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Macho Madness #3:End Of An Era!: It Is Time To Step Up And Make A Name!!!

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Hey Everyone. Before I start my blog, I will like to begin saying that this blog talks about a bunch of topics. I called this blog an end of an era because I want to address a topic that many bloggers talk about a lot. While enjoy and make sure to comment after you read my blog. Enjoy your blogging experience everyone.

Week In Review
I know it might not be the end of the week yet, nut Smackdown had a live Smackdown which was called the "The Great American Bash!" Yes it was a former WCW and WWE pay-per-view. So in books it is the end of the week, since no one here watches NXT or Superstars. Yeah they are good shows but FCW superstars do not catch my interest on NXT. What can I say about Monday Night Raw! Number 997 did not disappoint. We saw the return of DDP which was great who was not in wrestling attire or ready to perform. At least Health Slater did not job to Doink which would have been a disappoint. AJ Lee has amazed me again but I believe she is trying to add a Mickie James character in herself. Anyway I would wanted an ending to the main event but Lee came out. It was interesting but Wwe involved her into most of the segments of Raw which was amazing for a Diva. Instead of always calling Cena "Super" let us come up with "Super AJ!" The table segment was catchy and the way of not knowing who AJ is going to pick at Money In The Bank is amazing. AJ is talented and is making the Punk and Byran saga very interesting. You can call me crazy but I believe AJ will win the Wwe championship at Money In The Bank. It is another possibility of having her side with Kane and letting him win gold at the Pay-Per-View. If I had to rate this Raw out of five it will get a score of 3.5 of 5. It was too much AJ segments but Tyson Kidd did beat Tensai which was a shocker to the WWE universe. Smackdown was great too. It had another shocker with Zack Ryder winning the Battle Royal and becoming GM of Smackdown for next week. I thought Show was going to win but Ryder was a shocker. I am glad he won and the Ryder Revolution will live on. Cody Rhodes earned his spot buy defeating Christian. Ziggler also won but I was sad that Wade Barret did not return to qualify for the match. WWE has announced it will only be seven but knowing them it might change to nine competitors or Ryder adding himself into the match which will be pointless because Ryder will not win the match knowing that either Ziggler or Cody will prevail. If I had to rate Smackdown, I would give it also a 3.5 of 5. It was filled with one surprise and two qualifying matches . Well this was the Week In Review and if you guys like it, maybe I will keep this segment on my blogging series.

Tyson Kidd: Moving Up In The World
I am happy to inform you that Tyson Kidd is getting a big push. It is exciting but the "E should learn from prior mistakes. If they Push Kidd, give him a minor push for now. Let him lose at Money In The Bank, but let them know he was a strong suit in the match and was active a lot. Then let Kidd feud for a minor title such as the U.S title. Let Santino give the title up to Otunga and let Kidd challenge for it. After a short but interesting feud let Kidd win the title. Let him hold the title for a long period of time before he starts a major feud with a new worlds champion- such as Del Rio. Del Rio has to win the championship once for him to be taking seriously. After that let Del Rio screw Kidd out of the U.S title and Kidd screws Del Rio out of the title. There let them start a feud where the winner gets a world title shot. Tyson Kidd wins and faces the champion, I am hoping Ziggler can win the championship. The WWE should not rush his push but let him build up his charisma and mic work. This should involve around a time period of six to eight months. This will assure Kidd a worthy contender for the title and not some jobber who would lose to a superstar quickly. Tyson Kidd has the ability of becoming the best superstar of the new breed of superstar such as Wade Barret and Damien Shadow.

End Of An Era!
I want to end this blog with this message. Many of you bloggers have left and retired from blogging. When I saw my favorite bloggers such as RatedR(OB)KO leave I felt like it was enough room. Rob left a legacy on Ewrestling and opened the door to new bloggers. Even through he left, it is out time to take the opportunity and make a name for ourselves on this website. I do not complain there is not enough room on this website through I am aware of that. I am looking for a co-host for my this show. It would make more bloggers famous and it will fit room to several bloggers in just one blog! It is our time to step up bloggers and make a new era on this website. If you are interested in participating, please tell me in your comment below. This is our chance bloggers! Let's make a new era on EwrestlingNews!

Thank you for reading my blog.Next time, I hope to have a co-host and make this show exciting. Thanks you and I hope you enjoyed your blogging experience!

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  1. akbar's Avatar
    First part needs Paragraphs!
  2. PhEonYx's Avatar
    Regardless of your blogging stucture, I'd like to say; EXCEPTIONAL blog. Since you first made your debut, I've thoroughly enjoyed reading your blogs. Something new, and fresh. Regardless of the topics you've chosen, they've certainly been worth the read. Ramble or simple facts, you've given us insight worth reading. Thank you bud, and keep it up.
  3. TheBritishInvasion's Avatar
    and enjoyable blog as always

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