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Top 5 Best & Top 3 Worst MITB cash ins

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With MITB ppv coming up, why not show some love to the history of the MITB. Since we have like about 10 total MITB winners, decided to have a top 5 along with 3 worst cash ins. This is just my opinion based on the impact it should provide to a storyline, event, and memorable part of it as well.

Best 5 cash ins:
1.RVD-The night of the cash in some believe was on one of the best ppvs ever put on by WWE. That speaks volumes because the crowd was crazy that night with John Cena. Which is one of the main reasons why it is #1. That along with become both ECW and WWE champion. I know the reigns didn't last long, but the ppv, match, fans were just spectacular. The impact of him being the world champ was tremendous. When he lost the belt, trash thrown in the ring towards Heyman and Show on ECW.
2.Edge 1st-All kinds of 1st whether it is movies it always has something to it. Edge as a heel cashing in on Cena after going through hell in a Chamber match winning his first WWE title. That started a Live celebration on Raw, great fued with Foley, and main event status from than on.
3.CM Punk 2nd-What made Punk's cash in better the 2nd go round? Ultimately, made a great heel turn and turned into a great fued. Punk vs Jeff Hardy with one being straight edge vs past drug addict. Perfect and probably best rivalry either has had as a singles competitior. Punk cashing in did make a lot of folks angry including myself. LOL!
4.Edge 2nd-One could argue Edge's 2nd was better, but a take a bit off because he didn't actually win the 2nd one in a match. It did create a lot of heat because all the respect us fans have for Taker. Taker hadn't had a world title reign before 2007 in 5 years. He took it away from us after he was put through a cage match vs Batista and attacked by WSM. Ended up in a great fued with Taker and a main event title match at Mania. That fued is probably the best fued other than the one he had w/Cena in his career.
5.Miz-Some folks may hate on this pick, but I was cheering when he won the MITB and the WWE title. Miz is the guy I wanted to win the world title for like a year or 2 before he got that oppurtunity. It meant a lot because he was the one who finally broke through that I wanted. MVP didn't get that chance I wanted him to get o. Ended up in a solid reign with being the top heel in the company in the process.
Honorable mention:Kane

Worst 3 cash ins:
1.Jack Swagger-The point of MITB isn't only to make a new star. It is also to make an impact. The amount of impact Swagger and his world title reign had on the WWE Universe is about 0 out of a 100 scale. Some fans forget he ever held the world title. That is how sad the MITB was which is why it is #1 worst of all-time!!
2.Del Rio-Why Del Rio is #2 on worst list? He ruined the Summer of Punk steam that we all loved last year. Not only that, but he didn't hold the belt long at all because the ratings suffered.
3.CM Punk 1st-Some may be surprised that CM Punks first MITB made the list because the moment, but the impact Punk had in the main events as the world champion to me was a failure. He basically only defeated JBL during his title run and than went back to the midcard like Swagger being a tag champ with Kofi and winning the IC title.

I figure I'll have to explain why Kennedy's didn't make the worst list. The reason why is because that MITB briefcase ended up having some meaning in storylines that year including Edge vs Taker. That is pretty much why it wasn't as big of a failure as the others. Hope you enjoyed reading this blog. Hopefully you can leave a comment and voice your opinion of your fav/least fav MITB cash ins.

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Thoughts and Opinions


  1. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Love the list...and Love The Miz's cash in. The list is pretty much on point if you ask me.
  2. Pumpkinhead's Avatar
    Since is not on the list, what do you think about Bryan's cash in??
  3. PhEonYx's Avatar
    Dead on bud. List is completely accurate. Want to thank you for the decent blog.
  4. J_miller_91's Avatar
    CM Punks against Jeff Hardy! I was a huge Hardy fan and after such an amazing ladder match, iv never hated anymore more than Punk for taking the title from Hardy moments after that win, Very effective use of the briefcase and probably the best.

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