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Macho Madness #2: What Makes A Superstar?

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Before I start, I would like to thank everyone for the positive support they gave my first blog. For that, I present you with my second blog. This was an blog idea that I was thinking about writing. At the end of the blog, please comment and I hope you enjoy my blog of: What Makes A Superstar?

What Makes A Superstar?

It's midnight. A unknown face is working backstage to make sure that John Cena is all packed up and ready to leave the arena. This unknown face is asking himself, why is he doing this? He walks around the arena and walks down the ramp thinking about 14,000 in the arena screaming out his name. Then his dream ends, with a broom to sweep the popcorn that the fans literally threw on the floor at the excitement of the Wwe superstar. He tells himself one day the audience will be on there feet for him. Years past by and that young man is hitting a flying headbutt from the top rope. Oh did he succeed? In my books, he did. What did he have that made him succeed. This young man had a never-quit attitude and a dream yet fulfilling. Yet the quality he possessed was determination. No, he is not a the main attraction, yet he is still recognized as a mid-carder. He fulfilled his dream!

The question that is being asked here is What Makes A Superstar?
As you seen in my last paragraph, that superstar had determination. He could finally proclaim himself as a story-teller in the ring and having the guts to step in risking every bone in his body to entertain the fans. Recently, I had the pleasure of watching the career of Edge, which was called Edge:You Think You Know Me? It was an amazing DVD that everyone should watch. I got more information on Edge and a childhood dream fulfilling. He did not want to help only himself. As the DVD said and Edge said he did it for his mother. Edge said that she was struggling and later told his friend Christian that he needed to succeed for his mom. It was a nice dream to fulfill and a excellent reason to fulfill it. I salute you Adam Copeland ( Edge).

Edge was a great prime example of what makes a superstar. He would later go on to win eleventh World Championship and became a fourteen time tag team champion. If I continued, it would take up my whole list. Now this is not a dedication blog to the Rated-R superstar but a reminder of the struggles anyone, even a Wwe superstar went or goes through. Why did I pick Adam Copeland. It was not because of his amazing record of championship ( Nearly 40 time champion) but the person inside. He was the primary example of why dreams come true!

Many of us will have different opinions of what makes a superstar. For me it is not working out at the gym and building muscle. It is not amazing mic skills or even how you wrestle. A real superstar is a person that can make someone believe that can achieve greatness. Superstars that help many do that is John Cena and Edge. In my opinion, they are remodels to me. Everyone could have a different opinion of what makes a superstar but this is just my opinion.

Please leave your comments below. If you have an idea of a interesting blog to write about, just tell me in your comment below. In my next blog, I will be writing about anything that comes to mind! This was Macho Madness #2 and I hope you had a wonderful blogging experience!

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  1. The Phantom Menace's Avatar
    Adam was truly one of the best in the world, he could make you both love & hate him in the same match. To bad Uncle Vince screwed up by waiting so long to make Edge the main eventer we knew he was.
  2. Proudfather222's Avatar
    Best part about edge was when he was forced to retire. Edge always has sucked and always will! No entertainment value whatsoever and don't get me started on this little guy using the spear.

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