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Why I'm a CM Punk mark.

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CM Punk fan boy
Of course with all the fame and success you and your fans have always wished for, CM Punks supposed devoted fans have turned on him because he has apparently sold out to the 'machine' and become a 'corporate sell out' or whatever the term is. His accusation are as follows: stale promos, isn't good as he used to be, ain't doing what he promised, would be better as a face etc... Nevertheless I am a straight out CM Punk mark, I mark out when his song hits, I mark out when he does his Macho Man elbow drop, I mark out when he wins a match.

I along with alot of Punk fans I'll say, jumped on the bandwagon when Punk did his future legendary shoot, ironically enough this has lead his fans of the past to turn on him because it signalled his face turn and meteoric push.
It's the classic case of a kid having a favourite Indy band and always supporting them hoping other people would realise how awesome this band and their music is, then the moment you have been waiting for, they have been received by the majority. They, your favourite Indy band has become successful and all of a sudden for whatever reason you can't accept that you are no longer in the minority and everyone else loves what you love. Everyone has to be a sort of rebel against the mainstream culture because it's the 'cool' thing to do. But then you try to justify your reason with legitimate excuses like 'their music/wrestling isn't good anymore' or their 'songs/promos aren't what they used to be' or 'their Music style/Gimmick' is just not true to their self's.

I hear a lot that people don't like Punk because he doesn't draw as much as a company face main eventer should, but that should never stop a wrestling fan to support someone or not because it has to be according to your personal preferences. It's wrong to say the majority of fans are wrong but real wrestling fans don't come in big numbers no more so I wouldnt concentrate on ratings and buy-rates as it really doesnt reflect the truth, and that Punk is the best face WWE has.

In defence of Punk recent less rebellious promos, you really have to look at the circumstances in which he is in, his environment is now different, his actions are magnified, your getting more attention and interest then you could have ever imagined. Therefore Punk has to live in a certain image that has been created for him by the writers in order for him to be marketed in the best way possible to the fans on a international scale.
So you ask why isn't Punk as rebellious as he said he used to be? Because he is now the champion, he has limitis, so the need to say something as controversial as insulting the owner of the company is no longer needed to get a reaction. On that subject of owners, a music band has little pressure from the producers to make a certain type of music but in the WWE, you are being controlled by one of the most feared egotistical man ever, Vince McMahon.

Punks promo skills are second to none, his witty Smartass comments are brilliant. When he speaks, the words flow out of his mouth smoothly with no tension and force behind it like most of the wrestlers now a days that have struggled to get over when they were world champ i.e Jack Swagger. During Punks feud with Jericho, he held it up verbally all the way through and I actually thought he out done Jericho in a lot of their promos together. Now with that being said Punk has a attribute that a lot of the past company Faces didn't... He can wrestle. Not only can he wrestle, he is one of the best wrestlers in the business right now. Now when you have someone who puts on a outstanding match week in week out and his giving great promos AND is getting reaction from the crowd, then you know that you have a real superstar in your hands.

When I look back at this period of wrestling, it would be bombarded with 2 things: Cena and PG. Punk is the only thing that can overhaul the bad nostalgia trip for an adolescence kid in 10 years time. I was too young to be fully latched on Stone Cold and his anarchist actions, consequently Punk's run in the summer of 2011 was a thrill for me to watch, and from then I became a Punk fan.
I read a report recently about how Punk was the most popular attraction at the Comic Con and while he got negative reaction for his antics with Chris Brown, it gave him a bit of much needed non-wrestling related media attention. At one point his merchandise even outsold John Cena, now that says something.I don't care how Punk does in terms of buy rates and Raw ratings because if those fans want to see Cena or a washed out Triple H instead then that's their loss. Punk is one of my favourite wrestlers right now and his feud with Bryan is something we should saviour, especially us internet fan boys who have been dreaming for these 2 independent wrestlers to get at it.

To conclude, as the title says these are reasons on why I like Punk so a lot of you are likely to disagree with me, and I'm sure most will probably say I have given Punk much more credit then he is due but this is just how I feel now. I have also given explanations on some of the unfair criticisms I feel Punk has gotten. Cheers for reading my blog

In a bit everyone.

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  1. ComingToCinemas's Avatar
    I personally love Punk. I think his promos are less cutting edge than they were, but they aren't bad. He's doing what he set out to do and that is replace Cena at the top of the mountain. The only thing holding him back is whoever it is deciding that Cena versus the latest heel is a better match than Bryan versus Punk.
  2. ewantu2's Avatar
    I hate the people that hate Punk because he does not draw as big as Cena it's like "Do you like Punk" other guy "No" the other guy "now i don't like him" no wonder people think wrestling is gay.
  3. bida2's Avatar
    You jumped on the bandwagon a.k.a you missed most of Punk's awesome.But seriously,it's not the "Indy band" thing.I enjoyed the living hell out of Jericho and Punk's feud and back then Punk's promos felt awesome once again.This AJ thing is dragging on for far too long,hopefully it ends at MITB in some way.
  4. LegendsMadeWrestling's Avatar
    This is what I have to say as longest Cm Punk in not John Cena I will root for the guy and so should everyone else. Cm Punk does not come out to cut a promo about he's a hardworker we see that in his matches that he does bust his ass to give a good wrestling match unlike Cena, Cm Punk doesn't come out to cut another promo saying Wow this crowd is awesome if they were boooeing him like Cena does and Last thing Cm Punk ain't really Best In The World but to me he is the Best thing in the WWE I just hope he doesn't end up like another Cena which this Monday he was raising his hand for the Let's go Cena chants which I didn't like. So that's my take on Cm Punk he puts on great wrestling matches and he does somewhat entertain the crowd better than Cena. Good Blog though
  5. Wade Barrett 1979's Avatar
    Good work fella!
  6. scribbler_jones's Avatar
    Dammit... I'm always late to the party...

    I feel you all the way. I always admired CM Punk - not just during his New Nexus days and the infamous shoot, but when he came out on ECW (such as it was... smh) and then on to SD and Raw. I love how unconventional he is compared to most other wrestlers - that's been my biggest draw to him. Yes, he got popular, got famous, and got big. He also deserved it. Wrestling is a business - the best performers have the love of the game in them, but everyone there is working to get paid and come up in the industry. He has accomplished that. I respect and admire that too. As long as Punk is Punk, he will always be one of my favorite wrestlers. Thank you for an awesome blog!
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