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The pg era could work!!!

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Hi, this is my first blog, some of you will hate it some may like it, but hopefully you may take some of what i say on board.

I am 31, i started watching wrestling, here in the UK, when i was around 7 or 8, my dad still remembers me trying to replicate Randy Savages elbow drop from the top of my bunk beds onto my friends in the street. i have watched the WWF/WWE since. I loved the attitude era and like most people at the moment am a bit down on the current stsate of the WWE. but....

Now it seems a lot of people on here only watched wrestling in the attitude era and not a lot before, apologies if i am wrong. Before the attitude era there was a host of stars Hulkster, Warrior, Brett, Rick Rude, Mr Perfect, Junkyard dog, Hercules, Andre, Bam BAam, One Man Gang, Earthquake, SGT Slaughter, Nikolai Volkoff, Iron Sheikh to name but a small few. Now these names enterained a generation of fans like myself for hours every week and we loved it, Heels were booed faces were cheered. But they all had one thing in common, there was no swearing, no crass behaviour (well not a great deal). In the early eighties and the early nineties WWE (WWF) was a PG era!!!!!!

Go back and watch some of these matches, they all told a story, the build ups were fantastic and everyone played their roles, backstage segments were 'i am gonna beat you in the ring because i hate you' but they put the intensity into their promos that made you believe they wanted to beat each other up to prove they were the better men. PPV's were a big thing with everything built up top the big match climax that often resolved feuds. Tag teams were relevant and good, people had time to build up heat between each other. And above all, the wrestlers were entertaining! Oh and managers! every good era has top quality managers, Hart, Heenan & Mr Fuji were my favourites.

Now it was done then and it can be done again, by this I mean good wrestling, entertaining wrestlers, comedy skits and all catering for the kids and the adults. go and watch matches from this era. the singles matches, the tag matches, the skits watch it all. story telling was the way the WWE got its fans, the kids in the events used to go nuts for heels and faces and not just their favourite wrestlers, watch how they wrestlers control the crowd. Nowadays its almost a lost art form!

Final paragraph, i promise, for me the WWE needs to tell a story between wrestlers, build up the heat between them, less pay per views, real tag teams with team names, backstage skits that add to tensions between people and not random unfunny comedy, generate heat by playing to the audience at ringside, take a kids hat and shout at the front row, make them hate you. Dont get me wrong i loved the attitude era as well, but i am trying to look at the PG era previously that launched a lot of brilliant wrestlers to the PG era today that doesnt tell a story. Let me know what you think guys, be nice please!

P.S check out some of my favourite wrestlers then tell me PG cant be done....Steamboat, British Bulldogs, Hart Foundation, Demolition, Rogeaux brothers, Texas Tornado, Bam Bam Bigalow, Dibaise, Coco be Ware, Big JohnStudd, One man Gang and watch promos from Piper, Jimmy Hart, Booby Heenan...

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  1. RoadWarrior's Avatar
    Nice blog. I've always agreed, I don't believe PG is the problem, it's whoever is writing it. Throwing in some curse words and half naked women won't solve anything. Good story lines, cliff hangers, matches people want to see with some good build up, unpredictability, new stars rising.. these are what people want to see, IMO. Whether its PG or Attitude, doesn't really matter. Good blog.
  2. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Welcome new blogger. To a point, I agree that a PG era could work. But it's the level and the extremes that WWE is going to ensure the PG ism of their show. Today's "PG" era is all about being image friendly. Even though it was PG in the 80's and early 90's, it was violent, and they bled in matches where it seemed realistic that one would in the situation.

    WM 2 - King King Bundy was a bloody mess.
    Desert Storm Match - Sgt Slaughter was a bloody mess
    INY 1995 - Bret Hart bled in his rematch with British Bulldog

    The language wasn't what it was in the Attitude Era, but when someone gets hit with a chair, gets his head rammed into a cage, etc...blood is expected.

    They won't bleed now, even though they have much more violent themed matches in this "PG" Era. Elimination Chamber, Hell in a Cell, TLC, Extreme Rules, etc....yet there's no blood. Makes no sense. And while they did bleed with Cena and Brock Lesnar, it's been years since it happened.

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