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Alternative Universe 2 - SummerSlam 1987..?

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Summerslam. Often see as the number 2 of the big 4 PPVs, just after Wrestlemania in importance. But it was actually Survivor Series that appeared in the WWF calendar first, way back in 1987. The first Summerslam appeared the following year in 1988, main evented by the tag match of the Mega Powers against the Mega Bucks.
Even today with the arguably over satuation in the PPV market, Summerslam still has kept its prestige while Survivor Series has dropped down, even to the point where it nearly disappeared entirely.
But what if in 1987 it wasn’t Survivor Series that appeared first? What if there was a Summerslam 87 instead? And what would the card look like?

Summerslam 87

Sunday 23rd August Madison Square Gardens

We are live from New York and on commentary we have Gorilla Monsoon and Jessie “The Body” Venture.

Match 1
WWF Tag Title championship
Hart Foundation w/Jimmy Hart vs British Bulldogs

The opening match of the very first Summerslam and it’s for the tag titles. The Hart Foundation, heels during their first title reign, first won the titles from the British Bulldogs back in January 87. At Wrestlemania III they defeated the Bulldogs in a 6 man tag. Tonight the Bulldogs have a chance of revenge as they take on the Hart Foundation. However, despite many close calls, the Hitman and Anvil steal this one by pinfall (with a little bit of help from Jimmy Hart’s megaphone).

Match 2
Bam Bam Bigelow w/Oliver Humperdink vs Nikolai Volkoff w/Slick

Bigelow made his debut in the WWF in May of 87 which began ‘the battle for Bam Bam’ storyline. Various heel mangers were after the big man's contract but Bigelow turned them all down and choose Oliver Humperdink, making him a face.
Obviously the heel managers were not impressed with his choice so Slick tries to get even with Bigelow by having Niklolai Volkoff (a communist heel) go up against him. Bam Bam Bigelow defeats Volkoff by pinfall and manages to get a few punches to Slick at the end of the match.

Match 3
The Ultimate Warrior vs Dangerous" Danny Davis

The Warrior signed with WWF a few months before hand working house shows. This is a simple squash match that the Warrior is famous for. Dangerous Danny gets zero offence in and is left lying on the mat pinned before anyone knows what happens.

Match 4
Strike Force vs The Islanders

At the time of Summerslam the team of Strike Force is barely a few weeks old. Rick Martel was suffering a beat down on Superstars by the team of the Islanders when Tito Santana makes the save and thus the team of Strike Force was born. Strike Force will in a couple of months, go on to be the team to beat the Hart Foundation for the tag titles. The Islanders will be the first team they defeat as they begin their path to tag team gold. Strike Force win when Martel applies his boston crab to Haku and gets a submission.

Match 5
Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake vs Gregg "The Hammer" Valentine w/ Dino Bravo

The former Dream Team tag team partners of Beefcake and Valentine split up at Wrestlemania III. Valentine and Bravo booted Beefcake out of their gang and formed the New Dream Team. Beefcake near the end of the match has Valentine slapped in the sleeper and near uncounicious when Bravo runs in and causes the DQ. Beefcake fights him off and gets the sleeper on Bravo. Once he falls uncouncious, Beefcake gets the shears out and cuts Dino Bravo's hair while Valentine staggers down the isle unknowing (or caring) that his partner is getting a haircut.

Match 6
Demolition & Killer Khan w/ Mr Fugi vs The Killer Bees & Hillbilly Jim

A 6 man tag match. Demolition are due to win the title at the following year's Wrestlemania so we'll have to keep them strong. Hillybilly Jim takes the pin after receiving Demolitions backbreaker/elbow drop finisher.

Match 7
"The Birdman" Koko B. Ware vs "Ravishing" Rick Rude

Rude joined the WWF a month or so earlier so he's still quite new to the crowd. He quickly gets the crowd against him when he does his slowly removal of his robe while insulting the males in the crowd. The Birdman Koko takes a loss here and put the new comer over as gets hit with the Rude Awakening.

