and Joe is better than that. He’s been part of the company’s greatest matches and has been a terrific servant to the company. I’m not saying he should be constantly World Champion but at least give him main event calibre storylines rather than this hot potato between being a face and a heel. Just stick with one and push him back into the main event. Perhaps a good showing in the BFG series may help but we can only sit and wait for just now.

1. Tyson Kidd

Without a doubt the most underutilized talent in wrestling today is Tyson Kidd. This man is arguably the greatest in ring worker going today – and yes that does include Daniel Bryan. I don’t think I’ve ever saw him have a bad match. It doesn’t matter who he wrestles, he’ll make them look great – remind you of anyone else who came from the dungeon? Not only is he technically astute in the ring, he knows how to fly as well. If we’re talking from purely a wrestling point of view, this guy is the total package. One criticism of Kidd’s could be he has no mic skills. But has he ever really been given a chance? No. We know nothing about Kidd’s character because he has not been given the chance. Hopefully this pairing with Gabriel does something good for his career as Kidd is too talented to be another one who WWE ‘dropped the ball on’.

That's it for this week. Remember to vote for the winner at the bottom and stay tuned.

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  1. knox's Avatar
    This might be the best one yet. I loved both lists and it sucks that I can't choose both but rules are rules. I'm going with Hitman.
  2. StratZ-'s Avatar
    very nice blog. Going to have to agree with Knox on this 1. My vote is to hitman
  3. The Piper's Avatar
    Have to go with Bearkg, Miz sold it for me, being a Miz mark and all...
  4. StratZ-'s Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by The Piper
    Have to go with Bearkg, Miz sold it for me, being a Miz mark and all...
    hahaha thats okay man. Im a Tyson Kidd mark
  5. beefy86's Avatar
    I'm going to go with Bearkg...I saw Ion live once and he is awesome, and I do enjoy a good heel when I see one, and Miz is a great heel.
  6. cymru96123's Avatar
    Bearkg for me. It was close though. Drew McIntyre, Tyson Kidd and A-Ry are three of my favorites but I also like Zema Ion and dislike Samoa Joe, so that swung it for me.
  7. CGBigMan's Avatar
    hard to choose
    but ill say the hit man
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