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10 Biggest moments in Summerslam history!!

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Summerslam coming up in August. Might as well show some love to its history by sharing what I believe are the biggest moments in the history of that event. Here is my top 10 which is my opinion.

1.Savage/Elizabeth match made in heaven-How can anyone argue with this being #1?
2.Bret/Bulldog main event-IC title match that some regard the best match in the history of Summerslam. Going last, Bret promised that him and Bulldog would put on the best match all time and they didn't disappoint. Bret solidified himself as a main event player that day thanks to that match.
3.Brock Lesnar youngest WWE champion ever!!-He still is to this day technichally the youngest WWE champion ever. Orton won the world title back in 04, but Brock won the WWE title. Beating Rock and holding an undisputed title belt around the same time as the likes of Taker, Hogan, HHH, and so forth just months before. Amazing and really over with the fans.
4.1st TLC match-12 years ago, WWE had a tag division people cared about. Teams that put on performances that are talked about til this very day. Master of the tables: Dudleyz; Chairs:E+C; Ladders:Hardyz; matches are still legandary. My personal fav was from WM 2000, but TLC 1 was better than 2 at Mania in my opinion. I hated the involvement of Rhino, Lita and Spike in the match.
5.HBK return Street Fight-HBK returns after 4 years to challenge his best friend after he turned on him. They had a stellar match on arguably the best Summerslam in the history of the ppv. Some say it was the best ppv in WWE history. In any case, HBK didn't disappoint stuck around for almost another decade after that match. Thanks for the memories.
6.Paul Bearer turns on the Undertaker-This was huge because this was the first time Bearer turned on Taker obviously. This isn't like a manager for like a year or a few months. Bearer was with Taker I believe for like 5 or 6 years and all of a sudden a match vs Taker's biggest rival he turns on him.
7.Orton youngest World champion-This is probably a lot lower than it should be. In any case, it was a huge moment for Orton in his career and WWE history was made that day in Toronto. Seems as if WWE is hardly ever in Canada for ppvs anymore. Orton ended Benoits reign and turned face next night after Evolution attacked him. Lost the belt less than a month which I thought sucked. Still one of my favorite moments in Raw history was Orton spitting in HHH's face.
8.HBK costs Taker WWF title-People may look at my next 3 not as huge as I do, but hear me out. HBK was the ref of Bret vs Taker for the WWE title during the Canada vs USA deal. Bret spit in HBK's face and HBK missed Bret and hit Taker which started a great fued that led to the 1st Hell in a Cell match.
9.Bret Hart wins 1st IC title-Mr.Perfect and Bret put on one helluva match at Summerslam which led to Bret winning his first IC title victory. IC title when it did mean something to hold that belt. Held it high getting put over by Mr.Perfect in the process.
10.Mankind jump off cage-His cage match at Summerslam 97 vs HHH was memorable because of his leap off the top of the cage. If some may not remember, Cactus was there the night Snuka leaped off the cage in MSG. It was sort of his tribute in living his dream. I believe it is one of Mick's biggest moments in his career.

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  1. Joonny's Avatar
    Would say that DB officially comes to WWE is at least a honorable mention.
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