Match 8
Intercontiental Title Championship
Honky Tonk man w/ Jimmy Hart vs Macho Man Randy Savage w/ Elizabeth

Honky Tonk Man defeated Ricky Steamboat for the IC title in June of 1987. Apparently Steamboat was supposed to have a lengthy reign but a spanner was thrown in the works when he asked for time off to be with his wife who was due to give birth. Idealy it would be better if Honky won the title at Summerslam but since this would be during Steamboats paternity leave, we'll have him drop the title in June as before.
Randy Savage, the man who lost the title to Steamboat, will challange HTM for the title. Unfortunatly, HTM is a typical chicken-shit heel who would rather take a DQ loss than lose the title. Saveage gets close to winning when the Hart Foundation rush the ring and lay a beat down thus disquailifying HTM. Hart and Neidhart hold Savage up as the HTM goes to smash his head with his guitar. Elizabeth gets in the way so Honky pushes her away and hits Savage. The heels end up running away when Davey Boy Smith and the Dynamite Kid rush down to the ring to make the save. Officals come down to the ring and they all help Savage walk to the back. Later in the year, Savage will get his revenge in a series of 6 man tag matches with The Bulldogs on his team, and the Hart Foundation on the HTM side. Savage gets to beat HTM but the title will remain on Honky til next years Summerslam.

Match 9
Junkyard Dog vs The One Man Gang

A normal one on one match without any hype or back story. Junkyard Dog gets the win here to help get the crowd back in a good mood after seeing Savage get a beating in the match before.

Match 10
Hulk Hogan & Jake "The Snake" Roberts vs Andre the Giant & King Kong Bundy w/Bobby Heenan

Since Summerslam 88, 89 and 91 all had tag team main events, we'll make sure 87 starts the tradition. Hulk Hogan, being the champion, without doubt will have to be one of the particpants. Andre would have to be his oppenent as we're just past their big clash at Wrestlemania III and later down the line Andre beats Hogan in the infamous double referre controversy. Andre's tag partner would have to be another member of the Heenan family and King Kong Bundy fits that role perfectly.
As for Hogan's partner, there's a few other choices. Bam Bam Bigelow would have worked, as would have Ricky Steamboat (if he was about). Paul Orndorff would also be a possibility as he had a on off relationship with Hogan. Orndorff fueded with Hogan after Wrestlemania III but turned face again. There could have been a big 'can Hogan trust Mr Wonderfull?' angle going.However I have deceided to go with fan favourite Jake Roberts as Hogans partner. Jake had turned face round the time of Wrestlemania III and was over with the fans.
Before the match, Sean Mooney is backstage with Andre, Bundy and Heenan. They cut a promo about beating up the Hulkster and Roberts. They look very scary.
We cut to Gene Orkland who is with Hogan and Roberts. Roberts cuts one of his cutting promos while Hogan finishes off by talking about his pythons and Jake's python as well (i'm sure there's an innudeno in there). "WHA'TCH YA GONNA DO WHEN HULKMANIA, THE SNAKE AND DAMIEN RUN WILD ON YOOOOOOU??!!!"
The match will end after 15 minutes with Bundy taking the pin from Hogan after a big slam and leg drop while Andre and Jake are fighting on the outside. Andre gets the better of Jake and rushes in to lay a beat down on Hogan. Bundy gets up and joins in and Bobby Heenan gets a few kicks in. Jake is groogy and there's no way he can save Hogan.... but he reaches for his bag and opens it. He throws Damien into the ring and the heels clear the ring and race to the back stage. Unfortubnaly for Heenan, Jake grabs him and throws him back into the ring. Hogan gives him a boot on the face and as he lies on the mat, Jake puts Damien over him. When he comes round and realises that he's got a snake on him, he freaks out and runs to. Jake grabs Damien and chases him to the back, leaving Hogan alone in the ring to dance to Real American for the last couple of minutes.

Anyway, thanks for reading. And thanks for all the positive comments from the last blog. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I do writing it.

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  1. Vinnie P Jr's Avatar
    Awesome , love the team of Andre and Bundy and the rest of the card . Would have definitely bought this ppv .

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