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Money In The Bank and 1000th Episode of Raw

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Hey wrestling fans. The Saviour here with a breakdown of sorts as we have started what is to be a monumental month in WWE history. We had the live, 4th of July, Great American Bash episode of Smackdown. *say that 5 times fast*. We have Money In The Bank in another week. Then we have the 1000th episode of Raw 8 days later.

What I want to do here is breakdown a few things as we look both of these huge events right in the eyes.


As we inch our way closer to the MITB PPV, there are still many questions that are unanswered. What role will AJ Play in the WWE Title Match? What about the two MITB Matches? Who else is going to join these matches? So let's get into it, shall we?

AJ and the WWE Title Match

Usually, things in WWE are so predictable. Before Raw, I was certain AJ was going to screw Punk and side with DB and help him win. But honestly, that would be too predictable and quite frankly, that would suck. DB's World Title Reign was watered down and very non-legit. It would be a shame to completely kill his character with a win in that fashion. So, I think somewhere, Punk will beat Bryan, despite AJ's trying to help DB.

Who Else Should Join the WWE Title MITB Match?

With one more episode of Raw to go, it looks like we have 4 competitors for the MITB Match. I think we need more. There's a lot of talk about Rey Mysterio and The Miz. That can only be good. However, for the sake of wet dreaming, wouldn't it be great if Undertaker and Rock made surprise appearances for this match? Talk about unpredictable. It won't happen. And there's not really many other options so, unless they go with these 4, I think they have to add Miz and Mysterio.

Should They Add Anyone Else to the WHC MITB Match?

It's already over-crowded and full of weak competitors. I'm sorry but Damien Sandow doesn't deserve to be there. It's good Tyson Kidd is in there for match quality purposes but we know he's not gonna win. Santino? Really? And Tensai? Give me a break. They finally added some prestige to go along with Christian when Cody Rhodes and Dolph Ziggler qualified. Their is talk that they may add 2 or 3 more? I agree only if they're replacing some people, but really, how many people can you have in a ladder match? 9 or 10 is just too much. I know they've gone with 9 before, but it would be so much better if they get rid of Sandow, Santino, and Tensai. Add Barrett, and then somehow added Gabriel and let Zack Ryder insert himself since he's running Smackdown on the coming home show. That would be so much better, and not as watered down.

Who Will Win These Matches?

A little bit of predictions going on here. At first, I was thinking Big Show wins the WWE MITB. However, re-thinking things, I'm going to go with an improbable but interesting twist. Kane wins. AJ screws both Bryan and Punk, sides with Kane. Kane cashes in, new champ. Just kidding. That would be interesting though. But I'm going with Big Show.

For the WHC MITB, is there really any doubt that Ziggler's going to win this? Cody and Christian will take each other out of the match and continue their feud. Tyson Kidd will come just short of winning, and Ziggler pulls it off. I think that's pretty simple. If not Tyson Kidd, then Zack Ryder. I'm sticking with Zack Ryder inserting himself into the match this coming Friday.


I fear for this. This is supposed to be something historic and prestigious. But I fear for this. I'm not sure i have the faith in WWE to put on the phenomenal show that this needs to be. Will it have good throwback moments, Yes. Will it have decent reunions and nostalgia? Yes. Are they gonna pull out all the stops? I hope. Let's take a look.

Who Will The Permanent General Manager Be?

I can only imagine they are going to screw this up big time? Why? Because to me, it will be a failure unless Shane McMahon is the new GM. I don't know why. I always liked Shane. But certainly, it would be a huge failure in my eyes if it was Ric Flair, Paul Heyman, Mick Foley, Stone Cold, HBK, or basically anyone else that has been in the position before like Teddy Long, Vickie Guerrero, Bret Hart, or any of the above mentioned. So there's not really many other options that would WOW us. I know there are those that will disagree and would love to see Paul Heyman. I can't imagine why unless you enjoy the torturous noise pollution that is his voice. So my vote goes to Shane McMahon.

What Big Matches Can We Expect?

Okay. Nothing's really set in stone yet, but I'm sure they will have some "Dream Matches" so to speak. I think all matches, whichever they are, should all be PPV quality. I'm talking Champion vs Champion match. Or even title matches. I'm thinking, to jam pack everything they can into the 3 hour show, they should probably have Bret Hart manage Tyson Kidd for a match. Maybe have New Age Outlaws battle Prime Time Players...etc. One thing I don't want is for this show to be filled with throwback matches. We don't need Hacksaw and Sgt Slaughter wrestling again. In what's sure to be a highly watched episode, they should really let today's stars shine a bit.

What Big Events/Surprises Should We Expect?

Well, obviously, we know Brock Lesnar is going to answer HHH's challenge. We know there will be a new and permanent GM. And there's high speculation of a DX Reunion. But what else? Other than throwback appearances, what else is going to happen that will WOW us? I guess Brock Lesnar can interfere in the DX Reunion somehow? I'm sure Stone Cold will be there. At least he will if WWE is smart. I've read that a face off with him and DB with a "What" vs "Yes" thing could go on. That would be entertaining, though I would guess "What" blows "Yes" away. Anything Else? I'd love to hear your perspective on this one.

As we can see, July is a huge month for WWE. What they do with it remains to be seen. Will they drop the ball like they did at Wrestlemania? I know there's those that disagree but I felt WM was weak for what they built it up to be. They can't do that with the 1000th Episode of Raw. They can always make up for WM. 1000th Episode only comes once ever.

Thanks for reading everyone. Let me know what you think. What are your ideas on MITB and 1000th Raw?

Take Care, Be Safe, and Happy 4th of July.

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  1. Jayley87's Avatar
    Well prepared to de disappointed, Shane will not be returning as the perm
    GM of both RAW and Smackdown as his you view company is really starting take off, don't get me wrong, he may appear, however no chance of a new role. My thoughts are that the WWE will throw a 'curve ball' and have Big Johnny back as GM, I refer to curve ball like that as let's face it, the WWE have a habit of dissapointing fans big time. My choice would be Flair, however with the court battle impending I don't see this happening either! I agree with all your other points as I really can't bare watching hacksaw and slaughter again!

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