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Top 5 Steve Austin Matches

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Every where I go on the Internet people are comparing Stone Cold Steve Austin to Hulk Hogan. Saying thins like "They weren't Great Wrestlers and didn't have Great matches but they made up for it with Charisma". People always type cast Austin as a 1 trick pony or a Guy with a great character, I say BULLSHIT to that... I even heard someone on a wrestling internet show say that The Rock and Ric Flair are complete wrestlers who have it all unlike Stone Cold and Hulk Hogan who just had Great mic skills. That Comment was one of the dumbest comments I ever heard, Austin is 20 times the wrestler and in ring performer than The Rock is. Austin is probably the best all around Wrestler I ever seen.

Steve Austin is the only man I know that can Have a Amazing 5 star Brawls with a Mick Foley and a HHH, A Exciting edge of your seat Sports entertainment Classic with The Rock and Perform a Technical Masterpiece with a Bret Hart, Kurt Angle and a Chris Benoit.... Austin had it all, Austin could carry people to his level, He could Brawl better than anyone, He could do Sports entertainment match better than anyone and he can keep up Hold for hold with the Greatest technicians in the Sports History. So Today I will rate Steve Austins 5 Greatest matches of all time.

I'm gonna stick to singles matches here so please no tag or 10 man tag matches in the comment section.

5. Steve Austin vs Kurt Angle: SummerSlam 2001
What a Match this was, It had everything you can want in a Wrestling match. I remember back in 2001 I was expecting a great match from these guys but WOW What I got went far beyond what I expected. Steve Austin added a lot of Psychology in this match which is what most Kurt Angle matches lack. Kurt was on his game at SummerSlam and him and Austin put on what I call one of the most Underrated matches.

This match gets a lot of negative response cause if the ending being a DQ but this is the rare occasion where the match is so good the finish don't matter. They could of ended the match with Austin and Kurt Angle having a monster truck challenge on top of the arena and Kurt Angle falls off the building and I still consider the match a Classic (Where have I seen that done before?). This was a Excellent match, It had Brawling, Blood (tons of it), Wrestling and Great story telling.... This match barley Edged out as number 5 as I was considering Dude Love vs Steve Austin Over the Edge match and Benoit vs Steve Austin's Smackdown match in Canada for the number 5 position but this match just slightly beat them out.

4. Steve Austin vs HHH: No Way Out 2001
This is the 3 Stages of Hell match from No Way Out 2001. What a Incredible match that clocks in at around 45 mins. This was on of Austin best match as Austin had Many classic matches in 2001 but This one might Stand out the most, This was a Bloody Brawl with two men who hated each other.

HHH was at this time probably the best in ring performer in wrestling having classic after classic with everyone he stepped in the ring with and Austin was about to begin a amazing year of Great matches and this was the first one showing the world that Steve Austin is back and better than ever. Excellent match that must be seen, One of the best brawls and hardcore style matches I ever seen.

3. Steve Austin vs The Rock: Wrestlemania 17

I would of chose The HHH No Way Out Match over this but lets face it, This is WRESTLEMANIA 17!, The atmosphere, The Build and The excitement of this match was off the charts. I love how this match stole from the Classic Steve Austin and Bret Hart matches with a huge nostalgia factor, The Story of Austin not being able to put away the Rock and doing everything he can and even relying on old finishers.

The match from beginning to end was off the wall non stop action. Greatest Sports Entertainment match you will ever see. This is another match where the ending doesn't hurt it cause the match was so Good. Any wrestling fan has seen this match so there is no use for me to even tell you to watch this match but if you disagree than you need to rewatch it.

2. Steve Austin vs Bret Hart: Survivor Series 1996

This match is a Classic, The build for this match, the story of this match and the Psychology of this match makes it a Classic... This match wasn't complicated, There was no titles, No sneak attacks, No Costing each other championships. Steve Austin believed Bret Hart was the Best in the WWF and thought he was better than him and was obsessed with proving it.

This was a technical marvel. It was a intense match with both men trying to out wrestle one another and try to beat the shit out of each other also. The Survivor Series match don't get the respect it deserves cause of the Amazing Wrestlemania 13 match but if the Wrestlemania 13 submission match never happened then this would be considered as one of the best matches in WWF history and def one of the best matches of the 90's.

1. Steve Austin vs Bret Hart: Wrestlemania 13
It shows you how Great this rivalry truly was by me putting both Bret Hart and Steve Austin matches back to back. The Bret Hart and Steve Austin matches were such great matches that you see a few of the spots repeated in the Steve Austin and Rock match at WM 17(number 3 on the list). This match is considered by most as the greatest match ever.... The still images from this match are iconic in their own right, The Story telling was top notch. I understand why Vince McMahon called Bret hart the greatest in ring story teller in WWF history.

This is a wild and classic brawl to a intense 6 month feud. Insane match that deserves all the credentials it gets... Bret and Steve had crazy chemistry inside the ring and even on the mic. Very few times in wrestling you see two performers just click like these two.

This is my favorite feud of All Time and one of the Greatest Matches I ever seen and without a doubt it belongs in the number 1 spot on this list.

If Steve Austin only wrestled these 5 matches and not another match in his entire career then he be considered one of the all time greatest wrestlers. Austin had many more classics as a singles wrestler and I think this list proves that Steve Austin can get it done in the ring and is probably the most well rounded in ring performer main stream wrestling has ever seen.

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  1. JohnnyV123's Avatar
    I think Austin is a two trick pony. Firstly, he is a phenomenal all around wrestler. Secondly, he is excellent on the mic and portraying his bad ass persona. I don't know what else you want in a guy.

    He beats Flair in my mind because Flair is not that great of a wrestler but he falls short of The Rock to me because The Rock has successfully played at least two completely different characters.

    Excellent list and a good read so thanks for that!
  2. Marx's Avatar
    Part of this is due to Austin himself. They can't do a dvd without Austin acting like a hillbilly talking about 'drinking beer and taking names'.. when referring to the Bret WM13 match Austin himself says 'there I was with my three moves'..

    Add to that that Austin was protected at tv shows because of his neck - more segments and less (lengthy) matches - and an image of a guy that barely wrestles is quickly created.

    I agree with you that it doesn't do him right.
  3. AJ1981's Avatar
    Steve Austin is one of my all time favourites and I'd recommend people check out his WCW career. His matches with Ricky Steamboat and his Hollywood Blondes tag team with Brian Pillman were excellent. Another WWF bout to check out is the 10 man tag from IYH: Canadian Stampede
  4. LMPunker's Avatar
    he had a great match in edmonton on raw against chris benoit,summerslam 98 against the undertaker,wrestlemania 19 against the rock he another match with rock at rebellion 2001 which is undertated and a remember a match he had with jericho on smackdown in 2001 during the invasion angle i can thinkof tons more so to anyone who says steve austin wasnt great in the ring is bunch of crap
  5. Steve Austin's Avatar
    I aprove of this.
  6. The Hipster's Avatar
    Austin beats Flair because at least he had variety in his matches. Flair gets hailed as one of the all-time greats, but his schitck has been the same for 20 years.

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