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People Who Belong In The WWE Hall Of Fame

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I have probably left a few names off, but I think I did a pretty good job and I hope you can appreciate me choosing a lot of older wrestlers who would help legitimize the WWE Hall Of Fame.

Lou Thesz

When all was said and done, Lou Thesz had six NWA World Title runs during a time when the belt wasn't passed around like a hot potato, in fact he held the Championship a combined ten years, three months, and nine days.

Thesz was the glue that held the NWA together and was the original reason it was as successful as it was.

He is also credited with being the innovator of a number of wrestling maneuvers such as the original powerbomb, STF, belly to back waistlock suplex (known today as the German suplex due to its association with Karl Gotch), and the Lou Thesz press all of which are still used today.

Pat O'Connor

He is regarded as one of the premier workers of his era.

He also held the
AWA World Heavyweight Championship and NWA World Heavyweight Championship simultaneously, the latter of which he held for two years.

Edouard Carpentier

Carpentier was one of the first wrestlers to regularly use acrobatic maneuvers such as the Rope-aided twisting hurricanrana and because of this was always a fan favorite.

He also headlined Madison Square Garden three during his career and was matched against numerous heels, the most well known of whom was the legendary Killer Kowalski

"Macho Man" Randy Savage

Savage was arguably as big of a star as Hulk Hogan during the "Rock N' Wrestling" era of the eighties in the WWE.

He was one of the most charismatic wrestlers in the history of the business and easily stood out from the rest of the pack.

Savage was also one of the best inside the ring and had one of the greatest matches of all time against Ricky Steamboat at Wrestlemania III.

Ed "Strangler" Lewis

Lewis led a wrestling renaissance after the attendance doldrums of World War 1.

Along with Billy Sandow and Toots Mondt, Lewis held a virtual hammerlock on wrestling during the decade, with practically every name wrestler under contract.

After retirement, he worked with Leroy McGuirk and trained Danny Hodge and Dick Hutton for the ring. Lou Thesz credits Lewis with polishing his style in the ring.

Bruno Sammartino

The first big star of what today is known as the WWE and without him there wouldn't have been a WWWF, WWF, WWE, or Vince McMahon, Jr.

He had great in-ring psychology and could make even the most callous fans feel for him.

Bob Backlund

The man practically held the the WWE championship for six years straight and even though he had some problems giving it up when the time came, he was still one of the all time great in the the ring and deserves a HOF induction.

Davey Boy Smith (British Bulldog)

He is one of the most physically impressive wrestlers in history and held every major title in the WWE except the WWE Championship, while also main eventing many PPV events in both WCW and WWE.

Smith also possessed uncanny athleticism for a man as muscular as he was.

Karl Gotch

In Japan, Gotch was known as the "God of Pro Wrestling" due to his influence in Japanese wrestling.

He also invented the Cradle Piledriver.

Jim Londos

He was the premier wrestling attraction of the dirty thirties and the first wrestler to attract large numbers of women to the arenas.

He was a credible worker, but his best attributes were his good looks and amazing physique.

Toots Mondt

He revolutionized wrestling in the 1920s by moving away from the slow-moving mat wrestling that was losing the interest of fans and instead combined features of a boxing ring, Greco-Roman, freestyle wrestling, and the old-time lumber-camp style of fighting.

He is one of the founders of the WWWF and was the one who wanted to build the company around Bruno Sammartino, while Vince McMahon Sr on the other hand thought Sammartino would be a mid-carder at best.

Some of the stars Mondt helped create from the 1920s through the 1960s include Jim Londos, Antonio Rocca, and the aforementioned Bruno Sammartino.

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  1. B-ri's Avatar
    No Bruno Sammartino? Interesting....
  2. akbar's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by B-ri
    No Bruno Sammartino? Interesting....
  3. owenhart4life's Avatar
    Owen Hart deserves to be in Hall of Fame.
  4. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Don't like the list. Other than Bruno, Macho, Backlund, and Davey Boy, I don't see the point.

    WWE's Hall of Fame is a joke. Therefore, you'll never see names like Connor, Gotch, Mondt, etc...because they are of the wrestling purity sort. WWE doesn't go for that. They go mostly for draws and known commodities. And it would disrespectful to them, to use as fillers while The Rock's or Undertaker's inductions headline.

    Also, Lou Thesz has his own Hall of Fame....So there's no need for anyone to accept an invite to WWE's ridiculous Hall of Fame on his behalf.
  5. Playboy Stevie V's Avatar

    And is Mick Foley in?

    Bruno should have been the first one ever in imo.

    And Paul Heyman needs to be in.
  6. willy316's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by B-ri
    No Bruno Sammartino? Interesting....
    WAT? Hes right there dude !!
  7. Darkside Ron Garvin's Avatar
    DK- Gotta agree with you. As much as Danny Hodge needs to be in the HOF for what he did in his day, not many outside of the "wrestling purists" would understand who he was and what he did... Especially now that there is no "Crusier/LightWeight" division in the WWE.

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