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WBC Top 5 Series #11: Top 5 US Champs Since 2003

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What is up guys? Time for another edition of WBC! Since last week the topic was top 5 IC Champs since the title was reinstated in 2003, this weeks topic is top 5 US Champs since 2003. This will be an interesting one, as 3 people are going up against each other. Make sure to vote for who you agree more with. Here it is! First up, the champ!


First off, thank you to all the people who voted for me last time and for making a new blogger feel welcome. I have read some excellent blogs on this site and it was good to know that people enjoyed mine.

On to the matter at hand. I have to say I struggled with this one as I am personally not as interested in the United States championship when compared with the IC title. However when looking at who has held the belt since 2003, it has really given us some great champions. Just to remind you of my selection criteria – days held has not been taken into account; I have gone on the quality of feuds, quality of matches and impact of holding the belt on a superstar’s future career.

Honourable mentions – Booker T, Dolph Ziggler, Daniel Bryan

Number 5 – Eddie Guerrero
RIP Eddie. I don’t think there was a better showman during a match. Eddie was the complete package. He was an entertainer who could actually wrestle. Eddie had a great match to win the title from Chris Benoit and his feud with Big Show was hilarious. His United States Championship run marked the evolution of the Latino Heat character and Eddie himself apparently said this is when he realised that people wanted to see him lie, cheat and steal. He managed to use this title reign as a springboard to bigger things.

Number 4 – MVP
I’m not expecting this to be a popular choice, but I hated this guy and anyone who can generate such hatred from the crowd must be doing something right. He played his character well, a cocky superstar on a lucrative contract. Let’s not forget that he won the belt from Benoit and his feud with Matt Hardy was entertaining and managed to keep the belt relevant. The problem is he was missing that it factor, the ability to take the next step. MVP the face did not work out well and he ultimately faded into the distance, without too many people caring.

Number 3 – The Miz
The Miz did wonders with the US title and the title did wonders for The Miz. As his US title reign progressed, we began to forget about the Chick Magnet. We began to forget about the Smackdown host, Tough Enough and let’s be honest, John Morrison, who we all thought would be the one to go on to bigger and better things. We began to realise that Miz had potential. There was even talk of him being a threat to Cena as the face of the company. My only problem with the Miz as a US champion is that it always seemed to be about other things – winning the tag titles with Big Show, coaching Bryan and Riley on NXT and of course, winning Money in the Bank. For these reasons, I don’t think Miz can rank higher on the list as a great US champion.

Number 2 – John Cena
I’m sorry but I had to do it. Let me make it clear that I have no strong feelings either way about the Cena of today. I can understand why people hate him and I can see why the company loves him. However, John Cena the US champion was amazing. The chain gang was good, the Dr of Thuganomics was good and seeing a man lift Big Show on his shoulders for an FU at Wrestlemania to win the title, that was definitely good. Cena had great feuds with Kurt Angle and Booker T and I think when seeing the way he carried the US title, the company realised they had found the next big thing.

Number 1 – Chris Benoit
Man this was tough and I originally had him much lower on my list. I have read recent blogs about the Chris Benoit and I know that people have strong opinions on how he should be remembered, but at the time Benoit was the US champion. His reigns were brilliant, his matches were brilliant, his feuds were brilliant and you cannot argue with the impact holding the US belt had on his career. What I loved about Benoit was that he always made his opponent look good (you’re welcome MVP). He loved holding this belt and made us believe that it was just as important as the big two. Chris Benoit had some excellent matches with Booker T and did some great work with a young Randy Orton. Imagine what a feud with Benoit could have done for current superstars like Dolph Ziggler and Cody Rhodes

Thanks again everybody. I personally don’t think this is as good as my last Top 5 but it was still enjoyable to write and I look forward to reading your comments.

Great choices from SMC. Here is the next challenger!


Top 5 US champions since 2003
Interesting enough I previously took part in WBC to do a list for greatest US champions of all time but this time I have to one for its rebirth in 2003, so here goes my list.

5. Booker T

He had 2 runs with the title in WWE and 2 in WCW adding to a total of 4, obviously lol. In WWE he won the first title in an 8 man tournament after Cena was stripped of the title. A memorable best of 5 matches with Cena is embodied in my memory as a long and remembered feud, helping put Cena over as ‘the man’ of the business. His other feuds included matches with my number 1, which helped in my view put the title at a period of prestige. Booker is a legend and his run as US champion is something I won’t forget about and that is why he is my number 5.

4. John Cena

The rise of ‘Cenation’ started with his run as the US champion. Winning the title against Big Show in the titles first contention in a Wrestlemania event signalled to us fans the start of a new era, the era of SuperCena. During the next 12 months Cena would become the champion a total of 3 times, having feuds with the likes of Carlito and Booker T. While with all of Cena’s matches been below par, his popularity can’t be denied. Similar to my number 2 he had his following in which I as a 10 year old kid was very much part of the ‘chain gang’. The only times I ever loved Cena was in his Dr of thuganomics gimmick, the white boy street rapper was unique and something to enjoy. This was all during his run as the US champions and making him a memorable champion and the reason for being my number 4.

3. MVP

Montel Vontavious Porter held the United States Championship for 343 days, the third longest reign in the history of the championship. He defeated Chris Benoit in 2 straight falls at Judgment Day 2007 to begin one of the longest US title runs in recent memory. A technical specialist, his long feud with Matt Hardy always put on great matches and even brought out the last good hoorah from a stale Matt Hardy. With many other wrestlers winning this and then becoming a world champion, the fact that MVP never won the big one, he’ll always be remembered for his run with the US title and is why he is my number 3.

