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Josh Shepard

Should John Cena Really be the Face of PG-WWE?

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For quite some time now, the WWE has been in what is collectively known as the "PG-Era" WWE.

PG WWE is supposed to be famiily-friendly entertainment with the occasional combat sport thrown in.

For as long as the WWE has been PG, one face has been made synonymous with PG WWE.

That face, my friends, is John Cena.

My Question : Why?

John Cena's character is that of a thug.

John Cena's style of wrestling is that of a brawler.

I'm not saying that John Cena should be a heel based on these traits. What I am saying, however, is that John Cena's character is not what I would consider family-friendly.

Typically, or stereo-typically in most cases, is that thugs are not viewed well in the public eye.

The media shows thugs as criminals. The media shows thugs as drug-dealers and abusers. The media shows thugs as rapists. The media shows thugs as nothing but people of ill-repute.

When the media shows a particular type of person in a constant negative light, it has a tendency to create a stigma.

Don't get me wrong, though. Even in a more edgy, dare I say "Attidude-ish" WWE, would I portray John Cena as anything the media thinks of a thug? Not at all.

However, I wouldn't have John Cena be the "poster boy" of the WWE.

I would portray John Cena as the rebel character. I would make him the Steve Austin of this generation. I would make him the anti-disestablishment of the current WWE product.

If you think of Steve Austin, he wasn't very different from John Cena. Steve Austin was not a very technical wrestler. Steve Austin was a "Superman" in his time.

As a matter of opinion, if you were to substitute a thug in the place of a redneck, John Cena could have been possibly as big as Steve Austin.

The main difference? Steve Austin COULD be the face of the company during the Attitude Era. There were limited rules because the TV rating was different. The WWE could afford that TV rating because the US economy was very strong. However, it is my opinion that as long as the US economy is struggling, the WWE will remain TV-PG because that TV rating is more attractive to corporate sponsors.

So, my point is that John Cena should be the company's rebel, and nothing more... at least right now.

So, who, in my opinion, should be the TRUE face of the current WWE product?

Well, look no further than CM Punk.

What better role model for the current target demographic could there possibly be than the "Straight-Edge Superstar?" As a totally drug, alcohol and tobacco free celebrity, he could be setting a great example for children the world over. However, WWE has really dropped the ball with the straight-edge gimmick.

EXAMPLE : The "Straight-Edge Messiah" - WWE decided to make CM Punk's straight-edge lifestyle into an evil, maniacal heel character. He was portrayed as a self-absorbed cultist. Now, all of a sudden, straight-edge is what the bad guys are. Worse yet, the main good guy in the feud was Jeff Hardy, who was publicly suspended for drug use.

Personally, I have no real opinion of people and drugs, but, I honestly think that the entire angle promoted the wrong message.

So, I think that if WWE would push an intelligent version of a straight-edge character, then it would be great to have him as the true face of the company.

Furthermore, with CM Punk as the guy with the majority of camera time, promo time and main events, I really don't think people will complain like they do with John Cena.

CM Punk has great microphone skills when he is allowed to.

CM Punk constantly delivers matches that are both story-driven and technically sound, which John Cena, though he tries, has never been able to do.

Another thing that I think sets CM Punk apart from nearly everyone else on the roster is the fact that he is not hesitant about jumping the guard rail and mingle with the audience.

So, the fact that CM Punk is more skilled and entertaining, as well as having a "regular guy" feel to him, is an even greater reason to have him as the face of the WWE.

In finishing, please allow me to say that I am a John Cena fan. I appreciate his passion for the industry, as well as his fans. I just don't think that his character and the state of the business is a good mix.

Finally, I'm very sorry if this blog is rather lackluster. I manage a certain video games retail store, and in the last two weeks, I've had to fire nearly my entire staff and hire completely new people. So, I've had to write what I was hoping was going to be a good blog over three weeks in which the entire thing has been patched together with just a thought or two at a time.

As always, thank you for reading and commenting.

Shepard Out.

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Updated 07-03-2012 at 02:05 AM by Josh Shepard

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  1. akbar's Avatar
    -John Cena isn't a thug no more is he? I'm pretty sure he left that gimmick in 05, His now a 'never give up' marine type of guy. That is why he is the face of the E.
    -I see where you coming from with the Punk SES, but again aren't they currently doing that aswell? Technically Punk is the face right now, his face is on the new game, his been champ for like a year.
  2. Poot-Hair's Avatar
    John Cena "used" to be a thug type character before he turned into the square headed douche nugget of today. His character now is one of a Hulk Hogan-esque "say your prayer, take your vitamins" sort of character. I'm no judge as this schtick has made him very wealthy but his character has suffered greatly over the years.

    Interesting read though dude, keep it up!
  3. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    Good read. You were spot on about the Punk-Hardy feud.
  4. Will Strawn's Avatar
    Cena is a great role model, he is not a "thug". Even when his character was supposed to be a thug he was far from it. At his worst, he was about a bubble gum thug.

    CM Punk is a smartass. He may not do drugs or drink alcohol, but he is an asshole period.
  5. ewantu2's Avatar
    I would like Punk as the face of the WWE but i don't think it will happen in less Cena can never wrestle again like Edge if some thing was to happen to him
  6. LegendsMadeWrestling's Avatar
    [QUOTE=Will Strawn;bt64034]Cena is a great role model, he is not a "thug". Even when his character was supposed to be a thug he was far from it. At his worst, he was about a bubble gum thug.

    CM Punk is a smartass. He may not do drugs or drink alcohol, but he is an asshole period.[/QUOTE]

    Oh yeah!!! John Cena is a great Role Model Cheats on his wife and then divorces her, John Cena is what you call a TRUE PHONY plays the part that he's a nice guy of course he is getting paid to make so many wishes, he promotes Be A Star on Live Tv instead of playing a Fake character and give the people wrestling entertainment. I bet everyone right now that if any Top WWE Superstar would leave the company I bet you anything they would really say How Selfish he is, how John cena is a real Asshole because allot of wrestlers who left the company end up saying something bad about John Cena but NO!!! you dumbasses still cheer for his ass so you can be able to watch another Re-Run (Different Opponent) for another 7 more years Nuff Said I've Cena Nuff
  7. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Have you not seen his character calm down a bit ever since he became the champ and Raw? It is like you believe he still raps on a weekly basis.
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