2. Eddie Guerrero

‘I lie I cheat I steal’ was the motto of the inaugural US title in the WWE. Competing in a tournament beating Ultimo Dragon, Billy Gunn and Chris Benoit in the process he was trusted by the WWE to carry a new championship hoping it goes over with the fans. Holding the title for 84 days and having just the one run with the title since it was brought back shows how popular Eddie was at that time and still being remembered as one of the best US champions. The reason he is my number 2 is because of Eddie’s following at the time grew to an amount no one could have expected. His cheating heel tactics was so popular and in recent years becoming a legendary persona lead his eventual win at the WWE championship.

1. Chris Benoit

He is joint top in having the most reigns overall with 5, twice in WCW and 3 times with the WWE. He finally won the title of Orlando Jordan in 23 seconds, I vividly remember Benoit beating Jordan in a lot of matches within a short amount of time with The Crossface, this made the title kind of a joke and lost a bit of credibility. However soon after Booker T was brought in for a feud and having 2 respected wrestlers compete made the title prestige again. Benoit would go on to compete for the title during the next 14 months feuding with JBL, MR Kennedy and Finley, thus mounting to a total 5 title reign as the US champion. The reason I put him as my number 1, are for the reason that Benoit is Benoit, one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, someone who was immensely popular before his tragic incident. He held the title by competing in great matches always putting on a good show and that’s all a wrestling can ever ask for. This is why he is my number 1 and the greatest US champion since 2003.

Great choices from Akbar! And finally, the third challenger!

Blog Wars creator here making a special appearance. Thank you to bear for inviting me back and without further ado, let me start the Top 5 WWE US Champions (2003-Now). (I am looking at champions as a whole and not 1 reign)

5. The Miz- Number of Reigns: 2- Days Held: 321

The Miz did a lot in his two reigns with the title, he won a champion vs champion match against John Morrison at Bragging Rights, he captained a Survivor Series team to a win, had a great feud with MVP, won the tag titles with the US title and the MITB with the US title. Not to mention, he lost the title to two respectable wrestlers (Bret Hart and Daniel Bryan). His reigns were long and he did a lot while holding the belt, which kept it in the limelight and increased its value. The reason he is at #5 is because of the lack of feuds for the title.

4. John Cena- Number of Reigns: 3- Days Held: 219

This may hurt me, but its my list. Cena won the title for the first time at Wrestlemania XX, the first time the US title was defend at a Wrestlemania by the way, against the Big Show. He was striped of the title later because he attacked Smackdown GM Kurt Angle, with Booker T winning it. Cena won it back in a great Best of 5 series. Cena then went on to feud with the newly signed Carlito for a great feud. As a bonus, Cena had his own version of the US title which gives him some flair points.

3. Booker T- Number of Reigns: 3- Days Held: 143 (I have left out his first run since it is NOT in the qualifying time period)

Booker T has done a lot for this belt and put in a lot of hard work to build up it's prestige. He may not have held it as long, but his feuds with the belt were top notch. A best of five series with Cena, his feud with Benoit, and the 8 man elimination match to win the belt the first time. What kept him at 3 was the lack of time he had with the title

2. Chris Benoit- Number of Reigns: 3- Days Held: 322 (Same as Booker, WCW reigns do not count)

His reigns with the title were some of the most memorable. He had some great feuds and matches with the likes of Chavo, MVP, Booker T, Randy Orton, Orlando Jordan and JBL. What puts him so high is when he held the title, he treated it like it was the world title and not the number 2 title. But with all that said who is number 1?

1. MVP- Number of Reigns: 2- Days Held: 419

MVP has the longest reign in the WWE era of the title and the third longest reign in the titles history. He won the title from Benoit in a 2 out of 3 falls match, claiming the first 2 falls. He went on to have an amazing feud with Matt Hardy even winning the tag team titles along the way. He would go on to lose to Hardy later ending his reign at 343 days. He won the title back from Shelton Benjamin and was drafted to Raw with it (The first time the title was drafted to the Raw brand). Eventually he lost it to Kofi Kingston. MVP had a little bit of everything in his reign; length, great feuds, and carrying the title like mattered. This is the reason I chose him as my number 1.

Ok guys, there are the 3 men

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Wrestlingfan gets my vote because I do believe MVP has been the best US champ since 2003.
  2. AJ1981's Avatar
    akbar gets my vote.
  3. Playboy Stevie V's Avatar
    Triple threat!....Nice Bearkg88! Now if this was a fatal 4 way I would have put.

    5. Booker T
    4. Chris Benoit
    3. John Cena
    2. The Miz
    1. MVP

    After examining each list, which they were all good, I picked the list that most resembled my opinion. I went with Wrestlingfan66513.
  4. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Great lists from all three competitors. Tough Tough Call here. And Two Benoit #1 rankings? this may be the best of the WBC Series.

    I gotta go with Eddie Guererro #2 and Benoit #1. So Akbar gets my vote.

    However, honorable mentions to SmellMyCooking and both did an awesome job.
  5. Kingcobra82390's Avatar
    My vot would go to Wrestlingfan
  6. magglis's Avatar
    My vote goes with akbar
  7. Darkside Ron Garvin's Avatar
    I say Akbar has the win. He listed it the exact same way I would have and I gotta give him props for his reasons why.
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